NCIS Season Finale Promo: Will Gibbs Go Down?

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Next week, on the Season 10 finale of NCIS, loyalty will be on trial.

The hunt for Eli David and Jackie Vance's killer turns into a witch hunt against Gibbs and the team, whose unconventional methods may threaten their entire future at the agency they've given so much too.

If DOD investigator Richard Parsons (Colin Hanks) has his way, Leroy Jethro Gibbs' time at NCIS may come to an end. But we all know Gibbs, and know he does not intend to go down without a fight.

His late mentor Mike Franks (Muse Watson) even returns to guide him.

As we discussed in our NCIS review, the writers, through Parsons' complex "Evil McGee" character, played fans like a tune last night, with Ziva, Vance and ultimately Gibbs in the proverbial crosshairs.

Next Tuesday, we'll see how it plays out, as the family aspect of the team and the show will be put to the ultimate test in the face of this unfamiliar and formidable foe. How do you think it will play out?

Watch the promo for "Damned If You Do" and comment below:

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Gibbs will be fine. He always is. I want something different and unique.


I'm more worried about where Tony's head is, to be completely honest.


@CE You are so right and I am right there with you @Wendy
it has been proven time and time again that romantic tension on a procedural drama is usally when the show Jump the shark that why most cop show either make one of the led cop married or gay so that does not happen


First and foremost, I find it hard to believe that Gibbs attitude would be tolerated in this PC-day and age. On top of that, despite all the good he's done, Gibbs is still a murderer. That one act of revenge has reduced every lawful, heroic act since to mere attrition. It would be interesting to see how many laws he and his team have broken over the years and how many times, in the abuse of their privileges, they've wrecked the lives of people who were not guilty. We seem them as the heroes and crusaders, but looking through the other end of the scope might make for some riveting television again.


Nah - that will never happen so we don't even have to worry about that. The day that NCIS jumps the shark by putting a all-male cast on their show is the day that the series finale will come in like a Monsoon. It would sink the show, for sure. You NEED the romantic tension always on a procedural drama, and it will always be canon on any show like that. Nobody gives a crap about watching a bunch of Men. You need the sexy female(s) on the show to get all types of Audience to watch. Ziva has done her job TREMENDOUSLY and there is nobody that will ever be able to compare, now that she's been part of the show for sooo long. It's so funny because everyone has been so worried that she won't come back & they've even warned CBS that they won't watch if she's not back. I don't think they have anything to worry about though.


This may sound weird but this is how I picture the show going off the air when it came to the finale season


EOS cliffhangers are intended to keep us hanging until Fall when we can't wait to see the outcome. I thought the end of Kate was going finish the show but the writers showed they can peak our interest again with a new role. Maybe if Ziva leaves they need to replace her with male agent. Take out the romance factor! These writers are very creative and no one is safe.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 24 Quotes

Morrow: There's a connection between the death of that Navy Seal and what's happening with your team.
Vance: What kind of connection?
Morrow: The murder of Eli David opened a political can of worms that was much bigger than anyone expected.
Vance: Eli and Arash Kazmi wanted to forget a peace. But Bodnar killing them opened the door.
Morrow: Homeland and the CIA wait for chances like this, to stir the pot. Distract governments so that all sorts of recon can happen. The CIA needed Iran to believe Mossad was responsible.
Vance: Are you telling me that Bodnar didn't kill Kazmi?
Morrow: I'm telling you we did it, Leon. The CIA took out Kazmi that night so that Bodnar would end up being the fall guy. Iran and Israel could duke it out while we focused on the real threat. We're all so damned worried about Iran and North Korea when the real threat is here, on home soil.
Vance: It's a shell game isn't it? Keep people distracted.
Morrow: Leon you see why I wanted you to keep your distance?

Vance: Tom Morrow may have a solve. We pull it off this could all go away.
Gibbs: For all of us?
Vance: Clean slate.
Gibbs: What's the catch?
Vance: It might kill you.
Gibbs: So could a bag of clams.
Vance: [laughs] We sure picked one hell of a career didn't we Gibbs?
Gibbs: Got to make a living Leon.