Scandal Season Finale: First Photos!

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It's nearing that time across your television dial, as various shows prepare to say goodbye for the summer.

In anticipation, we've posted photos over the past few days from:

Now, ABC has released a slew of photos from "White Hat's Back On," the Scandal Season 2 finale that promises to both reveal the mole and drive Cyrus to his limit.

Click through the images now, as Huck works his surveillance magic and Olivia looks especially distressed:

News for Olivia
Earful for Huck
Huck with Olivia
Huck and Quinn
Cyrus on Edge
Mellie Grant Photo
The Team at Work

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This is just something that bugs me. Last shot of Cyrus & James in bed. Why is the bed so "small"? They look like they're in a kid's bed. Don't they make Cal. King beds over there??


You write very well!


Surprising turn of events in last night's episode! David Rosen really surprised me! Olivia is insightful and wants to take care of her man and she does. Good for her!!! She understands the needs of Fitz and does want to make him a better man. I really appreciated this side of her character. I also understand Fitz and his problem--he needs to get over his father's words to him. That is not an easy task!! Olivia understands this! I loved seeing this-- it made her so much more vulnerable and humane. I am looking forward to the finale! Obviously Mellie has many secrets that she is not sharing!


Well my mouth was hanging open at the end of this episode~~!!!!! That little weasl "David", okay you got played and layed so your a back stabber yuck!!!How many times does Oliva have to build that man up!!! And I am just saying that if Fitz gets his knickers in a wad over the Jake thing then he should lose her. I knew that Cyrus was going to have the big one! ugh!!!

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

[to Hollis] Talking about murder in the White House in front of the President is like talking about sex in the Vatican in front of the Pope. We do not do it.


Huck: It's true what they say. If you want someone killed right, you've gotta kill them yourself.
Abby: Somebody stitch that on a pillow.