The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Having a Ball

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When The Vampire Diaries Season 4 resumes this Thursday, we'll pick up a little over a week since Elena snapped the neck of a waitress to close "American Gothic."

And in that time, the humanity-free blood sucker has refrained from murdering any more innocents... because Damon and Stefan have refrained from forcing her to alter her ways.

But as they adorably toss a football around in the following clip, we see the brothers discussing a plan to change that, with Stefan pushing them to put some kind of plan into action. And promising he'll leave town once it's accomplished.

Watch now and grade each sibling's throwing mechanics:

Sound off, TVD Fanatics: Should Damon and Stefan try to turn Elena's humanity back on?

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I definitely agree that the brothers should turn Elena's humanity back on but once everything's complete,Stefan will be looking forward to leaving even though I was pretty annoyed about the random pop up of Stebekah. If Elena takes the cure,then I'd better hear that her humanity comes back and who knows if I'll ever hear this show come normal again. ;P =|


My God, Damon gets more gorgeous every day and look at those arms.It is to bad, that Stefan wont leave, I sure would not miss Him. since he is one of the main characters.


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I would love to see Stefan leave Elena and Mystic Falls long as he takes Caroline with him!


I wish it were true that Stefan could move on with his life but I don't see that actually happening. Something always happens and if he does leave I m sure something will bring him back. Would love to see a fun carefree Stefan and Damon. Elena is going to kill someone prom night ....

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