Supernatural Season 8 Report Card: B+

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In a lot of ways, Supernatural Season 8 felt split into two parts, where the first half centered on flashbacks with Sam and Dean trying to reunite and the latter half focused on the tablets and the larger repercussions involved.

While the outset seemed to stumble along trying to figure out a direction that would be both fresh and entertaining, the final stretch of episodes started pulling things together and reinvigorating the series towards an outstanding finale.

Let's wait out the hellatus together as we rundown Supernatural Season 8 in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card...

Brother Hunters

Best Episode: Hands down the finale, "Sacrifice" earned best episode, and for me certainly ranks up there for top episodes for the series. The tablet story came to a head, revealed a great twist with Metatron, delivered top performances from all the actors and most notably Jared Padalecki and Mark Sheppard, a dramatic Winchester brothers moment, as well as a jaw dropping and visually cool final scene with the angels falling from the sky. This was an all out Supernatural effort where everyone from the writer, director, actors, effects, and everything in between was on top form. This was a fantastic game changing way to lead into next season while reminding viewers that this show has still got it.

Worst Episode: Ultimately, "Bitten" still takes the title as worst episode. I appreciate the effort and risk to try something new, but with very little of Sam and Dean, and a collection of characters that felt pretty much one note, it was hard to invest in the hour. Luckily, the latter half of season eight had a pretty strong run of episodes, especially leading up to the finale, so it was far easier to pick this one out as the bottom of the pack.

Best Character: This one is tough because both Sam and Dean had major moments throughout the season both physically and emotionally. Plus, they're the Winchester brothers, so what's not to love? Yet, I'm going to give it to Crowley. He upped his game proving just how ruthless, powerful, and downright evil he could be. With cunning manipulation and a villainous master plan to kill off all of Sam and Dean's saves, he was a force to be reckoned with. Follow that up with a dramatic transformation towards a humanized version of the King of Hell complete with a desire for love and a penchant for HBO's Girls. Kudos to Mark Sheppard for making this character the one you love and hate with equal passion.

Worst Character: Sorry, Amelia, but even with the rest of season eight unfolding, you still get to be worst character. Maybe it was the lack of chemistry between Amelia and Sam. Maybe it was the fact there wasn't much to her in the flashbacks. Maybe it was because she was pretty much gone as soon as she had arrived. It's not that the concept of Sam wanting a normal life was bad, it was just Amelia never seemed to really make that option feel strong enough to be believable. I expected her to pop up in the finale with respects to Crowley's plan or some sacrifice Sam would have to make, but rather she disappeared like the over illuminated cheeriness of the flashback scenes she was involved in.

Best Romantic Relationship That Never Was: I never thought I'd say this, but there was something rather fun, fresh, and flirty with Meg and Castiel in "Goodbye Stranger." Not only did the episode allow Meg to really grow as a character, but it was so easy to smile when she and Castiel would talk to each other. Would it have worked out, angel and demon? Guess we'll never know because Castiel lost his grace and Meg sacrificed herself. Oh, what could have been.

Best God Trial: The final trial was never fully completed although it was interesting, and the second felt a little too easy (even if we did get to see Bobby again). Yet, the first trial not only got the ball rolling on Sam and Dean's real quest, but it had them looking a lot like Clark Kent or some type of hipster with those glasses. What's more, the visuals of the hell hound in blue tint weren't cheesy or ruined the scariness of never seeing them before. It was a cool concept to have to kill one and the moment where Sam gutted it only to be covered in blood was gross and fitting for a Supernatural task. Just another day at the office, right?

Hopes for Season 9: While this season brought some more struggle to Sam and Dean's relationship, the finale helped really bring them back together despite the major odds. It'll be nice to see that continue and get a good portion of next season with the brothers working together and on the same page as a unified front.

At the same time, I'd love to see how Castiel handles his human form (also Crowley, right?) and perhaps interactions with the fallen angels. It'll be interesting to see what them cast out of Heaven means. Also, might we ever see Supernatural's version of God?

I hope the fallout of the finale isn't wrapped up quickly, and instead actually dealt with as a new turning point for both the brothers and the series as a whole.

Really, I'm hoping that Season 9 takes the strengths of the finale and runs with it towards a new story arc that spans the one season and feels focused amidst the side quests. I'm hoping that the character focus and growth is combined with the overall larger story, while garnering the sense of stakes, scary, and humor that we've come to know and love after eight years. There's still plenty of gas left in the Impala tank and I'm excited to see where the next journey goes.

Overall Grade: B+

Your turn TV Fanatics! What did you think of Supernatural Season 8?

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I absolutely love this show i watch the repeats on tnt every day over and over sam and dean are fantastic


Amazing finale! My mouth was hanging open from Jody Mills' date with Crowley (she thought he was hot!) to the end, as Sam, Dean and Castiel watched angels dropping from the sky and Kevin freaked as everything in the Batcave went haywire. I laughed, cried and hung onto the edge of my seat; it was everything I had hoped for and more. I knew Metatron was not to be trusted and was leading Cas down the wrong path. If he's as Anna Milton was, he won't have any memory of having been an angel, and will be a simple human. Perhaps he'll revert back to being Jimmy again? I'm terrified for Sam. God wanted him sacrificed in this endeavor! Why did he react so violently to the falling of the angels? Who can heal him now? What will happen to Crowley now? Is he demon or human? Or de-man? LOL! That bro-hug had me weeping! Then poor Sam thought he was okay, but he wasn't! He couldn't breathe! Perhaps he will recover when the last angel falls? Is it October yet???? Love, Robin


I agree completely with this list, and I’m especially intrigued to see the fall out of the angels falling. I’m so glad that during the wait for the new season, I can always re-watch this past season with my DISH Hopper. I work the night shift at DISH, so I always make sure to record seasons of the shows I watch. The 2,000 hours of storage space allows me to keep some of my favorite seasons instead of deleting everything.


Ultimately I gave the season a B, which is pretty amazing considering how horrible I thought the first 8 or 9 episodes were. The second part of the season was amazing though, although they did play pretty fast and loose with canon.


Best Episode: Tough choice... for me Hunteri Heroici was one of the highlight episodes of the season. I guess because I personally enjoy the lighter Supernatural episodes and my favorite part of Supernatural is Team Free Will working together. I loved the teamwork between Cas, Dean, and Sam in this episode, loved the funny parts, loved the awesome VFX. Sacrifice was also an amazing episode and the visual of the angels falling was amazing and something I could watch over and over. I also enjoyed Torn and Frayed, A Little Slice of Kevin, The Great Escapist, LARP & the Real Girl, and more. Goodbye Stranger would make it on my best list if not for the scene between Cas and Meg, which for me was just something that soured the whole episode. I admit that I am somewhat biased and my view of that stuff is colored by my own personal likes and dislikes, but I just felt that for me that entire thing was very out of character for both of them, and I personally hated how they tried to white-wash Meg cause I always enjoyed Meg as an ass-kicking demon, as someone that I loved to hate. Now sadly, I'm just glad she's gone and hope that she is one character that doesn't return to Supernatural. Worst Episode: I don't know if there is a clear worst episode for me. Probably I'd have to say that Bitten, Man's Best Friend with Benefits, and Taxi Driver are my top three picks for worst episode. I liked Taxi Driver, but there were so many things wrong about that episode that I just have put it on my worst list. Best Character: Team Free Will


There was nothing that I found refreshing about the Meg/Cas scene. I thought it was a huge mistake on the part of the writers. It turned Cas into a skeezy perv (even Lucifer wouldn't have anything to do with demons) and Meg became a doe-eyed ingenue after being one of the most evil demons the show ever produced. That episode just about assassinated 2 characters in one shot for me.


I give Carver's season 8 a C+ and that's a C+ FOR his focus more on the 2ndary characters than the brothers...and for not letting Sam look for Dean.Also a c+ for the terrible Amelia story that went no where. Only positives was the Benny story, Henry W story and Sam's Failed sacrifice at the end..I say Fail because Dean stopped him from making Crowley human again.


Dont forget how thingz alwayz start to suck when bobby singer wasnt aroundso make sure u make him the new angel since cass is powerless & &free your step brother micheal from hell &since angels are falln from the sky bring ruefess back jus have him loose his memory or sumthing


(sorry, note cut off) rather than serve as a Dues ex Machina for the boys, one thing we can always count on, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles being such marvellous actors, with such fantastic characters, it gets us through any rough patches.


I have to disagree on one thing, while Bitten remained weakest episode for quite a bit of the seasons, Man's Best Friend With Benefits won the prize for worst ep of the season, and possibly worse ep of the series, Bitten had sloppy writing, too little of Sam and Dean, but it wasn't as horribly offensive, lets ad the isms - sexist, racist, misogynist, not to mention, seeming like a very bad episode of Charmed. But other than the weak Monster of the Week eps, (which disrupted the narrative and tension of the mytharc) we had some great new addtions which gave the show more life and more possibility, the Men of Letters Bunker, strong females, Linda Tran, Abaddon, Naomi, Charlie and Jodi, the fantastic character of Aaron and the Golem, display how great SPN is when everyone is performing at their best. I will be happy to see Misha Collins for 14 eps in season nine, now that his character is human, he can have some consistency and growth, rather than serves as a Dues ex Machina for the boys. One thing you can always count on, the excellent acting from Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, srs, without them, no show.

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