TV Ratings Report: An Original Failure?

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Will The CW order The Originals to series?

It seemed like a no-brainer heading into last night's backdoor pilot - and then really like a no-brainer based on the mostly positive reviews for "The Originals" - but the numbers now say otherwise.

Calm Down, Klaus!

The special episode delivered just 2.2 million viewers and a .9 rating among 18-49-year olds, down 10 percent from last Thursday's installment and a whopping 31 percent from the The Vampire Diaries Season 4 average.

It's too early to tell what this really means for the future of Klaus in New Orleans, but it's clear at the moment that viewers were not excited about a Salvatore-free hour of TVD heading into the episode at least.


  • Hannibal sank to a series low 2.4 million viewers.
  • American Idol and Glee fell sharply, with Idol hitting a series low among young adults.
  • Scandal went the opposite way, hitting a series high in that demographic and even out-rating Grey's Anatomy where it counts.
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Agree, I am not a fan of the actress that plays Hailey. Very annoying. Take her out of the cast and the show has a good chance.


Couldn't agree more. Shipping Hayley to New Orleans was the biggest mistake the CW could make. And now the pregnancy! I really liked the episode because it wasn't so much teen drama but that part was a major let-down!


It had nothing to do with the Originals. The storyline was already there and Julie butchered it with a supernatural pregnancy. It was totally unnecessary, and a major turn off. TVD FANS DO NOT NEED/WANT ANOTHER 'TWILIGHT'.


I agree with silvia. It wasn't the Originals, it was Julie Plec shoving Hayley, a character 99.9% of the fandom hates, down our throats. Now this disgusting pregnancy, no...just no. They should have utilized Klaroline more.


The ratings are down because of the three hiatus'. Viewers don't like to miss so many weeks of their shows.


The Vampire Diaries usually gets a bump back up once they do the adjustments for DVR, etc. Last week was down 25%, too, so it's not the fault of the originals. ;) TVD started to get a little stale but this season has kicked up a notch and seems headed back in the right direction. I hope The Originals can pull in new viewers, it's much more "adult" than TVD.


The poll is flawed I need the option: "Not escited but give them their spin off so they are gone from Mystic Falls once and for all"


it's not about klaus! or the salvatore! everybody like klaus and jomo..and was tired of the main triangle!
its about hayley..her useless charachter..the whole baby boom story that suck and make the originals seems a soap opera!
join caroline into the spinoff and will see the ratingh gettin higher!