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Early on in the run of Nashville Season 1, the show did a good job of either pairing its interesting characters together or pitting them against each other.  "Take These Chains From My Heart," and what seems like a majority of the run in 2013, has failed to do so.

What drew me into the series, aside from the great musical performances - which we got basically zero of in this hour - were the relationships between Deacon and Rayna, Deacon and Juliette and Rayna and Juliet.

Other than the epic romantic engagement between Deacon and Rayna at the end, and the mini fight between Deacon and Juliette, we were basically treated to none of those great dynamics.

New Music

Instead, they've introduced new characters that have done nothing but limit our favorites' abilities. Dante, specifically, completely destroyed my enjoyment of Juliette. Every time they were seen together I wanted to just move on to what was next.

The Rayna and Liam pairing has been less than awesome, and while I enjoy the veterinarian in and of herself, the lack of passion between her and Deacon could never compare to what Raycon or even Deacolette brings to the table.

With Dante out of the picture - he threw away his cell phone, he's never coming back - I'm ready for Juliette to move on to something much more interesting.

Now that Rayna and Deacon did the nasty, I'm ready for that to continue...and continue...and continue some more. If it's what Deacon wants, it's what should happen. That guy can do no wrong in my book.

The only story that has benefited greatly from the introduction of a new character was the Kid's Club. Chris Carmack's Will has been a breath of fresh air for those annoying kiddos. Sure, his character is a bit over-the-top, but at least it brought some life to the arc.

I did, however, take issue with how completely obvious it became that he was gay, and was quickly going to make a move on Gunnar. If you want to shock the audience with this fact, don't have Will staring Gunnar down with googly eyes for five straight minutes of screen time.

With the more interesting characters being dragged down as of late, Nashville has suffered, because as we know, there are a couple of stories that could have been left out to pasture a while ago.

Any time Teddy, Coleman, Lamar, or Rayna's sister come on screen, it's about time to start tuning out. Seriously, there was one scene during this hour - when Coleman and Tandy were chatting - that I would have benefited from falling asleep. Just a quick cat nap could have done me good and I would have been spared from watching this lackluster plot.

With some changes for our favorite characters at the end of "Take These Chains From My Heart," could the final month of Nashville's first season pick up? Will things get back to the level they were at when we first fell in love with the show?

What did you think of this week's ep? Did you have as many problems as I did? Was this your favorite episode yet? Or were you just happy to have these Nashvillians back on your TV screen?

Nashville Note of the Night: Who could tell what bar Will was playing in on Broadway? Well, windows on multiple sides of the building should have been a hint.  It was Rippy's.


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I can't believe that guy kissed Gunnar but I should have seen that coming. He never hit on Scarlett who is a beautiful girl. Well there gets that friendship. Gunnar is pissed. I'm feeling so sorry for poor Avery. Nobody feels sorry for him? I feel Scalett will help him. I'm so gad Deacon yelled at Rayna first before they got together. How long will it last though. Teddy is mad at Peggy. He may want Raya ack or the ske of te kids and she might go back. I think Jolene is going to crack again. Juliette could see now that she I'd see Dante kissing te woman. Hope they catch him and jail him. Love this show.


Dan, I don't know what more you want from this show. You're writing like some Castle fans or Bones fans - you seem to want only the lead characters. Well this show is not just about Deacon who you seem to have a crush on. It's about other characters and what they bring to the table. I want to see Teddy and Tandy and Lamar. If you could find time to catnap in this then you should be reviewing something else. SMDH. I enjoyed every aspect of the episode.

Sarah silva

I acutally enjoyed this episode.
I am glad Rayna and Deacon finally hooked up.
I knew weeks back that Danted would steal from Juliette.
I also knew that Will was going to try and kiss Gunnar, when Will as more interested in Gunnar than in Scarlett you could tell he like Gunnar. Speaking of which, Scarlett has to wear more clothing, that crochet top barely covered anything!


Weak episode, but finally, it happened for Rayna and Deacon!!!
So now, I'm waiting for Rayna to tell Deacon he's the dad of her oldest daughter... Maybe on the last episode? Also, if Rayna was to sign Juliette as an artist on her label, that would make the show more interesting. It's still about music, isn't it?


As a midseason viewer I can see why Rayna and Teddy are separated, Teddy might be a scoundrel but not a cheater he started an affair after the separation. As for Rayna she did nothing before but caused the whole mess by thinking of herself first and family second, then there was the Deacon hopping on the plane that blew the marriage apart.
Her mother seems did the same thing on her father but he stood by her but deep down knew she had an affair while on tour. Do we really know if Rayna is Lamars kid ?


I love this series. But currently I miss the great music of earlier and some of the subplots are a little tiring. Juliette needs to stop hooking up with losers and Rayna needs to recognize her feeling to Deacon and stay with him.


hear warming? I meant heart warming in my previous comment.


I like this show. I have been a Musician for more than 5 decades. I have been on stage with some very famous people. The truth is, the Music Business is very volatile, complex, emotional, egotistical, revengeful, stubborn, unwavering, beautiful, hear warming, heart breaking, and much, much, much more! This show is pretty accurate, as best a drama for TV can be, in depicting some of the crap that goes on. Actually it's a white washed version of the true grit that happens behind the scenes. People complain that there was not much music in this episode. The performance aspect accounts for a small portion of a Musician's life. Plus, for the show it's necessary to have character development.


Rayna's sister is also a piece of work...I don't trust her any more than I'd trust Lamar, who should have died of that heart attack. I am glad that Peggy is gone for now, but I imagine she will be back to wreak some revenge on Teddy the turd. I hope that Juliette learned her lesson about trusting men with her money and career. She needs to grow up and get a handle on her life.


OMG, so because Will was always taking girls phone numbers, I assumed he was not gay, and then he totally freaks me out by giving Gunnar a kiss last night! I nearly fell out of my chair and shouted NO at the screen! Yeesh! That was such an awkward (to put it mildly) moment, though I am not a homophobe, I still felt really sorry for Gunnar, because I think he wanted to have a good buddy to go out and sing with and do daring guy stuff like outrunning the train. I am wioth Granny35 on all her comments, yes, it is about time for Deacon and Rayna to get together, and I hope that one of those girls is his daughter. Also yes, I did see that coming with Dante, who seemed like a slimebag right from the get-go. And please, yes, do give Scarlett more of a backbone and make her less wimpy. I hope she doesn't get back with Avery, I still think he's bad news. I still think Lamar is a complete jerk, and I hope that he and Teddy get into it and that one or both of them dies. Rayna's sister is also a piece of work, I wouldn't mind seeing her gone.

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