Scandal Review: Give For What You Love

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Scandal is really heating up leading into the final two episodes of the season. And I'm not just talking about those closing scenes!

The drama is getting intense. The secrets are coming out. And Mellie's spilling half of them proving, once again, that Hell hath no fury like "A Woman Scorned."

Very Intense Olivia

This episode was so intense I barely have any notes. From Olivia and Fitz to the team's search for Charlie, I was completely riveted.

I actually thought Cyrus was going to try to have Olivia taken out! Or that he would have a heart attack from all the angry screaming and tunnel traipsing he did tonight!

Cyrus going back and forth trying to broker a peace between Mellie and Fitz was great. He seemed to be the only one who was aware of just what, exactly, would happen to their entire operation should Mellie go public with the news of Fitz' affair. 

Mellie, like he said, was thinking like a wife whose heart has been broken too many times. Fitz was thinking with his, well, his heart. 

He may have just tossed aside an entire nation for Olivia Pope tonight and if that hadn't been enough to earn her then I don't know what more she could've wanted him to do. 

I don't really ship these two because I find their relationship more unhealthy than whole most of the time. Having Jake follow her everywhere to keep her safe was creepy. He's kind of volatile. When he's mad, he's really mad. And when he's saying the right things, they're a little too right. He's cocky and used to getting what he wants. Fitz can't really be there for her the way a guy who isn't President could be. 

Olivia will always question all that he gave up to be with her and wonder whether or not he truly believes that it was worth it. Happiness isn't something she can trust. And, quite frankly, given her speech to Edison about wanting a heartbreaking love, I don't think she can really handle a normal relationship with Fitz. If they're happy together and there's no Mellie in the way, what then?

There are so many reasons why these two do not work and why I want to see her with someone else. 

But then Shonda Rhimes puts Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on a set together and it's like the Fourth of July and I find myself cheering on their affair and sort of hating that they have so much chemistry.

The fallout from Mellie's proclamation is coming. What it will be, I have no idea. I imagine Olivia will be the one to help Cyrus spin it somehow, but how, exactly, I don't know. She's in this up to her eyeballs and Olivia can't nor should she ever trust Mellie to keep her name out of the news. 

Mellie's out for blood. I can't really say that I blame her.

If she ruins his career, she can always start over and rebuild her own without his help, denying whatever allegations Cyrus spreads. Once Fitz is ruined, that's it. He's done. 

In other marital strife, James and Cyrus! Cyrus can't really hold the interview against James. James had no idea what Mellie was going to say and this is his first day on the job. Somehow, I think he will though. It seems like Cyrus to misplace his anger, at least temporarily. I suppose he could always be mad that he didn't get a phone call that James was conducting the interview. I just hope Cyrus is on an aspirin regimen. And that he has Tums. And gets his blood pressure checked regularly.

In non-White House news, Huck identifying Charlie from a picture of his ear made me chuckle a little, as it was supposed to. Watching Huck try to list all the information he has about Charlie was sad.

One of Charlie's likes? To kill people. And cannoli. Good to know.

Charlie's playing double agent and it seems like the guy Jake keeps meeting with doesn't know Charlie is alive. I'm really interested in the Charlie-Jake-Huck spy-assassin showdown that is no doubt coming. Huck has a score to settle with Charlie. Jake needs to cover his tracks. It's only a matter of time.

Charlie has a target on his back. And since he's playing double agent and working for Albatross and Cyrus, he really needs to watch out.

Bits and pieces:

  • David is slowly becoming one of the OPA team. Harrison seems not to like it, but there's no denying David's a valuable asset.
  • Quinn showing David how they do things without a badge was a nice nod to all the things she's learned.
  • Huck telling Olivia he doesn't want her to die was sweet.
What did you think of "A Woman Scorned"? Were you excited by Fitz and Olivia's reunion? Who do you think Albatross is? Don't forget to check out the Scandal quotes page for more Gladiator goodness!


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For Lizzy B
Of what use would it have been, and whom would it have benefited, had Verna given up her Confession and then died a few hours later? All it would have caused, would have been havoc and wrecked lives for Fitz, olivia & Co. Last time I checked..the dead have no knowledge of whats happening and nothing can harm them anymore..but the living do...So Fitz did what he had to do.....
protect himself and the rest of group and don't forget!! The show is called Scandal and it scandals and continues to "deliver", in that it shocks us every week to see how far most people would go to protect their own interests.....
Good Show Shonda Rhimes!!


Best show ever...
I agree..Fitz and Olivia belong together..... (Glad I can say this as this is only a tv show)
Its the intensity of their relationship that keeps this show alive...
I literally can,t breathe when these two are together..
About Mellie...have some of you forgotten her marriage to Fitz was long "over" even before Olivia came on to the scene... that the two had been pretending for years??
If the "horse is dead", get can't carry you anymore. That's Mellie and Fitz. What she is now doing is.."if I can't have you, then I will destroy you before I go"
I don't condone cheating in a marriage... but if it't not working.. Let the other one go. Give each other a chance to be happy again. Presidents are only human... Fitz is human..Doesn't he deserve a chance to be happy? Why hang on to somebody who does not love you? Mellie does not love Fitz, and he definetely does not love her...
Cyrus is confusing me...He seems to do whats best for him most of the time and he will go to any length to make sure that happens...Charley/Jake...
He is even willing to get rid of Olivia! And there she is saying "He is my friend!!..What a friend!!


Oh, and I hope they get rid of Jake, because he's creepy, no matter what he's up to...creeeeeeepy!I also do not think he's even remotely sexy, and I can't imagine why Olivia slept with him. Ugh. And Fitz only hastened Verna's death, she was barely breathing and was going to die in a few hours anyway. He could only be accused of mercifully putting her out of her misery. I loved seeing the whole team at work together, too. I also loved Huck telling Olivia that he didn't want to see her end up in the Potomac. Huck is just an awesome character, and I am glad that David is becoming part of the team. He is a smart guy and he belongs on the I think he needs to get back together with the redhead


I agree with BeBe that Mellie should have taken the deal and let the whole affair with Olivia go, but she couldn't do that because she allowed her jealousy to get the better of her, which is insane. Now she's going to get a wagon-load of crap from her husband, and she will have to watch as he basically gives up the presidency for the woman that he loves. Liv and Fitz are meant to be together because they are in love, they are soul mates and they have made it obvious that they are miserable without one another. I think Mellie got into the situation with eyes wide open, and she had to know that Fitz didn't love her. She is such a conniving, miserable, vacuous person, I can't imagine anyone could love her. She is power-hungry and a terrible mother, and I find myself wondering if Cy will now try to have her killed to save Fitz. Cy is really not the nicest guy, but he is honest, for the most part.


@Nana -- Actually, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who would not be able of committing murder, even if it was the person that tried to have them killed. Not like it was self-defense, woman was completely helpless...he did it solely to save his own ass and that does not make his action sympathetic to me in any way. He's a poor excuse for a man!


Well here it goes. I have never been one to condone extra marital affairs but face it Fitz and Liv belong with one another. There love is strong and Im routing for them. I love Scandal. I don’t have cable so I watch Scandal via “HULU� Please whatever you do ensure the safety of these two people so that they can stay together. Oh and Millie “If you love someone you let them go, and if it was meant to be they come back�. Liv thank you for taking Fitz back in spite of your fear (referring to what Huck said about every women that’s sleeps with the President ends up dead) Fitz loves you and he’s going to make sure your safe.


Liv and Fitz belong together. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane. How much more can he show that she means the world to him. Fitz had nothing to do with defiance and he did what all of us whould have done to Verna. She was a cold b who hired an assassin to execute him. Not only she deserved to die but if he let her expose everything, Liv, Cy, Mellie, Hollis would have all gone to jail and he did not want that. The beauty of this show is not OPA, it's not the scandalous cases presented in every episode but it's the passion between Fitz and Liv. If someone can't see that, i can't help you. I don't feel a bit sorry for Mellie. She knew what was going on and let it happen because she wanted power and i have 0 sympathy for a women who stays with a man who doesn't love her. That's really low. Fitz and Liv's relationship may be difficult and shot-lived but the writers really do a good job at portraying them as soul mates. they belong together no matter what happens.


What's funniest to me about Fitz killing Verna was the "why" of it--he did it to stop her from exposing Defiance so that he could continue to be President. Now, he's just willing to throw all that away? He should have just let Verna talk if that was the case because he didn't have anything to do with Defiance so he might actually have a chance at a political career post scandal. And, hmm, wonder how Olivia would feel about Fitz if she knew what he had done to Verna. Though, I really don't know what she sees in him now--he's unstable and obviously power-hungry; wants what he wants when he wants it. Passion is one thing but you don't tell someone that you love and respect that they are basically only worth an erection..ever! If Fitz wasn't President anymore and/or Olivia Pope wasn't, well, Olivia Pope anymore, one or both of them would end up resenting the other, I'm sure of it. Their "love" totally does not work!


did you all forget that Verna tried to kill Fitz at one point? You're all a little too harsh on the man. Everyone in his life has used him for some reason or another. I think he has the right to be angry -- about Defiance, about Melly, about Verna, about everything. Obviously he felt bad about killing her. Olivia isn't the most stand-up person in the world neither.


We can not forget Fitz is a jerk, but also a killer. I do not want Olivia and Fitz together anymore. And really I want also all the people know what happened with the presidential election in some moment.

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