90210 Review: A Fresh Start

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After finally getting some answers on "You Can't Win 'Em All", 90210 left us off with another huge cliffhanger the week before it says goodbye.

Considering "Scandal Royale" was the penultimate episode of 90210, the writers did have to go out with a bang. And a bang it was, literally. Adrianna is trapped on stage in a broken set that is about to burst into flames. Navid is backstage trying to get to her and Dixon is still in the theater.

Annie's Confused

Meanwhile, Silver was undergoing an MRI after hearing bouts of bad news. Her doctor informed her that her last tests didn't go well and were cause for high concern. Then we found out that Michaela lost the baby. At her last check-up there was no heartbeat. For as annoying as some people may have found Silver this season, anyone would admit that the girl is having a really hard time right now. Even though they reunited under bad circumstances, I'm glad that Silver has Teddy.

Since Michaela obviously wasn't up to to performing her song, she told Dixon that Adrianna was the one who really wrote it. It's sad that everyone was wiling to assume the worst of Adrianna, specifically Navid after their two days of passionate making up. Can we just pause to say: HOT!!!

Silver [to Adrianna]: I should’ve known, where there’s smoke, there’s you. | permalink

Well, as it turns out, the girl who inspired the name for Unfaithful Records will now be the one to save its butt. That is if she can get off stage safely, which judging by previews she will. After all the drama and fighting between them, there is only one episode left for Silver and Ade to make amends. At least the Navianna shippers can get their happy ending! It looks like after this latest episode that Lannie shippers might have a hope after all.

Liam lied about finding Old Salty because he wasn't quite ready to take the plunge and head to Australia with "Syd." Sorry, but I still don't trust her! Annie made it pretty clear she was waiting to hear more from Liam. She also made it clear she wasn't into him and Sydney as a couple. 

Lastly, we have Naomi who took the fall for Jordan's sister in order for Jordan to regain his freedom from his mother. Naomi is a crafty one. I don't think Miss High and Mighty Judge knew what she was up against. Naomi also isn't afraid of a challenge. I wonder if after this latest incident, she and Jordan will be able to rekindle their relationship. It seems like his family with always be an obstacle.

Everyone was all about getting a fresh start, but how is that possible when so much of the past is still an important part of the present?

Well, 90210 fans...the time has come. Next week is the final episode in the uber-famous zipcode with our fancy friends. What are your hopes and predictions going into the series finale, teased here?


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Sarah silva

I knew that Michaela lost the baby. I feel bad for Silver.
I hope that Liam finally realized that Annie is the one for him.
I wonder what is in his bag as they made a big deal of showing Liam putting it down back stage.
I feel bad for Naomi. I guess she will be heading to France with Annie.
I really do not see them tying things up with 1 hour left.
Ade has not changed and what Silver said to her was so perfect.


silver could still be pregnant with Marks child-she was at the doctor when the episode ended....have to say, Naomi has really grown since the show started. Ade not so much. i have to agree the show has been really good recently but I totally saw that explosion coming when the one guy said he had fireworks with him.


Still so mad the Naomi and Liam aren't ending up together.
My best series finale will be Naomi killing everyone and riding off with Liam.


This was actually a really great episode! I found myself completely engrossed in it by the end. It's too bad that its been actually getting quite a bit better this season only to end soon. My heart was breaking for silver. I've been on her side this whole season and was really rooting for her to get her baby she so badly wanted. Why do none of her friends realize how huge of a deal this was? They acted like she was just being a whiny brat this whole season when really, it was a far bigger and more important issue than what any one of them had going on. I'm sure they will all realize that now. I was still hoping she would have been pregnant with mark's kid or that someone else would have gotten her pregnant, but it's not looking so good :( I'm sure if there's a flash forward, we will see her with a child but it would have been nice to see more. The ending scene of this episode was shot really well I thought. It had me on edge. Great ep!


i'm sad to say that it will be more of a season finale than an actual series finale


i heard there's going to an engagempent so it's either Navid & Ade or Liam & Annie. I hope there's a flashforward of five years or so, so that we can see them married and with children ;)

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