Shipper Showdown: What is the Best Nickname on Television?

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It is on, TV Fanatics.

Between The Vampire Diaries and Castle. Between Glee and Nashville. Between Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy.

Between not just the best couples that fill our living rooms every night across the dial... but between the nicknames bestowed upon them within the television community.

  • Rick and Kate
  • Damon and Elena at the Prom

Which is the catchiest? The most creative? The most appropriate?

Remember: we are not asking for the pairing you 'ship the hardest in the following poll. We are asking for your favorite nickname. Got it? Ready to share? Good. Do so now:


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SHAMY, OLICITY, JAPRIL, BEREMY all the feels!!!!


Maybe I'm showing my taste, but where is "The Good Wife"'s Willicia (the combination of Will and Alicia)?


Densi from ncis la




“We’re Rickate!… No we’re Katick???… Caskett! Oooh that’s good.. ‘cause of the whole murder thing.. Caskett!!!� And need we say more because it's the best name? All about the couple and is still mentioned in the series honoring the fans.


have to go with Calzona - now that's a cool one!


I voted for Caskett because it's a nice combination of the two names.


Jill JJ and Will from CM


caskett,because it is not only the names but often the result of their occupation.


Wait a minute.... You do a poll about ships and don't mention the biggest ship from the #1 show on tv.....TIVA? How does that happen?
Or how about these...McAbby...Tate...Jibbs/Zibbs/Gabby/Kibbs/Mibbs?