Elementary Review: Joan Watson, Heroine

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"The Women; Heroine" was hands down, the best episode of Elementary Season 1, if not the best finale I have seen this season on television. It featured all of the twists and endings that season enders should possess.

If there was a way I could rate this a 10 out 5, I would. I am just so completely satisfied with this finale and with this whole season. What a joy it has been to have been apart of it and to share it all with TV Fanatic.

Moriarty's Crosshairs

Last week, we were taken aback by the the major plot twist that Irene Adler is indeed alive. How could the possibly top such a reveal? Easy:

Irene Adler is indeed Moriarty.

My jaw is still in pain from hitting the floor so hard. The fact that Moriarty used Irene Adler against Sherlock to break his heart, put him into a drug stint, force him to relocate and basically break him to his very core it blows my mind!

When it was announced that Arnold Vosloo was guest starring I figured that he was going to be Moriarty. Absolutely not. He was just some patsy, a pawn in Moriarty's game.

When Moriarty was confessing to Sherlock that he was a game she was always going to win, I knew that in my heart the person that was going to beat her at her own game was Watson. Man, did I love being right. If Joan had business cards the title would read, "Joan Watson, Heroine" - I'm so overjoyed at the payoff of her character in this finale. This whole season we've been building up with Watson, she's slowly been learning and finding the necessary tools. Lo and behold she was the key component to bring Moriarty to justice.

The best part for me tonight was the fact that Sherlock confessed that Watson was the one who solved Moriarty. The one who hatched a plan to fake an overdose so that she would fall for it. I am such a Joan Watson fangirl.

Then Sherlock named a bee after her! I am dead. Seriously, I cannot wait for season two.

It seems inevitable that Moriarty will return because, let's all take a moment to be real honest, she was a badass and incredibly terrifying. She is intelligent and has the resources to find a way out. I think I like the character of Moriarty more because she does indeed love Sherlock, not the normal kind of love, but the kind that fascinates you.

Lastly, I just want to say that Johnny Lee Miller is the perfect Holmes and Lucy Liu is the ideal Watson. Until next season...


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The season finale was FANTASTIC. What i loved most about it was in the end, it was a tragic love story. Moriarty, inspite if being a criminal mastermind, came to visit sherlock when he was in the hospital. Both of them had fallen for each other. I love the bond that he and watson share, but for me Irene/Moriarty will always be the women.
I found on thing quite surprising though. Sherlock was deeply in love with Irene/M, to an extend that he was willing to sacrifice all his principles and murder a man he felt was responsible for her death. After finding about her true identity, I didnt believe how quickly sherlock was able to get past that. Wasn't he tempted even a bit to run away with her, when she offered?
Nevertheless, Natalie Dormer and JLM didnt a fantastic job. MORIARTY MUST RETURN.


Have watched so many of my recorded episodes that Sherlock & Watson are becoming part of our family. Final episode gripping and with an ending
that was just what we all hoped for. Thanks to the writers for not keeping us in suspense as to the fate of the characters. Perhaps the writers for Elementary could get together with Mentalist writers and finally find RED JOHN!! Three cheers for Elementary looking forward to next season.


Thank you Jase for noticing the similarity btw natalie dormer & katheryn winnick! I had to look up who played Booth's girlfriend to find out they weren't the same actress. Even their voices sounded similar to each other. Yes Elementary is fantastic! Worth watching every week! Loved the finale and the big reveal! It's worth it every time just to hear the intelligent dialogue! Witty, smart and totally entertaining, I can hardly wait for season 2!
Maybe they could bring in katheryn winnick and Irene/Moriarty could have a twin......hmmmm, but would she be good or evil?




Elementary is a generally a fun series with an excellent cast. Great when they weaned Watson off the sober sister tedium and she became a stand alone character. Moriarty as a woman was totally predictable and the only way Sherlock`s lost love could have continued to be a character. How could she and Watson co-exist for Sherlock`s attention? So, they either killed off his love or she had to be `Moriarty`. Plus Watson is a woman so let`s be modern. Moriarty as woman would have been more credible if she had been a bit older-like at least 10 years. I mean how old was she when she was with Sherlock in London? Early 20s and already a criminal mastermind?


I agree with this review. I thought the finale was brilliant! Great twist with Irene as Moriarty and the great character development of both Watson and Sherlock. I loved it. I can't believe that according to Wikipedia, the finale was the lowest rating episodes of the season. Hopefully, that was just wikipedia being funky and not true. Otherwise, tons of people missed a wonderfully awesome finale.


@ Mudcat, Personally I felt like Watson "diagnosed" Moriarty by understanding her commitment to the game and that she would need to see Sherlock broken--either to feel a sense of victory or because she truly did have feelings for him. There's been a lot of talk about the moles she had removed. To me, that was simply a clever device for Sherlock to put two & two together. He loved this woman blindly and it took the removal of something he loved (her constellation birthmark) for him to see her. Watson saw it more clearly, more easily than he did.


Can someone please explain to me exactly what Watson deduced about Moriarity? What did she figure out? Maybe I'm being dense, but I'm not at all clear on that. Great series, though, and fantastic finale. This is the role of a lifetime for Lucy Liu.


Absolutely loved this season and hope there will be more to come. Really enjoyed Sherlock and Watson's cemestry. Hated to see Sherlock get hurt so bad by Moriarty but I felt Watson would help save him. Fantastic!

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You named a bee after me?


[To Sherlock] You see people like puzzles, I see them as games. You're a game that I will always win.