Beauty and the Beast Review: Beastly Rivalry

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This review wouldn't be right without starting with the title: "Anniversary." 

What happiness it brings because next year we get to have one! Beauty and the Beast has been renewed and we no longer need to worry this story is going to end prematurely. There will be more. Happy sigh planted here!

It never dawned on me that Cat and Vincent would consider the day they "met" when he saved her as their anniversary, which was also the day of her mother's death. Or was it? We've been wondering about that the last few episodes with the strange goings-on at Muirfield and the possibility they could bring back the dead.

Cat Remembers Her Mom

Even Gabe wondered if maybe she might be alive and it turned out it was one of the main reasons he was back in town. Hoping to find Vanessa's grave empty so she could help him. More on that in a bit. 

Gabe Lowen is a wickedly written character. He's written as well as Evan Marks was, with the constant will he/won't he challenges. Should Cat trust him or shouldn't she? Obviously, Vanessa did, as she risked her life as if he was one of her own children to get him out of Muirfield. 

Giving Gabe a drug to stop his heart would be why Muirfield isn't looking for him now. They would never think to look for him as a grown adult. Who knows what his name was back then. His adoptive parents were probably the Lowens, and I doubt Muirfield are that good to track down the people they had under their experiments that many years ago, especially if they considered them dead. It was natural for Cat to feel a sibling connection/rivalry with Gabe. 

Seeing Vincent jealous was so funny. The way he got all glow-eyed as Cat and Gabe talked about getting together to celebrate the life of Vanessa Chandler by listening to 80s power ballads just fit the topic perfectly. It was like he was out of a Ratt video or something. The special effects are really right out of the 80s. Beauty and the Beast should consider doing a video similar to what Supernatural has done with Dean singing "Eye of the Tiger" at the end of the show. What 80s song would be best?

In case you're wondering, Toto's "Africa" is not a power ballad. Don't even try to argue the point.

All of the information that Gabe had learned about Cat growing up must have been so difficult for him, and hearing all of it later was obviously tough on Cat. He knew so much about her, and yet really nothing at all. He was like a foster child living in Cat's shadow. I wonder if it will make him want to hurt her or care more about her. At this point I can't tell.

The little clues during the episode were really keen, like Gabe saying 'you don't want to see me when I'm angry," or Vincent saying "there's something off about him," but not being able to pinpoint it. How could he have been able to smell an empty grave but not smell a fellow beast? 

It was confirmed after all that Vanessa was dead, but Gabe was damned happy to have learned about Vincent. He seems to be falling apart at a fairly rapid rate. Considering, he's doing a great job keeping himself in check during stressful situations. He has had a lifetime to do it, so it shouldn't be surprising. 

How far apart are they in their DNA? Gabe is having side effects that Vincent doesn't have, and given the age differential, Gabe was one of the earlier versions of the project. He must want to know what differences they were able to achieve to stabilize the porcess, but I'm surprised that Gabe isn't further along in the mutation given the concerns about Vincent lately. Vincent only recently began to see red. Did that come with the glowing eyes?

If you recall, in my interview with Sendhil Ramamurthy (who is wonderfully active on Twitter these days), he had just received the script for the 19th episode. THIS episode. He was so stoked about the last scene and now we know why. All of our questions about whether or not he was beastly were confirmed. Glow eyes! It was also that moment when we got lost again in the confusion of whether he's to be trusted. Just brilliant.

We still had time for romance between Cat and Vincent, as after everything, he backed off a bit and realized he had to let her have her moments of wondering about her past and looking into them. He needs to support her while he protects her, and not just stifle her. Their communications are so much improved from the middle of the season when Red was there. Thank goodness. 

On the other hand, wow - Joe is a dick. He really wants to have his cake and eat it, too, doesn't he? He was looking for open spots for Tess to transfer to so they could "be together?" That was just appalling. Sadly, at first she thought he was going to make the sacrifice until he admitted he meant for her to go. Dude needs to make up his mind. Married, not married. It's not a difficult decision. If he's happy with his wife, then let the ultra cool Tess find someone worthy.

Did you notice that Tess looks sexier again now that they've taken the "bitch" aspect out of her role? Her hair is flowing and closer to her face and she's looking more appealing. It's amazing what they can do to put you off of a character if they want to. And - I fall for it! I still think Nina Lisandrello has one of the most beautiful noses on television.

It was a really great hour full of revelations, and I'm really enjoying the new information on Gabe (and would like to know more about his lady friend, STAT), but I missed TJ. Oops! J.T. When TJ just slips off of Tess' tongue as easily as it does, it's difficult not to follow suit.

All right, Beasties, hit the comments! We know Gabe is a beast, Vanessa is dead, romance is alive and married people shouldn't have affairs and mess with the hearts of people we love. What else? Hit the comments!! Eeek - I can't wait!


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This was a good episode and I agree that Gabe has become a really interesting character with lots of shadings. He is all ambition and on top of what he does then with all the info coming out about his past he has this surprising level of vulnerability and a sort of quiet dignity. It will be interesting to see where they take this character because I swear with all that he knows about Cat and how he feels about Cat's mom I see the possibility of a love triangle perhaps? That would be a surprising twist.


As always great review. My BEST part on the Anniversary was surprisingly TESS. This episode was all round. Joe just disappointed me with his transfer stunt. WTH? A transfer for his selfish reasons is just a turn off. Their little affair really is hitting a rock, after all Joe had told Tess after Darius's death, it was hurting to learn that he doesn't want to leave his wife.
VinCat was also great!! I enjoyed watching Vincent just getting fired up with Gabe, maybe his jealousy is the instinct that Gabe is a beast.Carissa, ur so right, it doesn't make sense that he can smell droplets of blood but he can't sniff out the beast in Gabe!!!! Still his jealousy is sweet.
Gabe's past has been concentrated on off late, I get that it explains alot about M en Cat's mom but damn when is the present going to begin. It's like the more we dig into the past the more questions! Now cat's dad is in with M? Thot he was a lawyer?? Anyway lawyers do know alot of secrets en for cat's mom to get around the Gabe's adoption a lawyer has to be in it.
Anniversary was truly one en now am waiting for DATE NITE from the title en the buzz from beasties I cannot wait.
Beastie roster en out!!!!


But Carissa, this episode is the 20th. So during that interview with Sendhil he would have been talking about the last episode. I don't think you have been including the pilot in your count so if you go on "Anniversary" is listed as the 20th episode. Great reviews though! I think it's super random that Vanessa Chandler's body would have been out there AND marked with a gravestone. Maybe they are watching Catherine more closely than we know (like her dad being in on it) and that gravestone was put there to put her off the trail? I don't know for sure but something is defintely up with both her parents.


Great episode! Funny, romantic, passionate and informative!! I knew Gabe was a beast the first time his hand started shaking, but it's awesome to be 100% positive. I still don't trust him, he wants Vincent for some reason and I have a feeling its not good! Maybe he is the link to a cure?!? Also want to know why Muirfield moved Vanessa's' body. Does Cat' dad know about it? Before poor Evan left us, he did ask Vincent if Cat was going to find out about her parents! Maybe good ol' dad is in on everything. And will we ever find out why Vincent was there 10 years ago? The anniversary stuff was so cute, too bad Vincent didn't give into Cat just a little in the morning! Love BATB!!!


Loved this episode. I'm curious as to why Murfield moved Vanessa's body I mean why not just leave it were it is. Part of me still wants her mom to be alive I thinks that she might be or if she really is dead Murfield has plans for her body. I'm not suprized that Gabe is also a beast. I'm thinking since he got the new DNA when he was a kid in there first trials he's starting to go through side effects and finding it hard to contain th beast and he wants to find Vincent to see what's different about them and to see f he can help him to control it because Vincent doesn't have the problems he does. The next episode looks really good I can't wait for it I really want to see Gabe in beast mode.


Since Gabe is taking medication it seems like he has some disease that's going to kill him. After all, it makes sense since he was tested on so many times as a child. Perhaps he's running out of time and he needs to find a cure for whatever he's going to die from. That cure is Vincent.


Didn't see that coming. Gabe's a beastie! Okay, looks like it's gonna get interesting.
I was on the fence for awhile on this show, but I like it a lot more than I did four weeks ago.


Hi Monique! One thing I'm not worried about is Beauty and the Beasteses. Jay Ryan wlll always be the beast on this show, so he's not going anywhere. That means either Gabe gets in line and follows along or he'll be gone. I hope for the former because I think he has a lot to add. Imagine what J.T. could do with earlier DNA and later DNA! Fingers crossed.


I follow you, love your thoughts. I am for not trusting Gabe, I think he is an out of control beast who is becoming increasingly out of control and for that reason he cannot be trusted. Gabe wanted Vanessa for a cure and with her really gone he has no choice but to go after Vincent - for what? I'm thinking his DNA. Possibly Gabe is thinking that Vincent's DNA might hold the key for a cure or maybe stabilize Gabe's DNA. Whether Gabe has an agenda that culminates in the destruction of Vincent (there is only room for one beast in this here town) remains to be seen. Can't wait for next weeks episode for more answers to these mysterious questions.

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Cat: Just come over tonight and listen to 80s power ballads, that's charity enough.
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She was the only truly loving adult we had and I adored her. That's why I came here today. But I am sorry if I upset you that I came here.