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Kevin Mckidd did a good job again,
I love Owen and Cristina stay together and Ethan is cute, the storyline is better than Al/Jo and April/Jason


A really good EPISODE! This close to the Final it Launches things in so many directions.
-I WILL START A TWITTER PETITION "BRING HILARIE BURTON TO GREY'S ANATOMY". She was tremendous. A long time has passed since a new character shake up the story so much. A shame she didn't interact with other characters. Or she could get a SPIN OFF! *_* Come on SHONDA!
-Bailey it was an awkward thing, an awkward story all over. Mistakes happen and yes Bailey is always over EMOTIONAL and we love it, but it seems for me like na exit strategy for her. AND I DON'T WANT THAT.
-Owen and Xtina. Ohhh hopefully it will be over soon. they are dragging this out to long.
-Jo and Alex i love it. he been so smitten really nice and so honest. and making the new CW star a women hitter not the nice way SHONDA!


It was amazing episode again...I think that Christina will agree to have a child at the end.She loves Owen, and if that is what he wants she will give him a child.Jackson and the,no,no!!!That is just wrong, but he will come to his senses eventually. Alex and Jo - we've seen that coming. It was just a matter of time. And Bailey???Have no comment there?It seemed she is loosing her mind, which is awful, seeing her in that situation.After all she is the heart of the hospital.And shocking finale, seriously???Again???When are they going to be happy???


Shonda stated that the season finale of season 9 would not be catastrophic (not going to be a catastrophe). Shocking I can deal with...catastrophe not so much.


and yet ANOTHER SHOCKING SEASON FINALE of ga, seriously???
lets have a happy ending for once!!!


My comments have been "approved" for moderation and haven't shown up on this site in weeks so this is a long shot.. but chest peckwell I will kick your butt. I felt pretty meh over this episode until the last 5 minutes..

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