Grimm Review: Unmasked

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"The Walking Dead" was a difficult episode to judge. It’s unfortunate NBC couldn’t work out the scheduling to air this and next Tuesday's installment back to back since so much of hinges on what's coming next.

Nevertheless, this was a step up from last week’s underwhelming episode.

Zombies On The Loose

All of the storylines are coming together in ways that are more exciting than Grimm has been projecting. Renard’s brother, Eric, has taken a detour to Portland, unbeknownst to everyone - and he’s in cahoots with the zombie maker who has shipping containers filled with zombies (Hoarding: Buried Alive!).

Is Eric trying to take over Portland? Or is he just trying to overwhelm and destroy his brother? It’s been a long time coming for Renard and Eric to finally have a face to face. 

Juliette’s encounter with woging the first time went far better than I ever expected, but with a wiped memory of just your boyfriend being exposed to Wesen in the flesh is probably the least of her worries.

This exposure should’ve happened a very long time ago, maybe even a season ago like Nick tried to do, but better late than never. Juliette has became incredibly stale as her story completely stalled for weeks at a time, and her readiness to jump in and learn more about this world Nick and his allies are in doesn’t feel like Juliette as a character because of those actions. It feels like making up for lost time.

Nevertheless, her response and attempts to be at peace with the woging is admirable considering how long it took Hank, and, to some extent, Nick. The scene would never have worked as well as it did without Rosalee and Bud however.

Adalind being caught in the middle of Frau Pech and Stefania can’t be good. And her binding, forcibly signed contract makes me wonder if both Frau Pech and Stefania are working for the royal families. They know how much money the baby can fetch, and the best payout of all might be for the families to do away with the baby (and mother) completely. That might be what the photo-free documents Renard’s mole found are for.


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The zombie guy spews on someone in the preview for next week. I really hope it isn't Juliette. I find her less annoying, this season and, while it might be a bit of a stretch for her to be of actual help to Nick, I still like the idea of them doing something together, finally.


This episode was excellent - and freakin' weird. I mean, even for Grimm, it was WEIRD. But I enjoyed all of it. FINALLY, Juliette knows, and looks like she's okay with it. So far. While this storyline has taken way too long, now that she's in the loop this will hopefully make for much better storytelling. I find myself disinterested in Adalind and mystery of her royal spawn. I don't know why. I think right now it's a little too separate from everything else that's going on. I think the why's and how's need to be integrated into the main stories a little better - or faster, rather.


With what you said, KansasGuest, I was hoping that Juliette would remember all of the gifts that the Eisbibers left for Nick after he helped them in Leave It To Beavers. Even before the cat scratch, Juliette was noticing things that were odd/off/weird. The writers need to re-cover that ground with her with her new knowledge of Wesen and the woge.


Why is this episode difficult to review? It was EXCELLENT! Juliette is finally remembering everything. The zombie army is clearly being formed to split Nick's attention so he can't protect Renard, leaving the Captain vulnerable. (BTW, does Renard have ANY abilities other than the Ugly Face?) And, Adalind is in way over her head, even if she gets her powers back. The one item that rings false is Juliette "helping" Nick. Seriously, she is more of a liability because she is ignorant about what being a Grimm *really* means. Does she know all the people/Wesen he has had to execute in the span of one year? This goes way beyond the scope of normal police work. She & Hank need to talk since they're the only humans that know about this world.


This was the best episode of the whole season. Before I knew it, it was over! Juliette I finally liked this season. Juliette, Monroe, Rosealee and Bud where funny and cute together. I loved that Juliette said she needs to be a help to Nick and not a burden like she has been all season. Finally Renard and his brother. This should have been shown more this season. Poor Adalind she really is powerless without her powers. I don't think she cares about her baby at all. Renard on the phone talking about buying the baby was funny. I really hope this baby is not his. Eric and his father talking about sleeping with a hexinbeast was funny. Boy the royals really don't love their kids do they...just sell them! I wonder if they will show the King next season? Eric and the zombies?! Eric is trying to destroy Renard's canton! Finally the show is getting good too bad it is the final two shows of the season. Thanks bad writers! Nice to see Sgt. Franco and where is Kelly? It looks like Nick could use her help next week with the zombies!


Renard's spy definitely needs to be careful, or he'll end up like all of Renard's other agents in Europe: dead. I think Adalind, too, was finally getting the hint on how much an amateur she actually is in the 'game' between Frau Pech and the Gypsy Queen. Also, regarding Juliette and her experience of the woge: my sister and I discussed this a few times over the past season, and the writers ended up doing almost exactly on what we decided was the best course of action - Rosalee, then Bud, and the Monroe.

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