Grey's Anatomy Review: Ready or Not

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This week's penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy hit the ground running to kick off a two-part finale with "Readiness Is All."

Born and raised in Oklahoma and now living in Texas, I’ve experienced my fair share of massive weather disasters. From the craziest of storms, tornadoes and even hurricanes, I'm very familiar with preparing for Mother Nature – or at least trying to anyway.

No amount of preparation can ever be enough. I’m sure we’ll soon see that even with overstocking hospital supplies, getting ready for double capacity, having hardcopies of charts ready and much more... it all won’t be enough. It’s going to be CRAZY next week.

Meredith and Cristina Photograph

So, what went down on the first episode of the two-part finale?

Well, we picked up right where we left off last week with Alex comforting a battered Jo. Alex brought in Jason, who was severely beaten up. I felt like it was a little too obvious that we were supposed to believe that Alex was responsible... and then it felt a bit too predictable that it was Jo all along.

I’ve been feverishly waiting for Jalex to happen, but I’m not so sure I’m digging how they’re coming together now. At least he finally basically admitted he loved her. By the way, do you agree with Alex’s blackmailing/threatening of Jason? Was Derek right in that Alex was entirely wrong for what he did?

Meanwhile, I can’t believe that Arizona went beyond flirting with Peyton Lauren. What’s going to happen to Calzona?!? Also, it doesn’t seem like Cristina and Owen are ready to come to terms with their situation. Owen clearly can’t let go of wanting to be a dad, and with Ethan gone now, I’m thinking he’s going to realize it’s all more than just a want. Is it only a matter of time for both of these couples?

As a huge fan of flash mob proposals, I thought that Matthew’s gesture was just so ridiculously made for April. And did you catch that look on Jackson's face? I’m rooting for Matthew while my gut feeling tells me that he’s just standing in Japril’s way.

Lastly, how scary was Meredith’s tumble down the stairs? I figured she’d be okay, but it was still kind of terrifying. Her water broke and hopefully all will be well with the McBaby.

Other Thoughts

  • I’m so glad that Webber totally called Bailey out on her stubbornness. Even more importantly, she’s finally heading back to the O.R.
  • Cristina yelling, “No! Mousey! No! Mousey!” was kind of hilarious. Side note: McDreamy is right. Brooks is very weird.
  • My favorite moments are still with just Alex, Cristina and Meredith. They’re always there for each other. This matters so much still.
  • There were many interesting medical cases this week, but I felt like all of the drama amongst the doctors took center stage. It was hard to care too much about anything else.
  • I actually didn’t realize this was the second-to-last episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 until tonight. This season seriously flew by!

If tonight’s installment was any indication of how adrenaline-rushing next week’s finale will be, I think it’s safe to believe that we’re in for yet another season finale to remember. I can’t wait!

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your predictions for next week’s season finale. Also, don’t forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.


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THE FLASHMOB PROPOSAL was my really surprised me... for a change shonda gave us a 'good surprise' and it tugs for a while i just can't help squicking on how sweet the gesture is....I really hope April the happiness she wanted...she maybe annoying but she's...she's...ok fine she's just April. AND OF COURSE MEREDITH-ALEX-CHRISTINA SCENE almost made me cry it's just from being dark and twisted-evilspawn-robot....they became family. meredith didn't gave up on Alex, Arizona believed in Alex, Christina is Christina.... Webber was right "when it comes to Bailey...'you just gotta rip off the bandage'"

Sarah silva

I am glad Ethan's dad woke up, if for nothing else that it keeps Crowen together a bit longer, however they will break up soon as this was what Owen needed to realized he 100% wants a kid.

Sarah silva

Dear Arizona, just because a pretty single lady tells you it is okay to be reckless does not mean you should cheat on your wife!
I no longer like Arizona and I feel bad for Callie, Callie has been nothing but supportive, and she always tells Arizona how hot she thinks she is and wants to be intimate with her.
The whole Jo and Jason situation was a hard one, we are led to believe that he attacked her and she was just defending herself and I really hope that was the case, you can tell she was beat up too but he was in worse shape. I did not like Jason but I really hope it was a one time thing for Jo, but like Alex said if it was him he would have killed Jason.
It looks like Mer and baby will be fine.
I can not stand April but the whole proposal was cute and Jackson looks genuinely happy for her.
I am glad that the old Bailey is finally back and now she has Ross on her service.
I am glad Ethan's dad woke up, if for nothing else that it keeps Crowen together a bit longer, however they will break up soon as this was what Owen needed to realized he 100% wants a kid.


Grey's anatomy


Liked the episode. I like April and wish she and Jackson would get back together. I would like him to whisk her off her feet and tell her how much he loves her. I just know they belong together! As do Alex and Jo and Christina and Owen. Can't they just live happily ever after and leave the drama to the patients? And, please don't let anyone bad happen to Mer, McDreamy or their baby.


@brian, Callie did cheat on Erica. With Sloan. Remember the whole "Im going to teach you the Sloan method"? Mark even pointed it out to Callie that she was cheating and that is when Called came clean with Erica. She has not cheated on AZ though.


Why are so many people saying Callie cheated in the past? When did this happen? When she slept with Mark the first time she and George were no longer a couple. She was single when she was Alex..She didn't cheat on Erica and when she was impregnated by Mark, she and Arizona were no longer a couple. So again, when did she cheat?


You remember the cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Pete Puma and Bugs asks Pete how many lumps does he want in his tea and Pete responds "A whole lotta lumps" and then Bugs whacks Pete upside the head with a mallet multiple times. Well, Greys last night was Bugs Bunny and I was Pete Puma because that's how I feel, like someone whacked me upside the head with a big mallet. And still one more episode to go. This is going to be a long week


...some tension between them, they were boring me. Arizona/Lauren had a lot of chemistry even though it was a couple of scenes.
It would be great if Jason George would stay on the show. He makes a great team for the doctors. All in all it was a great episode, hope next week's the same


I thought this episode was great. I loved Alex/Cristina/Mer scenes after 9 years and what they've been through. Cristina is still awesome and funny. I hate how Owen takes it out on her only. Douche should just leave her.
Loved how Webber stood up to Bailey it was kind of annoying to see that way.
The April and paramedic was really surprising it was nice though I am not a big fan of April but I am rooting for them. I can care less about Jackson I always thought he was useless. He doesn't seem interested at all in April, though you can tell something's up with her.
People give Arizona a break I think I am the only one here that doesn't mind her cheating. Everyone in this show cheats (Mark, Callie, Alex, Izzie, George, Lexie) just because she was "the good man in the storm" doesn't mean she's a saint, plus how many times did she put up with Callie's crap. Or is it because she's gay and has a family? Whatever I like the tension that gonna bring between Calzona they needed some tension cause they were boring me. It was a couple of scenes but there was a lot of chemistry between Arizona/Lauren.
It would be great if Jason George decided to stay on the show and transfer his internship to Seattle. Hope next week's episode is as good.

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