Castle Season 5 Report Card: A-

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With a long, hot summer looming ahead, TV Fanatic is going back and grading the best - and worst - of the 2012-2013 season. 

Having submitted our report cards for The Mentalist Season 5 and Once Upon a Time Season 2, we're taking out our proverbial red pen and moving on. It's time to grade this season of Castle.

Did Kate and Rick's romance work for you? Did the season finale leave you yelling at your TV? Check out our report and then tell us what you thought about Castle Season 5.

Caskett Sighting

Best Episode:  "Still"  Yes, it was a clip show but is was the best damn clip show ever! Watching all of the love, laughs, and drama from all five seasons was a treat. Having Castle stand by Kate even as a the bomb ticked down was a bonus. Finally hearing Beckett tell him she loved him and that they were just beginning…sigh. I'll be rewatching this episode all summer long.

Worst Episode:  "Swan Song" While there were some fans that enjoyed this episode's unique mockumentary style, I felt the entire concept fell flat. Watching Castle and Esposito mugging for the cameras while Beckett and Ryan shyly tried to avoid them worked…for about the first ten minutes. Then it quickly became an annoying gimmick and I found myself wishing it would all be over.

Biggest Improvement:  Caskett. After four long seasons of its audience wishing, hoping, and begging, the show finally made our dynamic duo an official couple.  Nothing was better than watching these two smile at one another over their coffees…while in bed. It's about damn time.

Most Frustrating Moment:  Plenty, I'm afraid. The most annoying thing about this show is that these two incredibly intelligent, likable characters rarely talk to one another.  At times it feels as though every important conversation gets interrupted never to be finished. Like in "After Hours" when Castle begins to address Kate's concerns about them being so different only to be cut off.  And did anyone else have their fingers crossed during "Significant Others" hoping that Kate would find out that Meredith cheated on Castle during their marriage?  It's the missed opportunities on Castle that make me crazy.

Character We Saw in a Whole New Light:  Detective Kevin Ryan. Yes, Ryan has always been adorable and good at his job. We love his bromance with Esposito and his relationship with Jenny, but "The Wild Rover" was a revelation.  Who knew Kevin Ryan could be such a bad ass? In one episode he went from sweet sidekick to an undercover cop with a dangerous streak. Seriously hot!

Character We Need to See More Of:  Dr. Lanie Parsh. It's been five seasons. Why don't we know more about this sassy, sexy lady besides she's Kate's best friend and Esposito's on again/off again booty call?  Lanie Parish is far too dynamic to be kept in the background.

Hopes for 2013:

  • Less Fear:  Or at least have them deal with their fears together. I have loved Kate Beckett since Castle's season one premiere but even I found her frustrating over the last few episodes. Deep down, Kate is afraid that the moment she's all in, Castle will get bored and leave. And Castle has kept things status quo all season because he's terrified that if he pushes for more he'll scare her off. I get it…but that doesn't make it fun to watch.  No matter what the answer is to the proposal at the end of "Watershed" I'm hoping it pushes these two to open up and face their fears…together.
  • More Down Time:  Yes, I know Castle is a crime procedural but to be honest, I don't tune in for the murder of the week. It's the characters that keep me coming back for more and the scenes I love the most are the casual scenes outside of the precinct. Let's see the gang hanging out at the Olde Haunt or another poker game at the loft where Martha can flirt with Esposito.  Those type of scenes from season 1 were huge fun and I miss them.
  • More Romance:  There were some episodes where we didn't even see our favorite couple holding hands and more kisses were cut short than completed.  Thankfully things picked up over the last few episodes and I hope that's a trend going forward. I'm not asking for sex scenes (although I honestly wouldn't complain) but it's the small, intimate moments that make this show and this couple such a joy to watch.

Castle Season 5 Report Card:  A-

Now it's YOUR turn Castle fans. Grade the past 24 episodes:

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" The fact that Beckett pushes Vaughn away from the kiss, shows her commitment to Castle."-Marlowe. This is by far the unfairest, and most unrealistic comment I've ever heard. Basic criterion for being in a relationship is 'NOT TO KISS OTHERS'. It doesn't take great commitment. Just requires the least amount of fidelity. Let's face it. Beckett was emotionally and physically( only just) unfaithful to Castle. Marlowe has always been biased towards Beckett's character. If she gets to be angry with him in 5x02, why can't he do the same in TSATQ. I was surprised to see that Castle wasn't cross with her given that she had blasted him in the aftermath of Christina coterra. Horrible dialogues and script. Screenplay was the worst, Most of Vaughn's efforts sounded like cheap pickup lines, as if he was desperate to get into Beckett's pants. He seemed artificial. Infact, the makers of this episode have dared to modify the basic dispositions of the characters. Do you seriously want me to believe that Beckett would kiss a guy after knowing him for only 2 days. And Castle was made to look like a mismatch for Beckett throughout this ep. Morover, all this happening immediately after 5x21-'STILL'. I think the production department needs to buck up fast or else I'll cease watching this series soon.


The writers must have been surprised and had to scramble to write quickly the last three episodes because none of the main charactors was written right specially Beckett's.No one wants their favorite Actor to change ,you expect them to be a certain person and should not change them .The writers should make Castle and Beckett have more love for each other.They are good together. Castle said once ying yang is harmony .Castle and Beckett are ying yang. The two of them complete each other.Therefore they become One.And when you are One there is harmony.People do not change they improve .The writers should improve Castle and Beckett charactor to be more open and accept each other differences.We the fans need love so we can relate to the emotional being of each charactor.


i really loved this season due to the fact that they're together!
very comedic but i need some more suspense.

Tonya b

Then she lied to Castle at least 3 times before she finally said "okay Castle, I'm not going to lie to you." For comparison, Castle forgave(ep22) and Beckett did not(ep2) and Castle apologized profusely(ep2) while Beckett did not at all(ep22.) Now, looking at the closest comparison to Target/Hunt, lets look at Kate's behavior in After the Storm. She left Castle in bed to sneak out, evade Ryan's guards, and go off on her own, putting herself in danger, to go after Bracken. There is no reason that she could not include Castle. None. Period. She was completely selfish in this decision. She didn't care how her decision could affect him. Both comparisons easily show that his lies serve to protect others and hers serve to protect only herself.

Tonya b

Carol, lets be real here. Did Castle "let" the TV reporter get all over him or did he try everything short of physical violence to stop her? And I don't believe he smiled about it anywhere. He did, however, spend a great deal of time apologizing to her. Now, in Target/Hunt, his one and ONLY intention for lying was to get to Paris as fast as possible to find his daughter. Telling his mom or Beckett would have delayed or even stopped his plans. He did what a loving father would do, period! Now Beckett, she knew in advance that Vaughn was attracted to her, but she put herself into the position to get into trouble anyway. She drank alcohol, she let him get in her face, she even closed her eyes and leaned in for the kiss briefly.


1st of all Castle let reporter broad get all over him kisses and boobs into face and then smiled about it at the end of cloudy with a chance of murder when she told him about it .Then in target and hunt he lied to her and said he was going home to be with his mother when he found out about his daughter being in Paris and then went to Paris without telling her .It's not just Beckett who lies he does pretty good to so lets not portray Castle as an innocent person in this their both to blame for not being able to talk to each other about important issues in their lives .I hope Beckett says yes to his proposal but not until they can communicate to each other their concerns and fears about each other work things out and finally start being able to talk to one another about everything in there past and present they want to know about each other .Oh yah 1 more thing lets hope they start showing a lot more public affection to each other then they have(hugs kisses when they see each other hand holding .Hope season 6 is a lot better relationship wise than 5 was.SAY YES BECKETT !!!!


I give the season a C. It started off really well and had a couple really strong eps, but the whole left me disappointed. It seemed to put a lot of focus on the relationship without really showing anything important. Also, two of my favorite characters seemed to disappear in Martha and Lanie. Hopefully they have more to do next season.


hr- right on!!! I signed you up to TSTQ Haters- hope that's ok.


I agree with the posts that say TSATQ was terrible and Bigfoot was just dumb! It was like those writers had never seen the show and had no idea about the characters. I suggest before season 6 the writers sit down and watch STILL. It is a wonderful summary of Caskett. When I was on vacation in Sonoma I found a plaque in a store that said, " Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life a fairy tale happens." I'm ready for a Caskett fairy tale--perhaps a Christmas wedding--Kate gorgeous, Castle nervous, surrounded by family and friends. Who says a crime fighting duo can't be husband and wife???


We now know why the writers took so long to get them together. They don’t know how to develop a love relationship that approximates real life. They ran out of themes after a little over ½ of Season5. It would appear that Marlowe has thrown away any credibility for the storyline after almost five years. The viewers have been waiting for these two to fight crime together as a married couple. The last 3 episodes were so bad. The Beckett character changed for no good reason. Castle portrayed as immature and silly. If they don’t fix it fast in Season6, the show will lose a large portion of long time viewers.

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