Rookie Blue Review: All the Time in the World

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Rookie Blue made its summer return with "Surprises" - and it may may just have been the show's best premiere to date. 

It's been six months since the Season 3 finale... and Nick and Andy certainly look cozy. They've spent their undercover assignment infiltrating a drug ring, as a couple. For a moment I began to wonder how intimate they'd actually gotten.

Nick: I don't like going to bed angry. | permalink

That said, I honestly think they spent their cohabitation taking turns sleeping on the sofa. 

Rookie Blue Season Premiere Photo

Still, these two have certainly formed a bond and Nick obviously had his own opinions about how Sam dumped Andy last year.

Andy seemed different. I think it was that she exuded a confidence we've never witnessed before. The kind of attitude that a long term undercover assignment can produce. 

Although I wanted to yell at her as she was walking outside the drug dealers house. She started asking about warrants while talking on the phone and had no idea who might be on the other side of that fence or who could have been listening from a second story window. It felt like a rookie mistake.

I guess her biggest error, though, was not thoroughly clearing that house before she started snooping. Assuming you're alone is dangerous, especially for a cop.

No one was more shocked than I was when Nick pulled that trigger. I suddenly had all these questions about the things we don't know about Nick. His explanation made sense given his background, but I'd guess this is something Andy will hold over his head for quite a while. Maybe forever.

I couldn't believe Andy picked up the phone and called Sam while she and Nick were hiding out. Obviously she still remembered his number but 911 could have worked too.  Wait, do they have 911 in Canada?

Perhaps she could have skipped the small talk and gotten right to the heart of the matter. Like telling him to trace the call and send in the cavalry before they both got shot.

When Sam finally did ride to the rescue, their stilted conversation was almost painful. All I wanted was for him to grab her and hold her... or her to fly into his arms. But that wasn't meant to be.

However, that's exactly the reunion that Nick received after Gail socked him in the jaw. Let's face it, though, he had that coming.

Speaking of Gail, the girl may have gone all zen but she certainly hasn't lost her snarky humor. I couldn't believe she lied to Chris about the letter. Actually, I could completely believe it. That was so cruel... and funny. That's why I've always loved Gail.

So now Chris has a decision to make: Stay at 15 and risk his relationship or head to Timmons and be professionally bored to tears. Honestly, Chris has never been a favorite of mine so even if he left I wouldn't be heartbroken. Yet I am interested to see how the show resolves this personal/professional crossroads.

Only Dov would announce to his friends and coworkers that he's been celibate for six months. Personal and professional boundaries don't really exist at the 15th.

As if to solidify that thought, Andy walked in on Sam kissing Officer What's Her Name. Yes, Andy's the one who walked away six months ago and Sam had the right to move on... but I hate Officer What's Her Name anyway. 

And, no, I stubbornly haven't learned her name. I'm guessing I'll have to, but that can wait until next week. I'm too busy hating her now to be bothered.

The look on Andy's face was the epitome of wearing one's heart on their sleeve. Her expression was one of raw hurt that she couldn't hide. As she said in this Rookie Blue quote...

I don't hate change. I hate surprises. | permalink

I think she's about to get plenty of both.

But this was only episode 1. We have 12 more to go, which gives us all the time in the world to get Sam and Andy back together. Welcome, Rookie Blue season 4. Bring it on.


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Couldn't wait for the show to return. The 6-month time jump was a good idea, I liked how Andy got back to a world that has completely changed. And change isn't always good. I too don't like officer what's her name. Especially that she both replaced Noelle and Andy (by Sam's side). By the way, is Noelle coming back this season? Anyway, this return was long overdue.


Do they have 911 in Canada? Oh, come on are you freakin' kidding me?!? Now I feel insulted...


I'm glad the show is back.


I really like this show. I don't like writing that falls through the cracks. You can still have drama, lots of drama and excitement and still be accurate / realistic. We're dealing with (supposedly) highly trained under cover officers / professionals. 1) When they were about to be shot and turning the tables on the two bad guys, they are in REAL danger. They DID NOT DISARM (take the weapons) from the two men; they just ran away like scared civilians. 2) McNally, from a land line, not knowing where she is, calls Sam, instead of 911 saying "This is officer McNally badge number ... in need of assistance, physical address not known; send multiple backup."
Calling 911, ESPECIALLY when their lives are in danger, is the professional and sensible thing to do. They could be clear on the other side of town. 911 Dispatch could get units closer to their location to respond more quickly and then relay the information to others. I know it's nitpicking, but hey, the rest of the show was great and I'm glad they're back!


Life was so good to start out. Like when Sam was furiously trying to find Andy (& Nick). Or when Sam found her and she was so happy and smiling at him. But... then there's "What's her face" at the end of the episode and now my night is ruined. All I have to say is, Sam and Andy better be together by the end of the season. & no Nick and Andy stuff!!! Please just stay friends!!!


I really missed the show but to be honest they should do like a recap episode cause I didn't remember lots of the stuff that happened last season. Anyway I agree with you that this was the best premier. Great episode, very intense. Sam and Andy belong together and loved when Gail punched Nick.


Sooo glad the show is back!!!
My question: if Sam is kissing WHN (What's Her Name) in the station, then people must know they're dating, right? Why would Tracy send Andy to Sam without even a heads up?!?!?! Not a very good friend!
In the very beginning & at the ending, (at least on my tv) the background music was SO loud I have no idea what anyone said!!!


God I have missed this show!!! I also was hoping Andy would jump into Sam's arms when he found them! My heart was torn out of my chest just like Andy's as soon as I realized she was going to walk in on him and "what's her face" kissing in the kitchen. There is too mug chemistry between these two to ignore it so it will only be after of time before Sam can't resist it anymore. Also "what's her face" got a first hand look at that chemistry when she saw Andy looking at Sam after being found. Also I would love to hear the back story of how Sam and "what's her face" got together because it took a while for him to open up to Andy so how was it so quick for him to open up to this lady. Also I want to know how long they have been dating. So many questions and not enough answers. Love this show and I'm SO happy it is back on! Also if you couldn't tell I refuse to learn "what's her face's" name until I actually have too which should be never :) McSwarek forever!!


Woohoo! The rookies (who aren't rookies anymore) are back!! And, yes. We do have 911 in Canada.


I'm pretty sure Sam is not over Andy either. I can't remember how he dumped her last year ... but the look on his face was one of guilt/regret.

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