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Honestly, I thought Klaus being a father was genius. What a great way to make a redemption arc for him and around the core of the vampire diaries and the originals: family. I'm sorry, I know a lot of fans but I thought it was brilliant. LOVED Marcel, Camille and Sophie. Elijah was fantastic as always. So excited !


As long as Elijah is around most of the time, the Originals spinoff will get an A in my book, don't care much for everybody else. What I'm most happy about is that this will mean that the Orignials will be gone from TVD for the most part, the thing was already so heavily focused on the Originals that it was turning into "The Orignial Show" as it is.


i was not open at all to the concept of a VD spinoff. i even dreaded watching this episode knowing my salvatore brothers would barely appear on screen. but holy crap. i changed my mind. i actually OMG'd out loud. crazy. amazing. unexpected. actually really excited to get stuck into this series!


The thing I am most excited about is that I will get my show BACK! I know that most fans loved the originals and that there were Klaus fans and Klaus/Caroline fans BUT not me! I loved the original TVD characters and HATED how the originals took over the show. So, I get Tyler/Caroline, Elena/Stefan/Damon back on the show I once loved.... Win Win for me:)


Best ep of the season so far was 4x18, I've gone back to watching older episodes from season 2 mainly because this is when Elijah was at his best and most ruthless. I always like seeing Elijah in an episode and he was brilliant in 4x18 but in the last two eps I feel like they've softened him up too much. We've never really seen his vampire face, I would love to see him lose the plot for once and knock seven shades out of Klaus. Plus I'd like to see Katherine square off against him for taking his brothers side and helping him hunt her for all those centuries and kill her family, strange behaviour for someone who supposedly loves her. Same with Elena anytime Elijah made a deal with her he usually ended up screwing her over for his brother so I'd like to see her have it out with him as well, because neither doppelganger have been treated well by him. I don't think Elijah should be going anywhere else just yet when he clearly has unfinished business in mystic falls.


Good episode. The Joseph Morgan parts were amazing.


The only thing I absolutely abhorred about this was Hayley. No offense to Phoebe Tonikin but Hayley just isn't an interesting character. Not at all. I felt like they were forcing her to be relevant just because of who played her and now, now I totally did a facepalm. Daniel is amazing. Always. Elijah is easily my favorite character of the show and he could sell me on anything. As much truth and character introspection that came tumbling out of his mouth he could never convince me to be okay with this supernatural pregnancy. He just can't. The Mikaelson quest for love and family has always been what I've adored about them but using that to make us accept this Hayley stuff feels manipulative. I loved everything else though. Joseph Morgan's talent is unparalleled in my eyes. He takes me places and makes me feel things when I watch him. I loved the intro to Marcel. I feel like this can be a darker, deeper, more mature series compared to its origin. That's refreshing. I look forward to more.


They must pick op The Originals, not only for Klaus but for absolutely HOT Elijah!
The thought of a baby never occurred to me. I am totally team Klaus on this one altough i don't mind seeing Marcel on my screen every now and then.

When this gets picked up I will definitely be watching!


This was a pretty good Pilot! I never thought I would root for Klaus but when he is up against Marcel then I am Team Klaus!
I too was not expecting Hailey to be pregnant, such a great twist.
Elijah was looking dapper in his 3 piece suit, when I saw how he was dressed I said DAMN Daniek Gilles looks hot.
I am glad that we still had some Elena, Stefan and Damon in the mix too!
I was not 100% sure I would like a show centered around the Originals but I am hooked!


It was Ok. Favorite characters were the witches, Elijah and Marcel. I like the idea of someone like Marcel having the upper hand on Klaus. The Hayley character is a big mistake. They should get rid of her. The human blond woman is too much of a walking cliche. Still not a big fan of Klaus or Rebeccah, but it looks like they'll both be the central part to this story. I'm more excited about them being gone from Vampire diaries, and since Elijah was barely featured before, his absence won't be felt much.

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