TV Ratings Report: Big Drop for Dixie

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With The CW nearing a decision on its 2013-2014 schedule, Hart of Dixie plummeted in the ratings last night, as George and Zoe making like Romeo and Juliet only scored a 0.5 rating among adults 18-49.

That's a 17 percent drop from last Tuesday night. Read on for a full report...

Romeo & Juliet

8 p.m.
The Voice: 13.7 million viewers
Hell's Kitchen: 4.5 million
NCIS Los Angeles rerun: 9.2 million
Splash: 5.2 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.3 million

9 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars: 12.4 million
NCIS rerun: 12.2 million
Ready for Love: 3.3 million
New Girl rerun: 2.3 million/The Mindy Project rerun: 1.9 million
America's Next Top Model rerun: 660,000

10 p.m.
Golden Boy: 7.9 million
Body of Proof: 9 million

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I have always liked Z/G together. I think they complete one another but they try to go to the extreme opposite in what they are really looking for. I stopped watching when Z/W got together. I think Z/G could be really fun together if the writers would let them let go and run with their relationship.


I agree with all above comments, the writers continue to force unlikely pairings and want us to feel sympathy. Sorry, they are now pairing up people via blindmans dart board without a speck of sense.


I stopped watching when they broke up Wade & Zoe & decided to throw his character under the bus to try to shove George & Zoe down our throats. No thank you. I'd rather watch paint dry because that's more exciting. Wade is my favorite character & I couldn't stand to see how they treated him. Zoe & George become less likeable when they're around each other. I'd rather have George back with Lemon than try to force him with Zoe. Just isn't working for me. The first part of the season was so good when they had Z&W together then wham it was gone!


I stopped watching as soon as they started writing Wade like an idiot. He was showing so much depth and emotion and they ruined him. You can't do that and expect people to stick around. I hope it's cancelled so they can all go on to play better written characters in different shows. They deserve it.

Sarah silva

For me HOD kind of dropped the ball half way through last season and when it was renewed I decided to stick with it and I was happy when Zoe and Wade got together but not nice they broke them up. I am not sure if it will be renewed again and honestly I would not be sad if it was not but will tune in if it comes back.
Golden Boy is so good, they have to renew it.


I am not a big fan ever since they broke Wade and Zoe up. I have low expectations that it will be renewed for a third season. If they put G&Z together that will nail the coffin.. I mean why not give the fans what they want? I mean they put Pacey and Joey together for Dawson's creek which is similar to this storyline where Zade is so much stronger than Zorge.


I know I'm still mad at them for how they wrote Wade's Character, very badly out of character. I'm still barely watching, but it's only because I'm holding out hope that Wade can redeem himself. He's the only reason why I watch and really could care less about the others. I loved the first season, but the last half of this season has been really disappointing.


it drops from a .6 to a .5, gains some eyeballs from last week but this a big drop...