Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Pair of Big Bads to Come!

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In a pair of exclusive interviews last week, Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes shared their hopes for Arrow Season 2.

But executive producer Marc Guggenheim has now come out and revealed actual plans for his CW hit this fall, revealing to TV Guide:

"We'll have two big bads. They'll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We're really excited about both of them."

The Hood is Down!

Guggenheim, of course, would not announce the identities of these villains, but he did tease a "Malcolm-esque big bad and a Dark Archer-esque big bad."

Might we assume that Deathstroke will be one of Oliver's new antagonists? Guggenheim would only preview the following:

"If the question of Season 1 is, 'What happened to Oliver on that island?' The question of Season 2 is, 'What happened to Slade Wilson on that island?'"

Visit TV Guide now for more Arrow scoop from Guggenheim and sound off now: Who do you think will be facing off with The Hood next year?

UPDATE: Summer Glau has been cast in a role that sure sound Big Bad-like.

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Please kill the following . . . . . . "The hood" and "The vigilante"


I don't want Oliver to date that girl,she doesn't deserve him.They are not a good match if u ask me.


Huntress was awful! Don' bring her back.
Still don't like Laurel and Oliver together. I think it's the actress.


My bet:
Hood like villain-- Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
Malcolm like-- Maxwell Lord

Spindae 2o

I loved season 1! It will be tough proceed that high level in S2 and keep stuff interesting. Why keep Olie and Lauren apart!? Why would Olie except Roy as an sidekick!?
And they to cast interesting guest stars! Huntress was amazing, but a big goodie in the S2 premier would engage viewers. I mean bringing G Arrow to Smallville was great and him recurring at first gave the whole thing a nice line to comeback to. It hasn't to be Green Lantern would be great but a less obvious choice and surprise could make stuff interesting!

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