NCIS Review: Fortune Favors the Bold

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She got him. And Ziva and Vance finally got their "Revenge."

Ziva had no time for cutesy romance this week on NCIS, and in fact was beyond exasperated at Tony's childish behavior concerning his car insurance woes. She pushed herself past the pain of the car accident, working herself out mercilessly at the gym. 

When Tony was moaning about being kicked out of McGee's car, she saw it as another opportunity to train by loaning him her car while she jogged back and forth to work.

Timothy Pic

To the great relief of everyone, Tony and Ziva got out of the car crash with just a few scrapes and painful bruises. And, contrary to my own prediction, the accident scene was directly the fault of Ilan Bodnar, who had targeted them for the sole purpose of retrieving the uncut diamonds they had taken from his brother. 

As she emptied her gun at the fleeing spy, Ziva was able to obtain a partial plate, which allowed a gang of NCIS agents to storm the house of the getaway car driver. The latter proved to be something of an enigma, having completely changed his appearance: his facial bone structure had been altered, his fingerprints had been removed and he had even had his teeth replaced with implants. Ducky's determination to identify the man won out when he found a serial number associated with one of the parts used to reconstruct the man's jaw. 

The main evidence that turned the case was a piece of paper found in the man's pocket with the cryptic words "See Reisiger 19" written on it. Palmer's handy translator app determined that the English translation (from Afrikaans) was "Sea Voyager." This was the name of a ship and the "19" referred to its pier number. 

While Tony and Gibbs rushed to give the news to Vance, Ziva slipped away, set to settle the score with Bodnar, on her own terms. After doing her firestarter thing as a diversion, she slipped aboard the Sea Voyager, found Bodnar and, in hand-to-hand battle, ended up flipping him over the side of the ship to the dock where he died.

Once again, the writers for NCIS have done a tremendous job. They kept us guessing all the way through. 

I was sure Bodnar would end up not being responsible for the deaths of Eli David and Arash Kazmi - and I was only half right. I'm still not sure he was merely after power in wanting Eli dead: he told Ziva that Eli was taking Mossad and Israel in a dangerous direction and that he was "selling us out to Iran" and had to be stopped. I think he was a patriot but that he was wrong-headed and stubborn. 

Probably in a few ways he was like Ziva: willing to go to any lengths to reach his goals. And she was willing to bypass the authority of NCIS (and, ultimately, Homeland Security) by going after him herself, meting out her revenge.

Strange, though, that after deciding on this rogue plan of action she refused to shoot him when he was unarmed. How many of us were shouting at the TV set "SHOOT HIM ALREADY!" But no - she had to go at him and get into a knock-down drag out fight. One for which she was at least marginally prepared.

Another oddity had to do with Vance and Ziva. After Tom Morrow read Vance the riot act once again and told him to make sure NCIS stayed at arm's length regarding Bodnar, the former had a discussion with the team and then stopped by Ziva's desk:

You and I have to let Homeland handle this. Understood? | permalink

And there was a pregnant pause as they gazed at each other, hinting at a meaning other than what he actually said.  This was confirmed a while later when he told Gibbs that NCIS was supposed to lay off:

Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
Vance: The man killed my wife, Gibbs. | permalink

Clearly Vance wanted Bodnar dead - and he was completely on board with Ziva doing it.

Tony proved his value as comic relief guy in this episode with his demands of McGee regarding a car ride and in getting Abby to pretend to be his administrative assistant when the insurance company called. He didn't expect her to commit so fully to the role and you could see the worry in his face as she began to raise her voice at them.

I laughed when McGee was face to face with Tony in the elevator and this happened:

McGee: If you don't like my rules you can find someone else to drive you in.
Tony: All I wanted was to stop for coffee. I was willing to treat.
McGee: No one eats or drinks in my car.
Tony: Well I guess sex is out of the question. | permalink

All in all, this was a great episode. The final scene was just about as perfect as it gets. Ziva, battered and bruised, walking into Vance's office. Vance struggling with his warring emotions over his concern for her, and his need to know if Bodnar was dead:

Vance: Are you all right? Is it over?
Ziva: It's over. | permalink

Some final notes:

  • This episode was all about revenge being completed. And it wasn't diluted by the pending consequences that are sure to come down on them in the two remaining NCIS Season 10 episodes.
  • Next week's episode will feature Colin Hanks, who will be playing DoD Investigator Richard Parsons.
  • I have no idea whether McGee's information about Central Park is true and whether the seasons are impacted because of the heat from buildings and the subway system.  I like to think it's right. If not, it's a great plot gimmick.
  • As always, be sure to check out this week's NCIS quotes.
  • Our NCIS Round Table for this episode is up.  Read, and then chime in!

What did you think of this episode? Did you expect the Bodnar story to come to such a complete end (I mean, minus the legal aftermath)? Did you see any weak points with the plot?


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Just to add my two cents worth, of course this was a good episode because now Ziva and Vance feel resolution for the time being. I think Ziva HAD to take care of Bodner herself without help. Cote has had a great season for acting from comedy to the heartwrenching scene when her father died.
It's funny all the complaints about the show but the ones complaining are still watching. The show is addictive with a great cast and excellent writing.


I love all of the characters in this show. Stop comparing Ziva with Kate, they are two different characters. I really would like some more stories with Tony and his Dad (Robert Wagner), but stop making Dad look like he's an idiot. He's a con man, always has been, and always will be, it's part of his charm. And he's so damn handsome! The two of them play off of each other perfectly. I think I remember years ago when Michael actually played a part in which he played Robert Wagner. Please bring him back more often.


part 2
So please, stop saying that she is the main focus of the show. She isn't. She is considered the third lead, behind Michael and Mark. This has nothing to do with longevity on the show, it is about the amount of hours you work and your screen time. She was hired to fill in the space left my the female lead, Sasha Alexander, when she chose to leave.
And the negativity from a lot of you is overwhelming. I would love to be able to go to your work places and start a page like this to review every little thing some of you did at at your jobs. Are most of you this negative in your real lives? If so, that is very sad. I doubt if you all would talk to any of the cast members in person the way some of you talk about them on these pages.


Why do people who can't take other people opinion say childish crap like learn the English language and learn proper grammar and spelling seem so childish considering all it does is show how stupid they are you must really be the most stupidest person on the face of the earth to say something so ignorant. Okay now back to the show I think it going to come out that before Bodnar was killed by ziva that he tell him who really is be hide this my guess is Trent Kort


@kim Hampton
I agree totally. When has Tony ever needed a reason to go see or talk to Gibbs. I felt like that conversation was full of tension. Also, I believe Gibbs knows. I wished the conversation had continued but in true NCIS fashion in was cut off by a phone call.


To the people who always say that the season finales are about Ziva, here is a little refresher for you.
Season 1-Kate is kidnapped by Ari and the team has to find her.
Season 2-Kate is killed by Ari.
Season 3- Gibbs loses and gains his memory and leaves NCIS.
Season 4-Tony and Jeanne are held hostage in the hospital.
Season 5-The team is disbanded after Jenny is killed.
Season 6-Yes, this one was about Ziva and Tony killing her boyfriend, etc...
Season 7-Gibbs goes head to head with the Reynosa family.
Season 8- The Port to Port killer is caught and killed.
Season 9-Harper Dearing bombs NCIS. So how that equates to all season finales being about Ziva is beyond me. Oh, should we start complaining about season openers, now, too? If I recall Tony was the focus of the opening of season 5 and season 9. And while people will say "Truth or Consequences" was about Ziva, the season 7 opener didn't show her until the last half of that episode.


Sometimes I find the comments more unbelievable and funnier than the show. I love this show and have watched it for 10 years; however, it's TV not reality. There was no time in the remaining episodes to use any of it for Tony and Ziva to recover from their injuries. Don't take it so seriously and expect characters to be what they are not, and act in a way that is not in character. Instead of watching so much TV and spending time writing comments, you might want to study the English language and learn proper grammar and spelling. You would be better served if you did that.


@MCAL if you knew what you were talking about, it would be reflected in your grammar. Your bad grammar = you have no idea what you are talking about.


I've been thinking about Gibbs' conversation with Tony a lot since last night. I thought it was masterful then. I think it's more masterful now. Tony has never needed a pretense to visit Gibbs, and yet he used returning the plunger as a pretense to have a private conversation with Gibbs about Ziva. If you go back to the conversation they had in "Chasing Ghosts" and then watch this scene from "Revenge" you'll notice that Gibbs is waiting for Tony to come to him and tell him what he feels for Ziva without pretense. Gibbs already knows what both of them feel. I think part of the reason the conversation seemed tense was Gibbs' frustration at Tony tiptoeing around the conversation that the two of them need to have...about Rule 12.


@michael by the way the only one i know who complains about ziva acting is you.

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There's something you and NCIS must know. As much as I didn't like or trust Arash Kazmi, I did not kill him. There are others who are responsible for the assassination of your father's Iranian friend.


Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
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