Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Matter of Trust

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And then there were three.

Alongside some averted terrorist events, fratricide and comingthisclose to finally getting to the bottom of the Doris-Wo Fat situation, "Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)" also saw the team undergo a fundamental change. Due to the loss of Kono.

Gabrielle Is Back

But did it, really? Count me as skeptical that Kono is going to stay on the run for very long or that the actions of tonight's episode will have lasting ramifications.

Don't get me wrong - there were many things to like about the Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 finale, including some zingy Hawaii 5-0 quotes and a truly vicious murder for the crew to solve. But ultimately, the episode was about promising higher stakes than could be delivered.

I blame the Noshimuris. Through a season that gave us plenty of heinous baddies to watch the gang take down, Michael Noshimuri was something of a flat villain. Sure, he was capable of some heartbreaking works of staggering badness and the show worked overtime to give the battling bros all manner of exciting problems over the past few weeks.

But his plot never gained enough momentum to truly drive the show. And, honestly, he just didn't have that much charisma.

Hawaii Five-0 excels at creating the kind of bad guys that you just can't look away from (see: Fat, Wo). But Michael Noshimuri never quite got there for me. Even in his death scene, what should have been shocking violence between two brothers barely registered. And Hawaii Five-0 is certainly a drama that knows how to make the pain register.

However, so little was invested in the Noshimuri plot line - aside from Kono's well-being, of course - that to watch the brothers fight each other was a wasted opportunity. Unfortunately, over the course of the entire season, neither of the Noshimuris were able to summon up the charisma and character that Doris McGarrett can inject in a brief scene at the supermarket.

Yes, I was hoping this season finale would focus on Doris, and maybe take us a little bit closer to unearthing Mrs. McG's mysterious motives. And yes, I'm disappointed that I have to wait til the season premiere (if then!) to have all my questions about America's favorite post-menopausal ex-super-spy answered. Of all the plot threads that wove in and out of this season, Doris's was both the most fun and the most intriguing - and the case with the actual highest stakes. Which is probably why the show saved her story for another day.

I'm not going to offer a send-off to Kono because I don't imagine that we've seen Grace Park wearing body armor over a tank top for the last time (I mean, I hope not! For all of our sakes!).

But I can imagine a Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 where the show's shape has mutated into one that's 3/4 island crime-fighting and 1/4 Kono being an international (fugitive) woman of mystery. I'm not saying I'm lobbying for it, but I could imagine it. Some sumptuous helicopter shots of Shanghai at sunset, perhaps?

However, I'm more inclined to believe that Adam and Kono's jaunt will be coming to a close just around the time of the show's fourth season premiere - not only is it simpler, but having the 5-0 all in one place just makes for better TV. And so knowing that Kono's defection will only probably last the length of a summer hiatus lowered the stakes on that, too.

Not to say that I'm disappointed in the finale; season finales often have the thankless job of trying to tie up every single loose plot thread, come up with a few cliff-hangers to keep fans interested all summer and still make time to fit in a few commercials (my favorite was for Cascade, if you're keeping track - calm down about how clean the inside of your dishwashers are, you maniac-ladies!).

And so, in the grand scheme of season finales, this did a fine, serviceable job. I'm more eager to see next season than reeling from tonight's revelations, but perhaps that was the plan all along.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think Kono will stay away for long? Who could be on the other side of that steel door?


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William e bruce

(Cont) So over all it was good, to me. If our comments and tweets influence the writers which is cool. Then maybe this Summer the writers will be watching and wondering what we think on the Kono/Adam, Catherine/Steve/Billy, Chin/Leilani, Danny/Gabby, Steve/Doris/WoFat/mystery bad guys story lines. Maybe the reason they brought in ex bf, Billy Harrington. Maybe they will watch our feedback this summer and decide, if he does more then sees Catherine. He could become a nuisance, or they could go out a few times and make Steve jealous and he "fights" for her. Or she could go date him and it takes Steve a while to see what he lost. Or and I hope not, Billy could be the start of a ark where he turns out to be bad.

William e bruce

I liked it mostly. Did the cutting torch gang take out all the soldiers in the hall outside WoFats pen? Or was it tear gas? Steve will help WoFat escape. But I wonder if they are his men? Doris I bet is his mother. her going over seas will prolong Steve's anguish over what WoFat has on her. Doris like Kono may stay away for several episodes. Doris could easily be captured. Wo Fat being on her boat is intriguing. In the Michael/Adam/Kono story line they should have worked it more between seeing Michael putting back Kono's gun and last weeks finding it was used to kill that guy. That way if he was to die in a struggle with Adam it would be more dramatic. This time he should have wounded Adam maybe and fled. Or vice versa.
The story with the 5 dead agents and Rafael Salgado(liked him on The Unit) and his son was good. He plays that "wronged" bad guy good. Catherine and her ex could cause some waves. But it will probably turn out he is bad and 5-0 will have to bring him down. So over all it was good, to me


I totally agree with u TonyD about the Gabby and Danny relationship on the last episode. It was lame the way it was portrayed. I hope Season 4 will re capture the magic of S1 again and find its way to that course. I like the bromance and the carguments (even if they will take place somewhere else) but always the 4 core working as a team to solve the crime. We need that dynamics back and if there is need to have a character development on each member is ok but the writers have to learn where to insert them in the episode so it be balanced. This season Peter promised there will be carguments outside the car and so far that never happened the only carguement that took place outside was on the epi of Steve and Danny out in the sea


Love DDK's portrayal of Chin. Kono's spontaneous decision to go with Adam at the dock was met with protests except from Chin. My take on Chin's whispered support and advice to Kono was that Love is hard to find, when you find it, grab hold and don't let go, even in the face of adversity. He must have mentioned Malia and the years lost when he broke up with her which is why Kono teared up. The Aloha she wished him...loved that scene. That would also explain why Chin was ready to move on and called Leilani. Too romantic for a procedural? Yin and Yang applies to everything in this universe..so perhaps not. Wishing all the best to GP if indeed the rumors are true, but I do feel that actors are entitled to their privacy and the mystery maintained about their private lives allows us to believe and enjoy their portrayal of whatever character they take on. I love that we see Kono as a fresh-faced rookie but given her body of work on other series, she is no rookie ; ) Looking forward to S4.


But that's neither here nor there. The real pleasure of HFO is the mysterious Wo Fat overriding story arc. For anyone wondering (or hoping) that would ever be truly resolved, it just won't. Mcgarrett is Mcgarrett because of the Wo Fat angle that was introduced in the pilot episode. If Wo Fat goes away, HFO becomes just another police procedural. And I think DDK is the best! He's a great supporting actor (and probably the most talented on the show) and kicks butt with whatever he's given.


As far as the actual season finale, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first, but I thought it was slightly better than the second. I don't know if any of you picked up on this, but I was wondering if Adam would "lose it" and turn on Kono, blaming her for his brother's death. In terms of the Danno/Gabby story line. No offense, but it's a romance that sort of popped up out of thin air. I realize they've been "dating" for a while, but nothing was done to flesh things out, and now all of the sudden they're embraced in a passionate kiss?


The reason the previous Kono left the show was because he was forced to by Jack Lord, the star and defacto producer, director and overall dictator of all things retro HFO. The current Kono departure is just another plot device (maybe due to pregnancy), and nothing to be alarmed about. Fans don't normally adapt well to change, and a producer isn't going to do away with a quarter of the main cast just "because."


Of course, Grace Park isn't leaving HFO. Kono was arrested in Season 1; she was left for dead in the ocean in Season 2. If anything, her going away with Adam is a bit of a relief for any of those out there worried about her return. This is 2013. If Grace Park was really leaving the show, that news would have surfaced a long, long time ago.


It is been said that Grace Park is indeed pregnant maybe that is why she was written off the show momentarily and perhaps is the reason why she may not be in the show for a couple of episodes of S4 or even half of Season until she returns. I dont know why they are hidign Grace Park pregnancy that much to the viewers. I dont see nothing wrong to hide it, many actresses get pregnant during work and prodcuers announce if the actress is pregnant and a story of the actress pregnant will write or not write in the show. I wonder who will replace her until she returns? Please no Catherine she is Naval officer she is not a cop. Lets bring Lori back!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Well she could had been a better replacement as Lori was involved indeed with police procedures but Catherine is not a police.


Cont-- ..And I want to see where Cath and the Ex's storyline goes...he's staying at the Ilikai (a nod to the original H50 series) hehe. The acting by all was amazing. Bravo!!

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