Arrow Season Finale Review: "Sacrifice"

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There have been so many different ideas about what the Arrow season finale would bring. But "Sacrifice" pretty much blew them and most of the predictions about what we've been tossing around about Season 2 and kicked them out on their respective asses.

For the many stumbles that Arrow Season 1 suffered as it found its footing in the earlier episodes, it delivered one of the best freshman finales I can think of in recent years. It was simply phenomenal. 

Arrow Season Finale Scene

Beginning where we left off with last week's "Darkness on the Edge of Town," Malcolm had Oliver artfully strung up (shirtless, as we all found to be most appropriate) and was explaining to him something we discussed in a recent Round Table: Why Malcolm was able to take Oliver down so easily. Far be it from Malcolm not to kindly give us the answer we so eagerly sought.

You can't beat me, Oliver. Yes, you're younger and you're faster, yet you always come up short against me. Wanna know why? Because you don't know, in your heart, what you're fighting for. What you're willing to sacrifice. And I do. | permalink

It was if the writers were sitting around the table and they KNEW we wanted the answer to that question, would be rubbing our foreheads and trying to determine what it was that set them apart. I daresay we didn't come to that conclusion in our discussion, but it was a beautiful line. 

If only I believed it. 

The longer the hour progressed, the more clear it became that everyone had something to fight for and a reason to sacrifice their lives, a deep seated reason to do what they were doing - everybody except Malcolm.

Oliver told Tommy he's always known what kind of man his father was and he still had time do something to stop him. Tommy's response? "I wish you had died on that island." We know that's not true, and we later heard it from his lips, but the sting to Oliver was just as real.

It was shortly thereafter that Malcolm pushed his son away, proving that he was fighting for nothing but hateful vengeance against a bunch of unknown people who walked by his wife on a sidewalk many years before. He was fighting against his hatred for a neighborhood that turned a blind eye to his wife as she lay dying and couldn't even eek out the courage to fight for the love and acceptance of his son in the present. That's when I knew he would lose the fight.

If you were like me, you were waiting for that romantic moment that would help us to understand why Oliver and Laurel were a couple to root for. It arrived here. What Oliver said to her was beautiful, and the scene was beautifully shot as well. The island didn't change him, it scraped away all of the parts of him that he wasn't, but that Laurel had seen all along. Now, he tells her:

Nobody in my life is who I thought they were, except for you. | permalink

Yes, it finally makes sense. Why he would cling to who she was, why she loved him and why they were always especially drawn to each other. I think Tommy saw some of that same man in Oliver that Laurel saw and that's what kept their friendship alive despite their constant struggle for the girl, the recognition, the life of the other.

The finale was so aptly named, as nearly every character made a sacrifice, either in the episode or referenced in the past. Here's a list of all the sacrifices I could track.

  • Lance threw away his career to save lives by exposing his dealings with the vigilante. 
  • Robert sacrificed himself so Oliver could live.
  • Moira wanted to sacrifice thousands so Oliver and Thea could live, but instead sacrificed her freedom to save them by exposing Malcolm.
  • Oliver was willing to sacrifice himself for the city.
  • Malcolm sacrificed his relationship with his son to carry out his vendetta against a flock of innocents he felt responsible for the murder of his wife.
  • Felicity stayed behind to man the control station to walk Detective Lance through disabling the earthquake device, willing to sacrifice her life for the city.
  • Roy couldn't leave the people of his neighborhood behind, and stayed behind to help them.
  • Tommy gave up his life to save the woman he loved by freeing Laurel from the rubble of her building.

I'm sure there were more, but it became almost crazy as the heroes of our story pulled out of themselves strength they didn't even know they had inside of themselves.

Just when you think this review is over, there is still more to discuss. I'm going to try to frame what is left in terms of what it means to next season because this finale threw us for such a loop.

I'm surprised that they weren't able to save the day; not completely anyway. Malcolm had a contingency plan. It was nice of him to tell Oliver before he died. And it appears he's dead. Along with his son. 

The Merlyns are no more. The Dark Archer won't be an issue for Oliver and Tommy isn't going to go dark and vengeful due to the death of his father at Oliver's hands - because Oliver told him, just before he died, that he let Malcolm live. One more kindness for the best friend Oliver ever had.

Moira was arrested for her part in the Undertaking and whether Malcolm's death and lair will make her case easier to defend or more difficult will be something we'll learn next season.

Quentin lost his job because he helped the vigilante. I wonder if that will somehow impact Laurel's decision to join forces with Oliver as the Black Canary and they'll all become a part of a team to fight a new corrupt force that will arise... or if there was always another around and we've just been more concerned with that lead by Malcolm. 

The scenes on the island should take a new direction as they are our three survivors, Oliver, Slade and Shado are left to fend for themselves in a new way, without a force of evil directly at their back. 

I'm blown away, almost as much as the town was jolted, by the way the finale unfolded. Share your thoughts on the finale, and what you think season 2 will bring, especially now that the Dark Archer is no longer a threat.


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I lasted out the season. I won`t be watching Season 2.


It was good...i wasn't blown away like all of you. As for season 2,please abandon the words "Vigilante" and "The Hood" from all future scripts.


@RandomCommentor I totally agree about being charged with neglecting to help someone seeking it, and I was in that circumstance myself with an assault once. However, Malcolm had no idea who those people were, only where they lived. He based his opinion of what happened to her on the neighborhood, never thinking that good people in bad circumstances ended up in that neighborhood, too, the same ones his wife was there to help. So he blamed an ambiguous radius of the city and intended to destroy it. If he had put that same energy into helping the area, imagine what he could have accomplished.


I knew that a main character would be killed off in the end, possibly two. Honestly, they promoted THREE people for next season. Someone had to bite the dust.


Well, that episode blew my mind. I was expecting the usual CW ending where a bunch of dramatic stuff happens but in the end everything ends up being the same. Certainly not here... (I watched this with someone watching Arrow for the first time and had to frantically explain everything - their initial reaction was "WOW, this is a violent show!") Note about the review - if you walk by a dying person pleading for help, you may be guilty of criminal negligence in the "right" circumstance. Also, John Borrowman can act.


@MJ I'm pretty sure Oliver was lying to his friend about taking out his father to give him peace as he died. Malcolm's face in the rubble showed no signs of life after Oliver pierced him through the heart with an arrow. One Merlyn got an arrow, the other got re-bar in an attempt to save his love.


This is the first finale since the first season of 24 where I was just left with my jaw dropped. I never, never, expected a "bad" ending. Just an amazing ending, even including the last few episodes. If the next season can start as stong as this season ended, this series is going to go places. Now if DC can only get this kind of quality in their movies...


Love, love, love the finale. I'm sad to see Tommy go because I really liked his character, but I'm glad the didn't make him go bad. I understand his anger and jealously towards Oliver, but I couldn't see him start killing people over it. Especially given that was one of the reasons he was upset with Oliver. It just wouldn't have rung true with how we knew him. I'm so excited to see where they take the show next season.


I was able to watch this great episode an hour before the CW aired it... note to the reviewer... sometimes you have to pay closer attention... Oli told Tommy that he didn't kill Malcom... so that's out of the way and he'll be back. In addition, Det. Lance was only suspended and after they realized that he was telling the truth and then even rescued part of the Glades that shouldn't be an issue eather.

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You can't beat me, Oliver. Yes, you're younger and you're faster, yet you always come up short against me. Wanna know why? Because you don't know, in your heart, what you're fighting for. What you're willing to sacrifice. And I do.