Game of Thrones Review: Grin and Bear It

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Winter is coming to the realm, but there were already plenty of cold feet this week on "The Bear and the Maiden Fair."

Tyrion tried to elicit some empathy from Bronn, but he nor many other men I imagine would really sit brooding over having to marry Sansa Stark. Sansa, meanwhile, shared her own reservations about the wedding with Margaery.

Ideally, the biggest worry Sansa should have would be what dress to wear on her big day. Sadly, her mind was filled with the prospects of having to not only have relations with Tyrion, but also giving birth to his potentially large-headed children.

Brienne in Trouble

Elsewhere, Robb Stark was also having difficulty keeping his head clear, what with his naked queen posing as a most stunning distraction. 

How am I supposed to sit here planning a war, when you're over there looking like that? | permalink

Talisa has Robb wrapped around her little finger, something Catelyn Stark seemed very wary of. I think it is safe to assume that letter Talisa was writing in Valyrian was not for her mother. During that scene, I recalled her suspicious letter writing in Game of Thrones Season 2 as well. Any hope Catelyn may have about her son losing interest in the Volantis native will quickly go out the window when news of her pregnancy is made known.

My feelings of uneasiness were further stoked when just as Robb rolled back on top of his pregnant queen, a loud clap of thunder was heard when we cut away to another scene. I don't think it was a coincidence.

With all Melisandre's talk of king's blood and offspring, not to mention her fluency in High Valyrian, I wonder if she and Talisa might be involved in some way. While the armies of the seven kingdoms fight to see who should sit on the throne presently, Melisandre has seemed more concerned with shoring up who will be around to take control of it years from now. 

There is so much talk of who the one true king should be, but from a numbers standpoint - and if plain intimidation is worth anything - Dany has got to be the frontrunner to sit on the high seat some day. I loved how Missandei has added "Breaker of Chains" to go along with "Mother of Dragons" when introducing Khaleesi. Pretty soon she'll have more nicknames than Apollo Creed. She is learning how to be a queen on the fly, but doing so admirably and with some serious savvy. That's her gold, people.

We caught up with Bran and company again this week, who are sort of the show's version of The Island of Misfit Toys. Although who wouldn't want a Hodor for Christmas?

I found it interesting when Bran hinted at how perhaps his place in life is actually north of the wall, despite Osha's story about her man being turned by the White Walkers. 

Meanwhile, Jamie set off to return to his rightful place at his father's side. He has been acting less and less like a Lannister ever since he lost his hand and his heading back to rescue Brienne was the most epic example of such. Earlier in the episode he asked what good an arm is without a hand? His lost hand was his sword hand. His feats with which were very much his identity. When push came to shove, though, what he usually threw around to protect himself was his father's name and money. For the first time Jamie was a real man of action, without a sword or pecuniary promises. 

Arya also went with her gut and fled from the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, she ended up in the clutches of The Hound. Even he is smart enough to not kill her as she is a great bargaining chip, however. I foresee Arya paying some tribute to her one true god very soon and doing so in blood. 

One of my favorite moments of the episode had to be Ygritte's adorable naivete, as she marveled at what was just a simple windmill. 

Ygritte: Is that a palace?
Jon Snow: It's a windmill.
Ygritte: Windmill... | permalink

The truth about her man Jon Snow is weighing on her, which is why perhaps she never missed a moment to embrace him. They are the best couple on the show, but their love is in a precarious spot at this point.

Of course, no one is in a rougher place than Theon. Paul Sheldon from Misery had is easy compared to this poor guy. What a cold blooded trick Ramsay played on him, what with the whole T&A tease. "You want a lick? Psych!"  It didn't look like Theon was going to be feeling those blue balls for long did it? 

Relationships certainly took center stage this week. Those like Tyrion and Sansa's, while arranged, might be the most honest of all as there seemed to be many a subversive plot brewing. What did you think? 


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Both in the books and in the tv series I like Tywin Lannister the best. His character is a perfect example of an alpha male. The actor plays the role wonderfully. Great casting choice creators.


I think its funny that you - the reviewer - bring up Talisa's letter writing as suspicious. I kinda remember you indicating you haven't read the books and probably don't frequent most of the fansites. But Talisa is a huge source of speculation in regards to her being a spy. Jeyne (Robb's wife in the books) was not but everything about Talisa seems 'off' this season. And there is a video where it speculates that she is in leagues with Tywin Lannister as a mish-mash of a couple of book characters including Robb's wife.


@ Mia : I know right ! Talisa and the character in the book are like totally different ! Don know why the writers did that... @Chris : happens sometimes, like me with wikipedia lol ! I have not read the books and yet I know things...


At this rate, season 3 should end at the same place the third book ends, maybe just a bit beyond. But now I am really wondering what is going to happen. Talisa? Very different from the character in the books (also by another name). Gendry with Melisandre? Shireen with Davos? Ygritte knows that Jon is still a Crow but doesn't care?


@Chris O'Hara
They make quite a point about talking about Theon's endowments, and the implications were quite strong about severing that, though the shape of that blade could be seen as a tool of division for the retainer.
The guy is seriously suffering.

C f ohara

@Emy, you're right we have not learned the name of Theon's torturer, my bad. I was looking at a list of actors on IMDB and he was there and his name was listed. So a bit premature on my part. Sorry. @jameschan, I hear what you are saying. I just assumed they were going to take the beans along with the frank based on how gnarly that knife looked.


NOW, Jamie, now THAT man has got me good ! His character has grown sooo much ! What he did for Brienne, just WOW ! It had my blood pumping ! That bear, phew ! I don't think anything is going to happen between them, but I would bet on a great friendship !
On a side note : I REALLY love Dany's new theme, very...something lol, can't put it into words !
Jon Snow...careful not to get burned. Ygritte and him are one of a kind couple...but will it last... Jon Snow is destined to great things...will she be a part of it? I did find interesting that the bird guy lol, wanted her...would explain a lot. Anyways, Ygritte's joke about the drum boys, had me laughing !
Great episode, hope they keep that up until the season finale !


Jlo : I agree, I LOVED how Tywin intimidated that little piece of garbage ! It was sooo nice, but I also noticed that Tywin didn't like that kid telling him what to do. He had to contain himself lol it's just getting embarrassing now... And Chris, when did the torturer ever said his name??? Ramsay??? I don't think he did... Anyways, I REALLY hope they don't show them balls being cut off !
Dany, girl, I see you on that Iron Throne ! That girl is getting the hang of it now ! Loved how she dealt with the whole situation ! The nicknames are funny though, VERY long !
Sansa girl you should worry about something else ! The man is good ! SHowed her nothing but respect ! the books go one way, the show goes another, but I still wanna see what is in the books !
Robb and Talisa were interesting... the soon to come wedding will be even more interesting !
The Stark kids... Arya with the Hound and Bran and bro at large, for the latter I need to see SOMETHING interesting ! Come on !
NOW, Jamie, now THAT man has got me good ! His character has grown sooo much ! What he did for Brienne, just WOW ! It had my blood pumping ! That bear, phew ! I don't think anything is going to happen between them, but I would bet on a great friendship !


I don't think it's 'feeling those blue balls' Theon had to worry about, it is his continued connection with lil' Theon Johnson.


I meant Talisa might be the Red Witch's daughter in this version, although I do not believe that was the case in the book. This would be an interesting grand strategy. Mell killed one king, her duaghter weakens another and now she may be gunning for Joff. It all depends on how faithful the show is to the book. One thing that was not mentioned in this episode was that Joffrey must have been counciled by Varis. Like he warned Tyrion last season Varis must have warned the king about Dany. That is how Joff learned about Dany and the Dragons. It seems that both littlefinger and varus must be trying to use Joffrey even though that is their job, advising the king. Ironically, Joffrey is right to be afraid.

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How am I supposed to sit here planning a war, when you're over there looking like that?

Robb Stark

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