TV Ratings Report: Not Ready for Love

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Ready for Love, a ripoff of The Bachelor, crashed and burned on NBC last night.

Shocking, we know.

Despite The Voice as its lead in, this lame dating series only drew 3.8 million viewers for its debut, while CBS won the evening as usual...

Ready for Love Pic

8 p.m.
NCIS: 16. million viewers.
The Voice: 12.9 million
Hell's Kitchen: 4.4 million
Splash: 5.1 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.2 million

9 p.m.
NCIS Los Angeles: 13.9 million
Ready for Love: 3.8 million
Dancing with the Stars: 11.8 million
American's Next Top Model: 670,000
New Girl: 4.2 million/The Mindy Project: 2.8 million

10 p.m.
Golden Boy: 7.9 million
Body of Proof: 9 million

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Golden bo has great ratings! they would be stupid to cancel it

Sarah silva

I think it is time to retire America's Next Top Model. HOD was not on as baseball was on! So I have to wait until Saturday.

Sarah silva

I recorded Ready For Love as from what I read it sounded better than the Bachelor, however as it is on NBC it will be cancelled right away due to the low ratings!
Golden Boy is doing great! I do not understand why it is on the bubble!


Ironically, it's more practical than The Bachelor. The show basically said it, 'this has been done before, but let's have something that works or lasts'. It's a better catch. The girls have professional mentors that have had success in the business of love. However impossible it may seem to believe these sometimes knock off romance themed reality series, Ready for Love is actually more authentic. The views were probably based on those who rolled their eyes and chose not to look at 'another one of those', but I prefer to give shows chances. If it sucked, I would have said it and dumped it, but these people are just ordinary, beyond the cheese factor. The mentors give these girls guidance and says the things others would not tell you. It's worth a try.