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Glee has faced some challenges this season. It had to adapt to a split-format for story telling, following part of the cast to New York while introducing new characters in Lima and furthering the stories of the characters who remained after graduation. 

In a lot of ways Glee Season 4 had bitten off more than it could chew. Tonight was indicative of the show's struggle to devote adequate attention to all its myriad characters.

For a finale, "All or Nothing" left me feeling kind of odd and unsettled, but I guess when a show has already been renewed for two seasons, that's its prerogative. 

Regionals Photo

Brittany's early admission to MIT is perhaps the most oddball way to cover up her pregnancy that Ryan and Co. could have thought up. With all the available choices for writing her off the show, this particular route was just over the top. 

But this is Glee. And over the top is kind of its thing. So I guess we'll run with the notion that Brittany's tickly brain is actually her thinking up number sequences that even the most sophisticated minds can't decipher.

I mean, why not?

And yet, despite the silliness of the early admission, the diva outburst, and the slightly crazy burning of the Cheerios uniform, I'm really, really sad we're losing Brittany. Her monologue about glee club being where she first began to believe in herself sent me straight back to high school and drama club and finding my people. (To read her monologue and other lines from tonight's episode, visit the Glee quotes page!)

With that speech, she reminded us how this group began. How this ragtag bunch of high school misfits came together and formed something amazing. How everyone finds his or her place there. It was truly one of the highlights of the episode. 

And it led us directly into the main event: Regionals.

To be honest, I was underwhelmed with Jessica Sanchez' highly touted "guest role" on the show. Sure, she sang the pants off of her songs, but the build-up leading into tonight seemed like she would do more.

Oh well. McKinley was meant to win anyway.

Their songs tonight were fantastic. Featuring the guys in "Hall of Fame" and the girls on "I Love It," songs were chosen that showcased the various vocal talents hidden in the cast. the original song "All or Nothing" was also, well, original. And catchy. Certainly better than the remix of "Loser Like Me" from a few weeks back. 

Tonight also saw the reveal of Ryder's Catfish, and I have to say, I'm both surprised and not surprised. When Marley first stood up and then Jake stood up to defend her, I felt like I'd been punk'd.

Why on earth had we watched her choose Jake only to have her do this to Ryder? Way to make us hate the heroine, Ryan!

But then to find that she was covering for Wade/Unique was just a kind of pure moment for Marley. She wants to save people. To help them despite great personal cost. 

I don't know that I like that the Catfish was Wade/Unique, but I thought Alex Newell did a great job with the very emotional confession. Living the life that Wade/Unique lives makes it hard to make connections with other people. And that's really all anyone is seeking, right? Connection?

Ryder's reaction was appropriate given the circumstances, but I can't see Ryan and Co. cutting such a talent loose after this season. We'll see and hear more about the Wade/Unique-Ryder Catfish story in Glee season 5. Their look on stage after winning was enough to tell us that we may have gotten the reveal tonight but the story is far from over. 

The Catfish story isn't the only loose end we were left with tonight. Blaine's proposal to Kurt was interrupted by the Wemma wedding.

Finally, these two are married. In a place that is special to them and surrounded by the people they love. Which means a choir room full of high school students. Which is weird. But not as weird as Brittany getting into MIT? Maybe?

Anyway, those two are finally hitched. Blaine is holding on to a ring which he intends to give to Kurt as a grand gesture to win back his one true love. It's bold. And I don't think it will work. 

Truthfully, the "Blaine wants to propose" bit feels like yet another PSA and since Glee has done a number of these, their potency is weakened with every new message. I'm not saying that this one in particular isn't valid or worthy of representation because it certainly is, but at best, Glee hits somewhere in the middle with its ability to leave the viewers with meaningful takeaways.

Regardless as to the PSA-status of the proposal, I expect Kurt to turn him down in Glee season 5, but at some point before the series ends they'll end up in New York together. I'm a firm believer that just as Rachel and Finn are end game, so are Blaine and Kurt. Anything else might leave me a little sad.

Speaking of New York, Rachel sang for the role of Fanny Brice, but in yet another cliffhanger, we have no idea if she got the part. My guess is yes because how could anyone top that performance? It was perfect.

What did you think of "All or Nothing?" Were you surprised by the Wemma wedding? By the reveal of Wade/Unique as Ryder's Catfish?


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What a bummer. As a Wemma fan I am used to being shafted but this was just too much. I figured the wedding was going to happen last night but as time when on and it got later and later and I thought surely this isn't going to happen? But of course it did, 4 minutes til the end of the episode. I will still watch because I love Wemma but I sure do not care about this show like I used to. :(
Jayma being downgraded to a guest star this season was heartbreaking.


I usually try to stay positive about Glee but sadly I was very disappointed with this episode. It didn't feel much like a Season Finale at all! The focus was completely off balance. The writers really need to move their attention back to the originals, especially those in New York. It felt a lot like they had planned more for Rachel and the New York storyline but had to cut it all out due to Cory's absence - which I understand. But why not replace it with another story for the New York side instead of just filling it with boring stories about the newbies? What about Rachel's reaction before and after the audition? Kurt calling to see how it went?
I will watch Season 5 because I love Glee but they really need readjust their focus!


Worst episode/finale, EVER. I really disappointed on season 4, it's sucked in so many different levels. The only great thing I'll remember of this season is Rachel singing Don't Stop Believing on her audition.


Thank Grilled Cheeses the train wreck that is S4 is over...


I really hope they're not going to make Ryder and Wade/Unique a thing.
I all about the gay vibe, really I am, my own personal life included.. but this is too much. they have to let this go.. not every story has to have a gay twist to it..
As for everything else - a usual disappointment..


I think this was a badly written episode to say the least. I actually quite like the new characters and I really want Ryder and Kitty to happen but they didn't get any screen time, although they were standing next to each other in like every song (I'm sad I know). Lack of Finn was due to Cory being in rehab when they were filming, so not much they could do there. That one isn't really Ryan Murphy's fault. Brittany's acceptance to MIT was ridiculous, as was the Will/Emma wedding. Also why do they keep drawing out storylines?! Both the Catfish and the Funny Girl stories have been building towards the finale, and both should have been resolved. I was overall, very disappointed in this season.


This season finale just sucked! It would have worked as a mid-season episode that was continued a week later, but what the writers think are cliffhangers actuallly just looked like someone forgot to finish writing the scenes. The Klaine storyline has been poorly written almost all season, with the focus being solely on Blaine and Kurt barely ever getting to say anything - certainly nothing of substance! It's hard to believe that in the 18 episodes since Blaine cheated and they broke up these boys haven't been allowed to have even a single serious conversation about what happened. We also don't really know where Kurt is at emotionally right now, mainly because the writers refuse to write scenes for him. I need to see Kurt's side of the story, and I need for him and Blaine to have an actual mature heart-to-heart before they get back together - but with these writers I'm afraid all we're going to get is an unsatisfying rush job. Also, why is it that Kurt has barely gotten any screentime all season? Chris Colfer is one of the most talented actors/singers on the show, and yet he didn't get a single good storyline all season, and in most of the scenes he got he was little more than a prop to other characters. Kurt deserves much better than that! I'll stick around for now, but if the first 1-2 episodes of season 5 don't make up for this mess they've left us with then I don't know if I'll be able to keep watching Glee.


crap story..its one of the worst episode of glee in my list..the only scene i liked here was rachel's auditions. the rest was super worst.. i just hope it was jake was the catfish not unique. so another gay story on season 5 if ryder will stay on glee club?


Murphy spent so much time this season tackling any & every possible "hot topic" that the season as a whole was just sh!t. There was WAY too much going on in every episode that nothing really came together. For the most part, I still enjoyed the music (especially songs w/the original cast), but goodness, the storylines were horrible.


Rachel's performance was great, so I'm bummed about waiting a whole 3 months to see if she gets the part or not! I can't be on board with will and Emma's wedding. Some of the most important people weren't even there… like Finn and Rachel. It would have been a lot more meaningful if the whole original gang was there. Brittany had me tearing up tonight. Is she leaving the show for good? Even though the MIT thing is a little far fetched, the way she played it all was pretty fantastic, from her over the top diva behavior to her heartfelt monologue at the end. Jessica sanchez's performance was a huge waste of time. I'm glad it didn't go on longer than it needed to. I knew the minute marley stood up she was covering for Unique. I mean, the camera panned to unique immediately after that. I really hope Ryder comes back next season. And I hope they incorporate the originals more like Quinn, puck, mike, and even more Santana.

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