Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Alex Steps Up

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A major storm is brewing on tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy, in more ways than one.

In a sneak peek from "Readiness is All," Alex comforts a battered Jo after a shocking altercation that apparently turned violent, and then abruptly leaves, presumably to confront her attacker.

Meanwhile, Arizona is living on the edge by getting her flirt on, and Shane confides in Bailey - who has him filing records - that he feels he's being blackballed after what happened with Derek.

Finally, Owen continues to struggle with his emotions regarding Ethan - and what Cristina told his family regarding his father's condition. How do you think things will turn out with the boy?

Watch four scenes from the penultimate Grey's Anatomy Season 9 episode:

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Douche is dead. The cliff-hanger will be "Who did it - Jo or Alex?" That is why they are casting a detective.


I hope Jo kicked his ass, but there has to be more to it then they're letting on.
In terms of Arizona's flirting, I understand that her marriage with Callie may need some more excitement, but that's no reason to play around with another woman.
If she cheats on Callie after she has been her good woman in a storm then I'm sorry but Callie has all right to take their daughter and leave. She has been through too much for this shit to happen to her now.


I bet you she beat up douchebag, not Alex. Look at her knuckles. I think she hit back.

Spindae 2o

Hilarie Burton rules. Missed her being all sweet and charming. :D Hopefully she stays longer, and how pissed will Calli be! O.O


The Alex/Jo stuff is the ONLY thing I'm interested in. Different strokes and all that :)


Not at all interested in the Jo Alex love thing. Way to over-the-top. Not creative at all. Want this show to wrap up the existing characters and be realistic.

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