NCIS Review: Fortune Favors the Bold

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She got him. And Ziva and Vance finally got their "Revenge."

Ziva had no time for cutesy romance this week on NCIS, and in fact was beyond exasperated at Tony's childish behavior concerning his car insurance woes. She pushed herself past the pain of the car accident, working herself out mercilessly at the gym. 

When Tony was moaning about being kicked out of McGee's car, she saw it as another opportunity to train by loaning him her car while she jogged back and forth to work.

Timothy Pic

To the great relief of everyone, Tony and Ziva got out of the car crash with just a few scrapes and painful bruises. And, contrary to my own prediction, the accident scene was directly the fault of Ilan Bodnar, who had targeted them for the sole purpose of retrieving the uncut diamonds they had taken from his brother. 

As she emptied her gun at the fleeing spy, Ziva was able to obtain a partial plate, which allowed a gang of NCIS agents to storm the house of the getaway car driver. The latter proved to be something of an enigma, having completely changed his appearance: his facial bone structure had been altered, his fingerprints had been removed and he had even had his teeth replaced with implants. Ducky's determination to identify the man won out when he found a serial number associated with one of the parts used to reconstruct the man's jaw. 

The main evidence that turned the case was a piece of paper found in the man's pocket with the cryptic words "See Reisiger 19" written on it. Palmer's handy translator app determined that the English translation (from Afrikaans) was "Sea Voyager." This was the name of a ship and the "19" referred to its pier number. 

While Tony and Gibbs rushed to give the news to Vance, Ziva slipped away, set to settle the score with Bodnar, on her own terms. After doing her firestarter thing as a diversion, she slipped aboard the Sea Voyager, found Bodnar and, in hand-to-hand battle, ended up flipping him over the side of the ship to the dock where he died.

Once again, the writers for NCIS have done a tremendous job. They kept us guessing all the way through. 

I was sure Bodnar would end up not being responsible for the deaths of Eli David and Arash Kazmi - and I was only half right. I'm still not sure he was merely after power in wanting Eli dead: he told Ziva that Eli was taking Mossad and Israel in a dangerous direction and that he was "selling us out to Iran" and had to be stopped. I think he was a patriot but that he was wrong-headed and stubborn. 

Probably in a few ways he was like Ziva: willing to go to any lengths to reach his goals. And she was willing to bypass the authority of NCIS (and, ultimately, Homeland Security) by going after him herself, meting out her revenge.

Strange, though, that after deciding on this rogue plan of action she refused to shoot him when he was unarmed. How many of us were shouting at the TV set "SHOOT HIM ALREADY!" But no - she had to go at him and get into a knock-down drag out fight. One for which she was at least marginally prepared.

Another oddity had to do with Vance and Ziva. After Tom Morrow read Vance the riot act once again and told him to make sure NCIS stayed at arm's length regarding Bodnar, the former had a discussion with the team and then stopped by Ziva's desk:

You and I have to let Homeland handle this. Understood? | permalink

And there was a pregnant pause as they gazed at each other, hinting at a meaning other than what he actually said.  This was confirmed a while later when he told Gibbs that NCIS was supposed to lay off:

Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
Vance: The man killed my wife, Gibbs. | permalink

Clearly Vance wanted Bodnar dead - and he was completely on board with Ziva doing it.

Tony proved his value as comic relief guy in this episode with his demands of McGee regarding a car ride and in getting Abby to pretend to be his administrative assistant when the insurance company called. He didn't expect her to commit so fully to the role and you could see the worry in his face as she began to raise her voice at them.

I laughed when McGee was face to face with Tony in the elevator and this happened:

McGee: If you don't like my rules you can find someone else to drive you in.
Tony: All I wanted was to stop for coffee. I was willing to treat.
McGee: No one eats or drinks in my car.
Tony: Well I guess sex is out of the question. | permalink

All in all, this was a great episode. The final scene was just about as perfect as it gets. Ziva, battered and bruised, walking into Vance's office. Vance struggling with his warring emotions over his concern for her, and his need to know if Bodnar was dead:

Vance: Are you all right? Is it over?
Ziva: It's over. | permalink

Some final notes:

  • This episode was all about revenge being completed. And it wasn't diluted by the pending consequences that are sure to come down on them in the two remaining NCIS Season 10 episodes.
  • Next week's episode will feature Colin Hanks, who will be playing DoD Investigator Richard Parsons.
  • I have no idea whether McGee's information about Central Park is true and whether the seasons are impacted because of the heat from buildings and the subway system.  I like to think it's right. If not, it's a great plot gimmick.
  • As always, be sure to check out this week's NCIS quotes.
  • Our NCIS Round Table for this episode is up.  Read, and then chime in!

What did you think of this episode? Did you expect the Bodnar story to come to such a complete end (I mean, minus the legal aftermath)? Did you see any weak points with the plot?


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I thought the episode was 'okay'. Like many others, I think it would have been a bit better & more believable if at least one of them had been seriously injured in the wreck. I did love Abby as the secretary. It is always nice to have a bit of comic relief in the more serious episodes to lighten the mood. I was not happy with Ziva's reaction when Tony asked for a ride to work. Considering the tender moments shared in the previous episode & the fact that they are supposed to be better friends now, I found that scene very inconsistent and very disappointing. Still hopeful bout the upcoming episodes.


The reason why I think Gibbs is more annoyed with Tony is because he acts like a big kid he messes about to much, he is always annoying the hell out of Tim and Ziva,he can't do anything for him self with out asking Gibbs first, me I would of kicked his butt of the team long ago, its about time Tony grew up and started acting his age instead of his shoe size


Tiva/No Tiva is one thing but now they're souring the Gibbs/Tony dynamic, which is the reason I started watching and the reason I stomach Tiva. But what was with that basement seen?? It's not the first bad basement seen between them and Gibbs seems annoyed with him much of the time now. How has Tony not walked out on Gibbs by now? I'm getting whiplash with Gibbs' running hot and cold with him. Gibbs gifts Tony with a coffee in one second and snaps at him the next and then is downright harsh and sharp. I don't get it but the collapsing of that dynamic is my deal breaker.


Which episode was that? I watched season 3 recently and I don't remember that episode?


remember after Ziva killed that dude back in season 3 because he wouldt shut up and gibb told her next time she quit she have to fight for her badge look like that might happen.


@Julia - they've eliminated Tony/Gibbs and Tony/Abby scenes for the most part so that all of Tony's serious moments have to be with Ziva. Tony can't have something important happen to him that might steal the spotlight from Ziva. She has replaced him as Gibbs second in command, has replaced Kelly as Gibbs daughter, and replaced Gibbs as the star of the show. It's full on ZCIS. Good bye beloved NCIS. We now have a cheesy, corny, poorly written soap opera which features ridiculous cartoonesque super Ziva scenes and centers around her many craptastic tragedies. They've killed NCIS.


I think you directed your post to the wrong person who begins with the letter "M" and if not, then I don't know what is wrong with my grammar.


I remember "The Streets of San Francisco"! And Gibbs just seems aggravated by everyone this year. I mean he has always been a little short with people, but his blatant annoyance with Tony and Jimmy Palmer is very evident this year. I don't know if he is just trying to groom Tony so he can be the leader one day or what, but with Jimmy it is definite annoyance!


Thanks @hal, I hope that is the case. And I also hope we get some more insight into what happened that we weren't shown in the episode.


Ratings tend to go down in the Spring when people start going outside again and getting involved in sporting activities, etc.... Ratings also go down because people get frustrated with the amount or repeats and breaks between episodes. The ratings generally go up for the season finales. This is true for most shows, not just NCIS. NCIS is still the number one drama and nothing really comes close to it, in terms of other dramas and their ratings.

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Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
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