Arrow Review: Unwanted Exposure

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"Darkness on the Edge of Town?" That's putting it mildly. There was darkness everywhere in Starling City this week.

Getting to the edge might just be a relief! This was an information packed hour with Oliver tricking Moira into revealing her secrets, Oliver and Laurel making a move, Walter moving on and Malcolm learning a surprising truth. Let's break it down...

I can't imagine how much strength it must have taken for Oliver to tell a teary-eyed Laurel, who just realized she might still have feelings for him, that he hasn't changed and she shouldn't rethink anything based upon what she considers new information about him after his return.

But when even Quentin Lance saw that Oliver was different since he's been back, you knew the stage was being set for Laurel to follow through on her rekindled feelings for him. What I didn't expect was for Oliver to act on his. What was it that sent him into her arms, just after he told Tommy he couldn't be with her? It was the final nail in the Oliver/Tommy friendship, for sure.

Escaping with Felicity

Oliver has gotten so good at getting information from Moira. It was ingenious the way Diggle dressed up as The Hood and asked all of those questions. It not only got Oliver the information he needed, but it threw any suspicions that Moira might have about Oliver (not that she had any necessarily) off of Oliver being The Hood. 

Until Malcolm paid his uninvited and artificial visit to Walter to welcome him home, I hadn't realized he had been kidnapped for six months. Thea wondered why he didn't seem like himself. How could he possibly be alright after an ordeal like that? There was such a strong, emotional scene Walter delivered after he gave Moira divorce papers. It hit me really hard to hear Walter say it out loud, the pain in his voice, the realization that his life was not at all what he thought. 

Walter: You know, I read about people in forced captivity. Some of them said it was a simple thought that got them through the isolation and fear - returning to their loved ones. So I don't know really why I'm still alive, Moira, because I didn't have that.
Moira: Walter, please.
Walter: What do you think you could say to me to convince me that everything I knew, my whole life, hasn't just evaporated? | permalink

Thea had just started to feel safe again, having Walter back and now she has to go to her mother and ask why he left. She's so close to the problem as she and Roy investigate Merlyn and the Dark Archer, but she has no idea what it means to her family. Now that she has to deal with another loss. I kind of wish she did know, so she could do something positive to help Oliver stop the Undertaking. 

Did anybody imagine the skills Malcolm had being quite so incredible? I mean, he was freaking amazing. That fight scene was out of this world. Catching an arrow before it pierced his chest? Who does that? Was he taught to fight by Shado, as well? I know, I have a lot of questions after this episode, but I think that's natural.

Speaking of Shado, I was wondering what the island scenes were leading up to, but Yao Fei being shot between the eyes was a shock. I guess the moral of that story was never underestimate your opponent and stop smart mouthing them because you're likely to get someone killed. Well, probably not, but Island Ollie never seems to learn to keep his mouth shut. Those men are not frakking about.

My assumption is Oliver will wake up with the realization Malcolm himself is the Dark Archer because, really, who else would be able to do what he did? Malcolm's reaction to the discovery that the The Hood was Oliver was quite surprising. He definitely didn't know and I think it threw him to find out. As bad as he is, killing Moira's son and his own son's (former) best friend wouldn't make him happy. 

That they know about each other, and Oliver knows about Moira's involvement with Malcolm, should make the next chapter even more far out. The clock is ticking faster for Tommy to learn about his father now that he has another reason to hate Oliver, but will he team up with Malcolm? Or will Malcolm decide to protect him from the life, knowing he'd be sparring with with a friend? The reveal adds so much more to the canvas.

I cannot wait for next week's finale. As they do, producer Marc Guggenheim really gave away very little about what's to come in his interview. The death was Yao's, so we should have no other worries for next week.

What was your favorite part about this week? Oliver and Laurel? Oliver and Malcolm facing off or maybe Walter's speech to Moira? Felicity shined brightly as always. See you in the comments!


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Spindae 2o

Best episode to Date.
-Team Arrow. Their action was fabulous, so great played out, just amazing. Can't wait for S2 and more action for these guys.
-The Triangle. Stephen Amell really plays it great. He is so deep into the character. U could just see how he illuminated when he realized he could be happy with Laurel.
-Moira-Walter not really interested.
-Roy-Thea. He honestly broke me and Thea. I was so sad he did that to us. It's that stupid story where she wants him and he threats her like crap. BAD ONE! But he will probably see his mistake and come back to her. But Thea will know Ollie's secret and that will divide the 2 of them.
-Arrow vs Malcom. nice fight. Enjoyed it really. And I really hope Ollie get's his revenge in the FINAL.
-Felicity Smoke! The shining star of the SHOW! She is just perfect every single line she has she nails it. AND SHAME OF U DET. LANCE "WHO THE HECK IS FELICITY SMOKE?" But it will lead to something really good in the final,


Felicity/Oliver on top of the elevator was the greatest!! I love Laurel but I am so in love with Felicity and her character that I just want something to happen with these two!


I'm so happy that Oliver and Laurel finally have an honest moment with each other. Best part of the episode for me. I'm sure the writers will find a way to separate Ollie and Laurel because they need the love tension to stretch over 6 plus seasons. I can't wait to see the finale to find out who is going to be the sacrifice. Have a feeling everyone will lose something one way or another.


I loved this episode except for the Oliver/Laurel scenes, I never liked them as a couple even though they are supposed to be canon, I love his interactions with Felicity much more. I found Roy annoying but I didn't mind Thea especially after Oliver's talk with them. I loved the ending and can't wait for the finale.


Willa Holland's acting leaves a lot to be desired and Roy looks like an abercrombie model failing at acting like he's from the hood. I wish Thea and Roy would disappear from this show because they are useless and annoying. Finally some Oliver/Laurel action! I gotta say though, I miss Katie Cassidy as a blonde. The Merlyn tower infiltration was fun to watch. This was possibly the best episode of the series so far, with the exception of the Thea/Roy scenes.


Loved the episode. So glad laurel and Oliver finally got together. Felicity was great being back out in the field and even better than she was last week. I think Oliver realized Malcolm wa the dark archer when they started fighting because he is the only one that could take Oliver down. Speaking of Malcolm who taught him how to shoot a bow and who taught him how to fight because you have to be really good to be able to take down Oliver since he was trained by some pretty amazing fighters and was stuck on an island for 5 years were fighting was how you survived. Very interested in the whole Thea Roy storyline it's getting good. I can't wait till the season finally it looks really good.


Finally Ollie and Laurel!They are so perfect for each other.I love how Oliver melts around her.Now poor Tommy looks like he may go dark very soon.An seriously I love Felicity!!Her friendship with Oliver is adorable and I love that he is protective and sweet like a big brother.This show is a definite hit in my book!


loved Oliver and Laurel.


Oliver knows that Malcom is the dark archer. Malcom said it himself: that he tried to kill him, the hood, and that the hood later saved him and now trying to kill Malcom again.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit you got shot and I got to play doctor with you. Oh - my brain thinks of the worst way to say things.


Felicity: Are you okay?
Oliver: My mom and my best friend's dad are involved in a conspiracy that may have dire consequences for the city and I'm pretty sure they murdered my father. I'm not planning on using the word okay again any time soon.