The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 157

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Another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone... and this was a popular one!

That's what happens when you give readers the simple image of Stefan Salvatore on the phone. Who is he calling? What is he saying? The possibilities are endless.

And who submitted our favorite? A reader named "leanne," who compared one fictional vampire with another classic fictional vampire. Check out her entry below and do not worry if you failed to win.

Get inspired instead! There's always next week.

Stefan on Phone

What do you mean Angel won the award for Vampire with Best Hair?!?


There has got to be some way to get me in one directions concert damon, hmmmmm..............


Harty styles: hey is this the famous paul wesley,
Stean: hey its harry styles, now don't call me again
Harry styles: bite me
Stefan: (whispers) sure i bet ur blood will taste good


Okay, damon this is the plan you kill silas and ill kill his minions................. oops, sorry wrong number


Damon, i got to go i think barney is trying to kill me with his niceness and singing


Torrey I can't talk right now, I know ur upset you're not in this episode, but I'm filming!




Stefan: "No! I said I wanted Pepperoni on my pizza!"


Stefan: What the hell Damon? This isn't Olive Garden.

Leon alexis

Stefan: Look,I know who you really are,so just you know, I don't wanna play these games anymore. Just leave me alone,okay? Thanks.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!! Its paul walker, sorry damon i cant save u from silas right now, bye.

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