Once Upon a Time Review: Sailing On To a Whole New World

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"And Straight On 'Til Morning" featured Storybrooke on the brink of destruction with no easy path available to pull it back.

Let's breakdown the Once Upon a Time season finale, shall we?

Once Upon a Time Finale Scene

First we visited Neverland. When a young Baelfire landed on the Jolly Roger, it didn't take Hook long to realize that he was Rumpelstiltskin's son. Surprisingly, being Mila's son turned out to be equally as important.

Hook felt a connection to Bae. He was the child of the woman he loved and had been abandoned by his father. For a brief moment, Hook was willing to call Bae family. It was when Bae found out the truth and turned on him that Hook decided it wasn't worth the fight. It was far easier and more pragmatic to turn Bae over to the Lost Boys.

I'd like to think that Baelfire's parting words struck a nerve. Hook and Rumpelstiltskin do have a lot in common. They both take their revenge seriously and they both care about themselves before all else.

I have to admit, I think I need to go back and reread Peter Pan. I'm not quite sure what ripping someone's shadow straight from their body really means... but it certainly sounds ominous.

Back in Storybrooke, the Blue Fairy figured out how to restore memories just as everyone was about to die. That seemed a little too convenient a way to get Belle's memory back but I was so tired of Lacey that I won't complain. Especially considering that for a moment I wondered if Gold enjoyed being the Dark One so much that he might prefer to keep Lacey around.

Thankfully, Gold's reunion with Belle was heartfelt, as was this Once Upon a Time quote

Mr. Gold: I'm sorry. I didn't want to wake you up to die, but I needed you. | permalink

As we watched Storybrooke turn back into the forest it once was I grew more annoyed by Greg and Tamara. All of this talk about the sacredness of the cause they were willing to die for sounded like a bunch of ridiculous rhetoric considering the two of them planned to flee the scene with their lives intact. 

I was with Emma in her skepticism over the new plan. No one could predict what might happen when they sent the self destruct mechanism to another realm. Could it still destroy Storybrooke from beyond and leave Henry all alone? Would it decimate whatever world it landed in? The risk was huge.

Mary Margaret and Emma both made valid points for taking the hard path. Mary Margaret killed Cora because it appeared to be the most expedient way to get rid of her. In the end, it changed her forever and sent Regina on the rampage in search of her revenge.

And Emma showed her maternal protective instincts when she said she couldn't allow her son, who had just lost his father to lose yet another parent.

However. I was astounded that Emma hadn't checked that pouch when Hook gave it back to her. That was a rookie mistake and I expected better of her. 

Regina was the one character who truly surprised me. She went from planning to kill off everyone close to Henry in order to have him all to herself to being willing to sacrifice herself so that Henry could have his family. That was quite the turnaround. 

Regina: I tried to be the person that you wanted me to be and I failed but I won't let you be alone. | permalink

I had suspected that the season finale would come down to Regina and Emma finding a way to work together. What I didn't expect was Greg and Tamara coming back to snatch Henry.

My biggest question of the night was why did David stop Emma from jumping into the portal while it was still open. They all had a matter of seconds where they could have followed Henry but David stopped them. If I were Emma I would have been furious. As she told her mother…

Mary Margaret: Emma, you don't even know where you're going.
Emma: It doesn't matter. I'll track them down in Hell if I have to. | permalink

So headed into next season we have David, Mary Margaret, Emma, Regina, Mr. Gold and Hook all headed to Neverland to save Henry. Why would Peter Pan want the boy? I'm guessing there will be a lot more to learn about Baelfire's back story.

Speaking of Bae, Neal is alive! Thank goodness. But this should be interesting as all of these characters work together (hopefully) to save Henry. Will they try and head to the Enchanted Forest or make their way back to Storybrooke? Will Belle be able to protect Storybrooke or will it be overrun by magical seeking tourists? 

As Once Upon a Time season 2 comes to an end we're left with plenty of questions and a whole new realm to explore. Are you ready for season 3?


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I thought this was a good finale. I had expected the cliffhanger to be whether or not Storybrooke would survive. To see Emma get in touch with the magic within her and help save Storybrooke was great to see. I liked that we got to see more about Hook and that he actually does have a heart. Although I liked the twist of Belle believing she was Lacey, it was good to see her return. Gold was settling for what he could get as far as the Lacey twist goes; but Belle is who he actually loves. Belle is the one who brings out his humanity. On that note it is always good to see Regina step outside her cold, black bitch persona and regress to the woman she was. I am interested to see what happens next.


Having Philip there when Neil was discovered opens the need for the resolution of the open plot thread of getting his soul back. When we last saw Aurora and Mulan they were going to try to find a way to recover his soul. This scene means that they succeeded and thus we need to see that occur.


This was a great finale. I knew Emma would end up helping Regina so she wouldn't die. What I didn't see coming was Tamara and Greg kidnapping Henry. I'm interested to learn why Peter Pan wants Henry and interested to find out how he knows about him since he knew he wanted him a long time before Henry was even born. It should be a good 3rd season with hook, Emma, charming, snow, Regina, and rumple all going to neverland. I wonder if they'll end up meeting up with Neal, Mulan, Philip, and aurora. I can't wait till nex season it should be good.


The actress playing Red (Meghan Ory) is involved with a new show that's coming this fall--Intelligence. That would explain her absence during the latter part of this season's OUaT. We have three potential venues for next season, now: Storybrooke, Neverland, and the Enchanted Forest (not to mention Wonderland in the spin-off!). I hope ABC doesn't kill its CGI budget and have to cut our show :(


So the major characters for season 3 will be Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, Rumple, Hook and Henry. I guess we will not be seeing the Storybrook folks till maybe the second half of the season? So we probably won't see much of Belle Red & Grumpy next year. Red was AWOL for the second half of this season. Will turning the show into a fantasy Star Trek be jumping the shark? As a fantasy Geek I would love it, but I wonder how the other fans would feal about this. I think the majority of fans would have liked it better if the producers would have gone the way of the original comic book story that the show is loosely based upon and have the whole gang move to a neighborhood in New York or some other major city. Still, I hope that they do a better job adapting characters like the Little Mermaid than Robin Hood. I do not know if Rumple & Regina can be totally redeemed. Regina can work with Emma to find and save Henry but she will then fight Emma and Snow to keep Henry. Cannot wait till next seasaon.


I got the impression the head Lost Boy was Peter Pan and they were searching for Henry for some big bad guy, not the Lost Boys were looking for him for Pan. I'm glad there's a little more to Pan than just the evil shadow that takes boys. I too missed Ruby, Granny, and the Blue Fairy. I understand why Sidney disapeared from the story (he's on Revolution now) but the others...Ruby used to be a big part of the story and now she's just gone. I honestly wasn't surprised Neal survived and maybe now Aurora, Mulan, and Phillip will get actual stories of their own. The 3 of them were horribly under used this season, as was Robin Hood.

Spindae 2o

-HOOK! Overall is the best character introduced in S2, he has many faces and shades what makes him strong and weak. He was tricked several times and was the laughing stoke of the strong ones, but comparing him to Charming he is strong and knows what he wants.
Loved his connection with young Bae! they really kicked it of and he kicked him off just cause he is Hurt
Storybrooke Hook played a very confusing game,he could've killed Tamara and Greg ASAP but didn't! But the flashback which made him realize that he can't dissapoint NEAL again was well done.
Remember Hook mentioned Mermaids (S3 *_*).
Mulan will probably get recast in S3 cause that wasn't the RW girl. Now They have alot MATERIAL for S3. The Backstory of PAN, Rumple and Regian eventually Cora. Maybe he is Regina's real Dad. I would love Chad Michael Murray to see in that Role. He is youngish but has some dark facial expressions which could work Why didn't Regina just took Henry to her with her magic? she can move objects.

Spindae 2o

Once upon a NeverLand! ! A really good FINAL, they doesn't push things they just have their perfect flow. They've played it out Perfectly!
-NeverLand story! I loved the Felix character. He was tremendous. Really dark and essential to the story the whole Shadow story.
-Rumpelstilskin NAILED it! This showed how honest of a man he was. His reconnecting with Belle PERFECT!
-David! First time he was just a bit useful. They really misused this character. I really miss the Royal leader he should be. Okay it's a women driven show but come on LET HIM BE THE STAR ONCE!
-The Charmings what a beautiful moment.First the dinner and than in the mine. It was a great moment of parenting.
-Regina! Beside Rumple she was the girl that shine. Lana is acting so honest, she is just a girl raised by BAD parents who doesn't know how to coop with pain.


Didn't any of you realize that Tamara and Greg may be "Lost boys" as well? Greg was "abandoned" when Regina took his father, so it was a great candidat to become a lost boy...
My question is, why is Henry so different?


Great finale. Didn't like the Greg/Tamara storyline, but if it leads us to Peter Pan, I'm fine with it. I am curious to see how they'll portray him, they make it sound like he was evil. I missed the other characters (Blue Fairy, Ruby, Granny...) BTW Ruby has been MIA for the past few episodes. I hate it that we had to endure Greg and Tamara instead of our beloved characters. The Blue Fairy could have helped in the destruction of the trigger.

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

They didn't kill my son. I did. I brought magic to this world to find Bae and now he's dead. Magic always has a price and this is it but I'm prepared to die.

Mr. Gold

Lucky? I'm a prisoner of pirates in a world cursed by magic.