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When Beckett stepped on a bomb in "Stil," was it any surprise who stepped up to be her bomb buddy?

Below, our Castle Round Table team of Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by Bobbie from The 12th Fan Forum to share their favorite flashback moments and wdiscuss hich Caskett kiss ranks number-one...


What was your favorite current time scene?

Bobbie:  I have to go with a tie for my favorite scene. How can I NOT choose the ILY exchange, but I was also very moved when Castle said, "She's off." Their emotional embrace and the reaction at the precinct had me sobbing!

Jim: I loved Rick walking in with coffee and the remote, armed with the confidence that they would figure out how to save Kate.

Chandel: Probably when Kate told Castle that the best is yet to come. You don't hear her say things like that very often. Though her telling Rick "I Love You" is definitely up there as well.

Christine: It was all so wonderful, I'm still on a high from it all but I'm going with the moment Castle deactivated the bomb and she practically fell into his arms.  Castle saying "She's off. She's off" with such relief and everyone's reactions were my favorite.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite flashback moment?

Bobbie:  Again, I have to go with 2 favorites. I've always loved the physical comedy that the show delivers so I loved the flashbacks to all of the nose grabs and ear twists, etc. What a hoot that Castle interpreted that as her not being able to keep her hands off of him. :) But I was also totally swept away with the montage of all of their kisses, as their theme song built to a climax in the background.  

Jim: It's a tie between the hair montage and Rick's "having so much fun" montage. Both had me rolling.

Chandel: Probably all the ones where Kate is remembering all the times Castle got on her nerves. That was really cute. I got to remember with her and I enjoyed that.

Christine: Again, there were just too many to count but I loved the flashback from Castle Season 1 when Castle says he shot too soon. Kate's response, "We could always just cuddle, Castle," and his joy at her joke has always been a favorite moment for me.

Were you surprised that Captain Gates already knew about Caskett?

Bobbie: I was not surprised that Gates knew about them. She's perceptive and watchful of all that goes on in Homicide so the longer it went, the more apparent it became that she had to know.

Jim: Not at all. As she said, she's not stupid.

Chandel: No. I knew she knew. I knew way back when she caught Castle caressing Beckett's cheek a few episodes ago. I knew she was trying to hide it.

Christine: Goodness no. The woman used to work in Internal Affairs. She'd have had to been blind not to read what was going on between these two.

In light of Castle's "I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years," choose the best and worst Kate Beckett hairstyles.

Bobbie: First, let me just say that this was probably the cleverest bit in the episode! To have Castle pause and comment about the hair styles left no doubt in my mind that the writers are reading the message boards. :) I did a spit-take over that one. Worst hair style for me was in the very beginning as it had little shape or form and gave Kate a cold, hard feel. Best is right now with the soft, long hair that can be styled so many different ways and softens her face.

Jim:  Uh… that one where she wore it with the thing and that other thing... oh, forget it, let;s just go with the "guy" answer that I didn't like short and like the longer hair now. That's about as deep as I can go given my overall hair envy.

Chandel: I was not a fan of her hair in season 1. Loved the length and wavy styles in season three best, I think. Thought I won't lie, I did get my haircut specifically in the style of Kate's a la the season two finale just last year. I even took in a screenshot of her from that episode to my stylist!

Christine: The first half of Castle Season 2 was the worst. It was almost mullet-like. I love her hair now. It's absolutely beautiful.

Did ABC swapping the airing of "Still" and "The Squab and the Quail" (due to the Boston Marathon bombing) make any difference to your enjoyment of the episode?

Bobbie: Thank goodness they swapped the episodes! I'd have been going ballistic if Still had been followed by Squab and Quail because there's no way Kate could question Castle's commitment after Still.

Jim: They did? I didn't even know they were swapped, but I agree with it. I would have had major problems with the trust issue after them being close this week. Also, Capt. Gates was playing "in the dark" still, so it really worked in this order.

Chandel: No, but it would have really made a big difference in terms of the plot. Had Kate stepped on a bomb this week and questioned her relationship with Castle in "The Squab and the Quail" the next, I would have been a pretty unhappy fan. It would have been completely unbelievable.

Christine: I'm OK with it either way. I'm assuming the timeline between "Still" and "The Squab and the Quail" would have been some weeks apart. I can almost see Castle feeling confident in the relationship after "Still" and getting a bit complacent, leaving Kate feeling more vulnerable. I don't think she's questioning his love but she's wondering if they've got the same ideas about their future.

What was Castle and Beckett's best kiss?

Bobbie: I guess I'd have to go with the kiss - or sequence of kisses - in Always. I loved the passion we saw from both of them and the music really enhanced that. Also, despite the lousy lighting, that very last silhouette with their noses brushing was stunning!

Jim: I'm a huge fan of the season finale where Kate was all wet and kissed Castle when he opened the door. HAWT!

Chandel:  I still maintain that it was that finale kiss in season 4. Though the ones we've gotten piecemeal throughout this season are great too.

Christine: I agree with the team. The kiss from "Always" ranks at the top but I'm also a big fan of the undercover kiss. There's that unexpected passion that sparks between them that neither one knows how to handle. I've always loved that scene.

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Christine is correct about her ordering comment because the timeline still has "Still" before "The Squab and the Quail" despite the order in which the episodes were shown. You can actually see that Gates does know about Castle and Beckett in the episode when Beckett looks kind of knowingly at Gates and Gates looks understandingly at Beckett, but their agreement is that the relationship is not to be mentioned in the precinct. I totally agree about the assumption of confidence that the "I love you" gave Castle too, because that is the only way he'd have felt "comfortable" enough, with game playing with a 12 year old on the other side of the planet rather than giving Beckett the attention deserved, especially as she is coming off her high of still being alive.


While the flow between Squab and Still was eloquent, I feel as though the theme of the last few episodes will be dealing with Castle's seeming reluctance to define the future of their relationship. So, there might be some continuity issues, realizing that Castle was willing to die with Kate one week, but then afraid of moving forward the next week. Regardless, I look forward to the final two episodes.

Sue ann

@ Elliot No, they swapped the running order of those episodes out of concern for the sensitivities of the viewers, because the bombing episode had been scheduled to run right after the Boston Marathon bombing. Delaying it one week gave extra time for the BM bombing to recede from minds. The kiss I like the best is the one at the docks, the undercover kiss, with both of them seemingly lost in wonder at how great this is after all the speculation, but Kate whipping around and clocking that bad guy nevertheless. She never lost her focus on the point, despite the wondrous kissing. I love that.


Ah but they DID follow Still with Squab, and she did question his commitment, after he risked his life to save her, after he chose the possibility of dying with her rather than lose her. I think they chose to run Squab before Still to take the sting out of it, but that is in fact where Kate is...... looking for better options. Probably they had a few previewers of Squab say WTF!! and decided to mollify us by writing Still. The writing is pretty strange this season, makes Kate very opportunistic and then tries to make us like it.

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