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Loved this episode. The case was interesting because they knew they had a case before the person even got taken only because there unsub sticks to a pattern and they knew he would be taking someone again. When JJ made her promise to catch the guy I just thought you shouldn't of done that cops aren't supposed to do that because they can't be sure to keep that kind of promise. Tara didn't want to help the team until she saw the parents asking for help. I think the team got luck in finding out the guy had a dog then finding the rigt dog park and finding people who actually knew him then finding the guy through veterinary records that's not the way they usually find there unsub so I think part of it was luck because if Tara hadn't remembered the dog then I don't think they would of found they guy. I can't wait till the next episode.


Didn't Beth and Hotch break up when she moved to NY for her job?


As much as I hate to see children in danger (that scene where the Unsub was holding the baby over the scalding hot water just killed me)I really liked this episode. It was JJ-centric and she always adds a human touch to any episode. I'm thrilled that Beth has no been shown or mentioned. I love Bellamy Young and think she is beyond fabulous as Mellie on Scandal; but she's a wet washcloth on CM. She has no chemistry with Thomas Gibson. If the writers insist on boring us with a love interest for Hotch, at least bring in someone who plays well off of Thomas Gibson. Unfortunately, I understand that Beth will be back for the finale on May 22. Maybe the Replicator will do us all a favor and take her out. It will be hard on our beloved Hotch, but maybe he can finally find someone worthy of him.


Great episode! I really hope JJ and Garcia renews their contracts and the show comes back for season 9. Season 8 has been so much better than season 6 and 7. CBS needs to pay AJ Cook and K.Vangsness the same as their male stars. They are so worth it!


Loved this ep. So happy to see Henry and Will back...and that last scene between them? Wow haha ;)Im a little scared about what you said about the whole 'What if JJ doesnt make it back this time?' That freaked me out and now im a little worried. Shes my fave on the show.

Aas for beth, at least we'll see her in the finale as well as Jacka and Hotch's brother :) Hotch needs some love


As always, a most worthwhile show. I never like to see dogs being used as an evil weapon as the Rottweiler was, but as his owner was evil that was inevitable. Should have put the dog down too. The nanny was far more evil than in a hurry, she hated those kids, ignored them, physically abused them and didn't anyone notice the steam coming from the bath water? Way too hot, another form of torture. Which the unsub also used to torture.

I would love to have Beth (or another interesting, kind, funny woman who can make Hotch smile) back on the show. Often mentioned there should be more of Will and now Henry, missed Jack lately, too. The horrors of the show need to be a bit more balanced with the personal relationships. Those are what keep everyone sane after dealing with often ghastly nature of their job.


good episode


beth is mellie on scandal now

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