Revenge Season Finale Sneak Peek: Takeda's Killer

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The second season of ABC's Revenge culminates this Sunday night in a special two-hour finale event with back-to-back episodes promising high octane and life changing moments galore.

Sounds over-dramatic, but if you watched "Engagement," the stage has certainly been set.

Before those life-altering plot twists occur, the fallout from this past Sunday must be addressed, as we see in a new sneak peek, which shows Emily and Nolan finding her mentor dead.

She discerns, correctly, that it was a fair fight, and that whomever killed Takeda respected him.

She is incorrect, however, when she finds Takeda's own box of secrets and assumes that whomever he was tracking is responsible for his demise - and may come after Aiden next.

What was he searching for? And how will Emily react if and when she learns it was Aiden?

Watch the scene from "Truth" and share your comments with us below ...

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LOVE Aiden!! Much better character than Jack and certainly a more realistic match for Emily. But I'm a realist, not a teenybopper. The actor who plays Declan had his best turn in this episode, otherwise, the role was out of sync with everyone else. Jack is kind of dumb. If they've killed off Aiden, it is just one more hint that someone is manipulating the direction that the script SHOULD be taking. He is a much better match for Emily's character than dumb-dumb Jack. Nolan going from a gay orientation to love with the female Padma was truly inane, and having Emily and Jack get together is infantile fantasy.


Great clip; I wonder if Emily will find out that Aiden was the one who killed Takeda sometime in this finale. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch this finale live because I work at DISH on Sunday evenings, but I'll see it on my DVR. I set my DISH Hopper to always record Revenge and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I won't have to worry about missing this finale even if I forget to set a timer for it.


Aiden has to die for things to get back on track,but it'll have to wait for next season.


I do like Aiden. He is loyal to Emily


Get rid of Declan PLEASE!


Jack and Daniel are clueless but Aidan has too many issues!


it would be cool if Conrad least we move forward with this revenagenda...
but I am sure they will kill Aiden off...I like him, he wants to be there for Emily/Amanda, he gets her in a way that Daniel, Jack can't!!!


i agree with everyone below. if someone other than ashley or daniel dies in the finale, im going to be really mad that they chose that person to die instead of aiden who i just dont like. hes sketchy.


I have never really like Aiden he was always in the way like access baggage
and the real Emily throne should have stayed, but I also think that they should have told jack in the first season or he should have had some suspicion.


She was spot on until she found the box and started thinking differently.

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