Scandal Round Table: "A Woman Scorned"

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You know how the old phrase goes: Hell Hath No Fury Like "A Woman Scorned." Let's upgrade that to a new level of intensity: Hell Hath No Fury like Mellie Grant Scorned.

Below, join TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans to discuss what happens when you call Mellie's bluff. There was a bombshell interview, an OLitz reunion and a lot of investigating about the Mole on this week's crazily awesome episode.

Jump on in and discuss the latest episode of Scandal!


What was your favorite scene or quote from "A Woman Scorned?"

Christine: "Book Lovers Never Sleep Alone" made me laugh as well as the guy who not only tortures and kills people for a living but enjoys doing it commenting on too much violence in a book. That was such an unexpectedly funny scene.

Leigh: Fave scene was Olivia telling Fitz he had to earn her. She does have a life and she can't just drop everything for this married guy who demands her presence. Second fave was David Rosen asking "wonder who he's banging?" And everyone at OPA walking away.

Jim: I loved Cyrus walking out of the elevator, directly in to Ballard. Ballard is smarter than your average bear and didn't play Cyrus' game.

Emily: I totally agree with Leigh on both scenes, especially with David's "who's he bangin'?" Can we say AWKWARD!?!

Miranda: All the scenes with Cyrus running back and forth between the White House and Blair House were funny. I'd like a montage of them. But I also liked when Olivia let Jake inside after Cyrus dropped by. There was something about that was almost like she was trying to make a new friend, even if they have already slept together.

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How should Cyrus spin the fallout from Mellie's on-air confession?

Christine: Making her look like the bad guy could backfire on him. Perhaps he should consult Olivia on the best spin. I know I'm in the minority but I'm team Mellie on this one. No matter how crazy she can be or how much Fitz loves Olivia, he's married. He should have ended that before having sex on desks and in hall closets with the other women.

Leigh: I actually have no idea. They need something bigger for the country to focus on but you know it's not going to go away. 

Jim: Fake a heart-attack? He looked like he was going to have one right there. Seriously, there really isn't a good way to spin this short of something drastic like "Mellie's gone crazy," which might not work anyway. 

Emily: Knowing Cyrus, I'm sure he could do it, but whatever plan he comes up with will be tough to execute if Fitz doesn't cooperate. He got "forced" into the last infidelity cover-up so I don't know how willing he will be to do it again now that he's happy with Olivia - for now.

Miranda: I don't put it past him to dig up information on whomever she was rumored to have been sleeping with on the campaign trail and leak that to the media to stir the pot making it look like Fitz cheated in retaliation.

Olivia and Fitz had quite the reunion. What happens when she finds out Fitz killed Verna?

Christine: Oh, I completely forgot that she didn't know about that! I can just imagine the look on her face when she finds out. Do you think Fitz is smart enough to keep his mouth shut? That fallout won't be pretty.

Leigh: Knowing this show, it will happen a year later like Huck admitting he knew Charlie killed Amanda Tanner. Verna also tried to kill Fitz. 

Jim: Given that Fitz told Cyrus, I'm sure if he doesn't say something Cyrus will at just the right time.

Emily: As much as OLITZ shippers loved that scene, you have to know its too good to be true. I'm sure finding out about Verna will cause some trouble once that "dirty little secret" comes out. I think it will hit Olivia hard now thy she knows of Cyrus' involvement with Amanda Tanner's murder. 

Miranda: Hopefully she doesn't act like Cyrus and pretend like he did something as routine as drop off his dry cleaning. He straight up murdered someone to keep a Presidency he doesn't even seem to want. He shouldn't get the girl, too.

Better moment: Huck identifying Charlie by his ear or Quinn showing David the ropes in the pastry shop?

Christine: I really enjoyed Quinn showing David the ropes at the pastry shop.  When you don't have a badge it pays to be friendly.

Leigh: Quinn showing David the ropes was fun. He is integrating with the OPA fam for sure. 

Jim: I loved Huck knowing Charlie's ear. I'm curious - when did David start working for Olivia for Quinn to need to start showing him the ropes?

Emily: Quinn is definitely getting smooth in her investigational skills! As far as Huck IDing Charlie, I'm wondering what's up with the obsession with ears the Scandal Writers seem to have. 

Miranda: Quinn showing David the ropes and her "you have to make friends when you don't have a badge" was great, but there was something more awesome about Huck knowing Charlie's ear. So I'm going with that.

Will Mellie out Olivia as the President's mistress?

Christine: I think she's going to hold that one in her back pocket for a while.  She'll need some leverage. Olivia's world will blow up once that news hits. It might make it impossible for her to do her work. Odds are Fitz won't want that for her and Mellie can use that to her advantage.

Leigh: Mellie is holding Olivia's identity as a bargaining chip. She knows Fitz will do anything to protect Olivia. That's her power card. 

Jim: If she gets the chance she will. She's a vindictive witch (with a capital B) and doesn't pull punches.

Emily: I agree that she'll hang on to this tidbit for leverage. She's always gotta "have cards left to play."

Miranda: I think she'll use protecting Olivia as leverage to get Fitz back home, so no I don't think Olivia's name will come out just yet. However, I think any reporter worth his (or her) salt should be able to sniff this one out.

Give your mole prediction.

Christine: They certainly made it appear like Jake was involved. Please don't let it be Jake! Scott Foley is too darn handsome to be the mole. 

Leigh: Well, the mole wasn't in on Defiance. I'm guess it's the VP Sally. She wants Fitz's position badly as evidenced in the episodes when he got shot. 

Jim: Vice President! My money is on the VP!

Emily: Based on the VP's turn around after Fitz was shot, I'm not convinced she would risk the safety of the country in order to take his place. I still think the mole is tied up with Joe Morton's character, Charlie and Jake. I'm just gonna throw one out from left field that would make for a crazy twist - what if it's Mellie? Long shot - I know, but she's been trying so hard to push Cyrus out and be the one Fitz turns to. Could she be leaking info to set others up to take the fall for bad decisions so she can step in to advise Fitz? 

Miranda: I don't think the VP would want Defiance to come out because as his running-mate Defiance benefited her just as much. I really like the idea that it's Mellie or she's involved somehow.


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Since when was Mellie in Fitz's class at law school? That was Hillary Clinton. Either she was in his class and he knew her or he met her when she was a secretary and his father set them up on a date. Can't be both.


I'm glad Fitz killed Verna. i wanted to kill her myself. She is a cold hearted B who hired someone to assassinate him and Sold Huck out to the VP to save her own legacy. He knew how much Liv loved Fitz and as her best friend she still wanted to execute him. So, yes. I'm glad he did it and Liv shouldn't be too mad about that because if it wasn't for that she would be in jail now. Whoever thinks Fitz doesn't want to be president is missing the point. He just wants Liv also but he always wanted to be president and Liv knows that. So she should help him stay as president no matter what. He made the ultimate gesture when he didn't have to. Please do not say that he killed Verna for a presidency he doesn't even want. Just because he's willing to give it up for Liv doesn't mean he doesn't want it. He does want it. Liv better open her eyes and see that she's in politics. She knew well that Cy killed Amanda Tanner. She even said it to Fitz during a phone conversation. Now all of a sudden, she's acting surprise. That's life. Nobody gets to the level of being president without people like Cy doing the dirty work for them. Why? Because we judge them to a different standard than others. Maybe it's time we all open our eyes and learn from humanity. These scandal situations are happening all around us and we get judgemental for a moment and ends voting for the same people because they know they have to cover it up in order to get elected. So, it's time t really think about what we are asking these people to do. We know they are not perfect but yet we require them to show perfection in their lives. Now, that's foolish.


This is fiction guys! Talk about real real life America. Am sure worse things have happened than what's happening with fitz as potus in scandal. You think GWbush jnr worn his first election? Must be kidding. This things never come out in real life u see. There will just be rumours that die down, so fast as though it never happened.
My advice to Shonda and the entire scandal cast, crew and writers; is that Shonda as the creat


1. Mellie not backing down
4. Quinn and David
5. She won't out her right away but she will if she needs to.


Someone mentioned real life America...Hillary got over Bill's 'indiscretion' although the full force of that scandal hit during his second term. He was elected under the suspicion of impropriety with Paula Jones (think that was her name). I'm really curious as to why Mellie is taking this stand now, especially in light of her unconventional view of marriage. Hope there's a juicy agenda. Theirs was a modern day arranged marriage and Mellie was good with it so why object now. It appears the mole also sought Defiance info which makes one look at Cyrus's partner and/or David. Of course it could just be a bargaining chip if he/she is discovered. It has to involve someone onscreen otherwise it loses it's wow factor. LOVE the intrigue more than Fitz's relationships.


The mole could be the guy that recruited huck. I don't think there's anyway to spin mellie's bombshell without causing more damage to the presidency. In real life America there's no way in which fitz could be elected president after this scandal.

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