Castle Review: Rise of the Machines

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Talk about big brother!

Castle took a break from the relationship drama and silly cases to focus on the murder of a man by a drone - pretty much exactly what you need to be freaked out - on "The Human Factor." Ready to break it all down?

The Case. The hour was spent looking for the person behind the drone that killed a man on the streets of New York. Who knew that at any given time that many drones are in the sky watching everything.?

The usual twists and turns took us down some creepy and shady roads before Kate’s amazing detective skills found the killer: the victim’s son. Just about the worst possible situation, really.

Carlos Bernard on Castle

Hello Feds and Handsome Men. After the Feds have pretty much taken over their case, Beckett has a run-in with a man named Jared Stack, played by Carlos Bernard. Although quite creepy, he turned out to be pretty awesome. Until he threw a wrench in the best ship on Monday nights,  Caskett. 

Stack works for the Attorney General’s office and tells Beckett of a job opening in DC. He thinks she would be perfect for it and although she would be, she can’t leave New York, her fellow detectives and the love of her life. Right?!?

How could she even think about it when she finally let loose and admitted to Rick that she loves him just one episode prior? 

Where is Everyone Else? Ryan and Espo received a small amount of screen time in this hour, but once again, no Lanie, Gates, Martha or Alexis. Not that they need to be in every episode with a major arc, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw them in every once in a while. These characters are adored and need a little more time. Hear that, Andrew Marlowe?

Side Notes: 

  • How awesome were Castle’s remote control toys?
  • Wasn’t it even more awesome when Beckett took control of them?
  • Awesome shout out to Men In Black
  • Once again, Beckett rocked some amazing lingerie...even if it was only for a split second. 

So sadly, the time has come again. Only one episode left of a pretty stellar Castle Season 5. What will happen in the finale? Will Beckett take the job in DC? Will Caskett come to an all too early end? Will Lanie finally show up again? Come on, TV Fanatics. Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions on “The Human Factor” and what is to come in the finale.

Sound off in the comments and check back for the official Castle Round Table

Until next week, Castle fans. And then a long summer of debating and impatiently waiting for our favorite detectives and writer to return to us in the fall.


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what was that ? think it's time to put westerns by on tv


Agree with David. The last episode was pretty good and was #22 - maybe they should have punted the extra 2 orders to next season...


I honestly dont get theis need to talk about the relationship thing. Whats there to talk about ? They told taht they love ech other. They are together not that long to be talking marriage yet .. so what are the insecurities about , especially Becketts. She realy really should know that Castle is 100% committed and devoted to her. Sgouldnt that not be more than enough at this point of a relationship. The only thing that could derial it is if Beckett is not as in love with him as she claims.


Yeah when Rick started on his sky-net diatribe I honestly wanted to whack him upside the head, as its TV settled for FF instead. Talk about going overboard!!
The drone shoot down was funny and I wonder if they'll argue more about who's the better shot?
Given the Beckett character is usually based upon deceit or denial when people get close to her I don't hold much hope for it being a really good finale.
give it 2 stars


The episode had a great premise but then kind of degenerated from there. None of the plot in the 2nd half made much sense and Castle didn't provide any meaningful insight at all the entire episode. Throw in the random propaganda and you get the recipe for one of the weakest episodes of the season. Oh well, there's always next week.


I doubt she will take the job. In previous seasons especially 3x13 when she needed some guidance her father provided the clarity. Promos are what they are, topics for discussion. Some of what we are hearing can be she speaking to her father, and not castle. AM would not build them up for 4 season (basically best friends and partners) and just break them up, makes no sense. However, these two need to speak their minds to each other, they currently have too many unasked and unanswered questions.


I doubt she will take the job in DC but maybe this will give Castle a push to have a talk with Kate about the future of their relationship. I saw in the credit that Kate's dad is supposed to be in the finale. I hope Kate goes to her dad to be her sounding board for her decision, I liked the relationship she has now with her father.

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