The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Scoop: Oh, the Places They'll Go

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Changes are coming to Mystic Falls.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Executive Producer Julie Plec offered up some major clues regarding both The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale and even gave us our first clues regarding where things are headed on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

Very Pretty Caroline

Teasing that graduation will fall "right in the middle of "a crucial supernatural time," Plec made one thing very clear about the storyline on which the past few months have been based?

That pesky cure?

It will "be ingested by a vampire. This will be one of the finale's final moments," the producer tells William Keck.

As for where seniors such as Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie and Rebekah will be headed after donning their caps and gowns?

Look for some to enroll at nearby Whitmore College, while others "may choose to run off to Europe, New Orleans or parts unknown," Plec previewed, a lot of which - we presume - is based on whether or not The CW picks up The Originals.

So, TVD Fanatics, sound off now: Which vampire do you think will take the cure?

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Not sure yet whether I love or hate the idea, but I'm pretty convinced at this point that Damon will be the one to take the cure. From a storytelling perspective it just makes the most sense. He's the only who really doesn't want it. Why make such a big deal out of that if they weren't planning to play up the dramatic irony when he turns human and Elena is stuck as a vampire? Plus, it'll break the sire bond for good and be one more excuse to perpetuate the love triangle under new circumstances. I'm sure he'll turn back eventually, but I'd put money on Damon spending a large chunk of Season 5 human.


Well, there's no way one of the actors going on to do The Originals would take it, that's for sure. There's no point in having a important part of the season (the cure) end up on a different show. There's no logic behind it. If Silas were to take it, then he could be killed, which is a good way to wrap that storyline up.


I think it's gonna be Katherine...


I think that Elena will have her humanity turned on again. On her own or by an Original?


Silas might takes it...!!We dnt knw anything abt the cure what if the cure is not really what it is supposed to be what if it is some sort of power adding source to a vampire i mean the qetsiyah and Silas storyline is not even fully explored...I think the cure is so much more than it is shown n seen...!!


O.o I thought itd be ingested in 4 x 19 given the fact that Elijah and Klaus make a bargain ? hm. I think it's going to be Damon for sure, and hmm.. interesting Elena and Caroline and Bonnie are definitely going to Whitmore College. From what Julie Plec is saying, I have NO clue where Matt will go... seeing as he may want to leave MF for goods from what she's saying. Stefan is definitely leaving to Europe or something, but I wonder what the show is going to do with scattered main characters?


In the vampire diaries books I forget which volume but Damon becomes if the tv series follows it ..... it's pretty sure that Damon wins the prize


in case you were wondering I was being sarcastic ::)


wow !!! I can't wait to see the Vampire Diaries : The college years


I doubt any of the originals will take it as they are leaving to do a show called.. the why they are even in there is surprising.. Elena taking it would be to easy...too cliché I'm thinking Damon or Stefan take it or Damon takes it and gets killed.... we need a big main character death...and I know Jeremy died and he was sort of a main character, but not as beloved as Elena, Damon, or Stefan... Plus finishing season 4 with one of their deaths (Stefan or Damon) would blow the audiences away

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