Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Matter of Trust

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And then there were three.

Alongside some averted terrorist events, fratricide and comingthisclose to finally getting to the bottom of the Doris-Wo Fat situation, "Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)" also saw the team undergo a fundamental change. Due to the loss of Kono.

Gabrielle Is Back

But did it, really? Count me as skeptical that Kono is going to stay on the run for very long or that the actions of tonight's episode will have lasting ramifications.

Don't get me wrong - there were many things to like about the Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 finale, including some zingy Hawaii 5-0 quotes and a truly vicious murder for the crew to solve. But ultimately, the episode was about promising higher stakes than could be delivered.

I blame the Noshimuris. Through a season that gave us plenty of heinous baddies to watch the gang take down, Michael Noshimuri was something of a flat villain. Sure, he was capable of some heartbreaking works of staggering badness and the show worked overtime to give the battling bros all manner of exciting problems over the past few weeks.

But his plot never gained enough momentum to truly drive the show. And, honestly, he just didn't have that much charisma.

Hawaii Five-0 excels at creating the kind of bad guys that you just can't look away from (see: Fat, Wo). But Michael Noshimuri never quite got there for me. Even in his death scene, what should have been shocking violence between two brothers barely registered. And Hawaii Five-0 is certainly a drama that knows how to make the pain register.

However, so little was invested in the Noshimuri plot line - aside from Kono's well-being, of course - that to watch the brothers fight each other was a wasted opportunity. Unfortunately, over the course of the entire season, neither of the Noshimuris were able to summon up the charisma and character that Doris McGarrett can inject in a brief scene at the supermarket.

Yes, I was hoping this season finale would focus on Doris, and maybe take us a little bit closer to unearthing Mrs. McG's mysterious motives. And yes, I'm disappointed that I have to wait til the season premiere (if then!) to have all my questions about America's favorite post-menopausal ex-super-spy answered. Of all the plot threads that wove in and out of this season, Doris's was both the most fun and the most intriguing - and the case with the actual highest stakes. Which is probably why the show saved her story for another day.

I'm not going to offer a send-off to Kono because I don't imagine that we've seen Grace Park wearing body armor over a tank top for the last time (I mean, I hope not! For all of our sakes!).

But I can imagine a Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 where the show's shape has mutated into one that's 3/4 island crime-fighting and 1/4 Kono being an international (fugitive) woman of mystery. I'm not saying I'm lobbying for it, but I could imagine it. Some sumptuous helicopter shots of Shanghai at sunset, perhaps?

However, I'm more inclined to believe that Adam and Kono's jaunt will be coming to a close just around the time of the show's fourth season premiere - not only is it simpler, but having the 5-0 all in one place just makes for better TV. And so knowing that Kono's defection will only probably last the length of a summer hiatus lowered the stakes on that, too.

Not to say that I'm disappointed in the finale; season finales often have the thankless job of trying to tie up every single loose plot thread, come up with a few cliff-hangers to keep fans interested all summer and still make time to fit in a few commercials (my favorite was for Cascade, if you're keeping track - calm down about how clean the inside of your dishwashers are, you maniac-ladies!).

And so, in the grand scheme of season finales, this did a fine, serviceable job. I'm more eager to see next season than reeling from tonight's revelations, but perhaps that was the plan all along.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think Kono will stay away for long? Who could be on the other side of that steel door?


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I really have no idea who they might be. Did Doris know this was going to happen? Was she the one who wants Wo Fat and Steve out and send someone? I like this show but my feeling is that this season something terrible wrong happen in the course of writing the episodes I wish S4 will redeem the errors of S3 and stick to the dynamics of the 4 core and the crime of the week but if they have to add some twists in the story is ok but do not rely on them always.


Im glad Chin finally called Leilani and I believe there is a future relationship in the process between those 2 in S4 so maybe Leilani will show up more regularly next season.
Steve/Doris/Wo fat:
I hate that Steve still is falling for the lies his mom is telling him. Im glad he got her straight when they were talking in Steve office but still Doris never told him anything even if she was about to do it, she never did and still Steve let her go with Kono and Adam???? Of course like Peter said we are just scratching the surface on Doris, which it means there is more to come on Doris story in S4 specially the link between Doris and Wo Fat and plizzzz DO NOT MAKE STEVE AND WO FAT HALF BROTHERS but I know this is what it looks like it will happen. That will doom this show. Wo Fat tricked Steve so he could set him free right from jail. Now Im really clueless as to who are the people behind the steel door who are coming for Steve or coming for Wo Fat. I really have no idea who they might be. Did Doris know this was going to happen? Was she the one who wants Wo Fat and Steve out and send someone?


Catherine Even though this time I really see her working in what she knows best in Naval Intel, it was about time we see her working on that!! Her scene with her old flame left me confused specially the backwards look. The scene was unnecessary but it could have an ulterior motive as to why it was filmed. I guess Peter has something under his sleeve for S4 between Catherine, Steve and this dude, he just wanted to let us know that there might be a possibility that Catherine will end up with another guy in the future therefore there will be problems between Steve and Catherine relationship, this is setting up for a love triangle in the future I saw it that way. So maybe this was a tiny introduction of why that scene was filmed. I have nothing against her as an actress but as much as everyone was exited about her when S3 begins of having her, it did not turn out the way it was expected. The stories written for her were poorly and she did not fill the expectations as we were suppose to see her. Chin Im glad Chin finally called Leilani and I believe there is a future relationship in the process between those 2 in S4 so maybe Leilani will show up more regularly next season.


I haven’t heard any official confirmation from Peter that Grace Park is leaving the show as fans already are suspecting and speculating this time is for real she is leaving the show and that is why her character had that story for the season finale. I mean she was not killed so there is a slightly possibility she will return but perhaps she wont be in the show for some episodes after S4 begins maybe she joins much later. I don’t think Catherine will replace Kono, fans and viewers will “kill� Peter if he does that. Unless Grace Park really is leaving the show and Catherine will replace her but so far nothing of that has been officially confirmed thru the media or press. I do have a question. Do Grace Park is really pregnant? I mean I haven’t heard anything anywhere saying that she has personal issues that she need to take care of and that is the reason maybe is she wont be back so soon to the show for S4. Cont...


My turn on the review. I have mixed feelings about this and also confusing ideas. It was not the greatest episode but it was not the worst either but it could have been better. The crime of the week was a bit confusing as it had many things all at once. Kono/Adam/Michael I kind of suspected that Michael was going to die but not on the hands of his own brother. I guess Adam is not a bad guy after all, as he tried to protect Kono from everything but I wonder if Adam will try to hurt her now that they be away in Shanghai?? So Kono was clear of the murderer Michael committed but now Adam is guilty of killing his brother and he has to escape in order to protect himself from Michael friends who may want to hunt him down? And Doris will help both of them hide since she knows very well how to manage in Asia?? Why Doris has to get involved in that? Now Im confused why the heck Doris has to go away and leave Steve with unanswered questions ONE MORE TIME!!! Cont..


(Cont) I hope that is the case because 5-0 without Kono is a no for this viewer and I syspect many others. As for the rest, I have almost no interest in the new dynamic of Cath as 5-0 and as for Doris, I honestly don't care at this point what her secret is. She could announce she's a Cylon for all I care. This season has suffered from poorly developed and fractured storytelling and I suspect that in possibly losing Grace Park they have abandoned the one thing that was key to the show's survival/success : the team of Steve, Chin, Danny and KONO. Time will soon tell.


Well. I admit I had some serious anxiety going into this episode and I ended it feeling disappointed. First, I think it was ridiculous to try to shove a huge COTW in this ep when it didn't even connect to any other plot line. It was like the moment S/D dropped off Kono in the alley, they were done with her until the last scene. She was left to clear herself along with the help of Adam. None of that makes sense to me or aligns with this concept of 'ohana' they've been feeding us for 3 seasons. Yes, GP has a personal issue that will require time off but in theory she could return mid season and we know they have already shot some s4 scenes with her. (Cont)

Sarah silva

I thought this was a fantastic finale!
They had to shake things up, we all know that Kono is not gone forever. I think there will be a time jump sometime next season and Kono will return before the season is out,
I liked how having Kono leave with the man she loves made Chin follow his own heart as per the advice he gave Kono. I also liked that Gabrielle was waiting for Danny.
We all know Wo Fat is Steve's brother but they are dragging that out.
The guy Catherine ran into will obviously carry over to next season.
I really hope the move to Friday's does not kill the show, I hope it and Blue Bloods can be a great Friday pairing.


Ratings for Monday. H50 wins the time slot with 9.0 million to 5.8 for Revolution and 6.8 for the premeire of Motive on ABC.


Wow, that was highly disappointing, as an episode and especially as a finale. We didn’t learn anything more about Doris/Wo Fat. The whole scene between Steve and Doris (her lying and crying, as usual) made me cringe. Then Danny walking in right when Doris was going to explain about Wo Fat was so cliché. And then Steve just lets her go at the end without pressing the issue?! I was also really disappointed that Gabby came back at the very end, so we had no movement on that storyline. Catherine has become a really annoying character for me, I feel she’s been too forced this season, so I really hope she won’t be taking on the female lead in S4. All in all, I’m not sure I’ll be back after this episode. Definitely not the same show from S1 and S2.

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