Once Upon a Time Season 3: Expanded Storytelling, Deeper Characters to Come

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The Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale aired last night, with various characters in various locales and Peter Pan very much a part of the cliffhanging storyline.

How might all these worlds and individuals collide in Season 3? What sort of challenges do producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis foresee for Emma, Regina and company?

Mary Margaret, David and Henry

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunners looked ahead to the fall and gave small hints on what viewers can expect.

"How do we best continue telling [these] stories?" Horowitz asked of what's becoming a very large canvas. "Sometimes that will require flashbacks; sometimes it won’t. We want to continue to expand the storytelling modality of the show, like we did in season 2, where we were able to do things like flash back to Emma for the first time, or see time during the curse."

Kitsis, meanwhile, said the goal is to "simplify" the storytelling, shooting down any notion of episodes that jump between five worlds.

On a more specific basis, Regina and Rumpelstiltskin are now on the same ship and they want the same thing, but…

"Just because you want the same thing, doesn’t mean you agree on the methods," Horowitz teased. "And that’s going to be some of the drama there. Despite the fact that they all want to save Henry, they have a long and difficult history with each other that they need to deal with."

Overall, yes, there are many new characters. But Kitsis is quick to note that the goal is never to overwhelm the mainstays.

"Season 3, we really want to dive deeper into our core characters and continually tell their story," he said.

Visit EW.com now for the full interview with Horowitz and Kitsis and sound off: What grade would you give Once Upon a Time Season 2?

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i still love this show - glad about emma and henry's dad storyline but i do miss graham - i watch it faithfully and now with bell i have my cell with (tv)and i can watch it again. i miss it on sunday with the season over and looking very forward to next season - i love the peter pan storyline , to be honest i truly love the whole show, i find the writers very creative and hugh thumbs up from me. thanks for giving me "ONCE UPON A TIME"


I think its weird that Peter Pan is evil. Thought he was supposed to be good?! Anyhow, I hope we get to see more of Neverland next season, minus the creepy lost boys and the insane peter pan.


Loved season 2. The acting was great as was the story line. I am exciting to buy this season in August. I can't wait to see season 3. Does anyone know when that will be?


Okay. Henry is good. We all know that. The shadow has always been trouble. He gives peter problems in every version! And it makes sense that peter would be Henry, and I'm excited that Adam and Eddy gave Henry an alternative life. Because when I sat and watched the shoe, I'd sit and wonder well whose Henry? Why doesn't he have an alter ego? If you will. But I loved the episode Great Way to end the Season Guys. Cannot wait til season 3!


Once upon a time is spectacular but they could bring more to the table like add all charectors like the beast and malificent should return to her witch form and help Regina or add in the whole Camelot story and the whole wonder land story
but I am excited to see what suprices wait in wasp three


Terrible episode. Poor acting on Regina and Emma when they destroyed the diamond!


Lame ending. Peter Pan is evil? C'mon Man!!!


Omg, can't Wait!!!


I’m so excited to see how everyone interacts on the boat ride to save Henry, next season. I’m so glad that during the wait, I can always re-watch the second season, with my DISH Hopper. With my late work shift at DISH, I have my DVR set to record seasons of my favorite shows. The 2,000 hours of storage space leaves me room to keep my favorite seasons, without having to delete them to make room.


I have to say I'm not liking the Peter Pan/Neverland storyline. I was never into that story as a kid, never even saw the movie. However I am excited for Neal's arc with Aurora, Phillip and Mulan.

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