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This wasn't much of an episode. I thought it was just advancing or wrapping up series story lines. I mean, the next episode Leonard will return, Leonard & Penny's relationship seems to have reached permanent couple, they show wrapped up a tired Raj-can't-talk characterization and still left open a relationship w/Lucy or ended it if the producers so choose, Amy's role in the group was better defined (rather than there as strictly Sheldon's appendage), and Howard and Bernadette (who seemed more wifely) are still moving toward starting a family. Sheldon could have been nasty-obnoxious, but they softened it by the old joke about him acting like Penny and Leonard's kid.


@Douglas Wolfe, I believe you are correct. The reason they had problems early in the season was that they were in different places and clearly she's catching up.. :)


More and more Amy!


i like it. so glad raj can talk to women now.!!!!!!! so glad the frist woman he talk to was penny not amy. i hope season 7 we see less of amy please


Poor finale. Too little too late on Raj being able to speak to women sober.


I agree with Mel. I thought this finale was super weak. I didn't really think it was funny at all. Sheldon had a few one liners that made me laugh but not really. I was disappointed.


I loved the show! So much happened...Penny told Leonard she loved him and Raj talking to women without drinking. Also love the "family" of Penny, Leonard and Sheldon. Penny is such a good mom. :D I agree that Lucy wasn't good for Raj, I actually thought she was a little creepy. I hope the show is on for a long time, there are so many more stories to tell, like Sheldon and Amy's relationship "growing", and maybe Howard becoming a dad, or Leonard and Penny getting married.


Someone set me straight please. Was this the first time Penny told Leonard that she loved him? And she did it without any sign of discomfort.


We can dream all we want and in the spring hope springs eternal, but white-other race couples dont last long because it is not popular with the audience. That is why Priya-Leonard couple did not last long and neither did Raj-Lucy. In the Mentalist Kimbal Cho-white female relationship did not last long either. Interracial couples last long in TV shows if it does not involved a visibly white person. Isiah Washington (black)-Sandra Oh (Asian) in Grey's Anatomy would have lasted even longer had Washington not mades some anti-gay comments. Why? Because white audience does not give a damn!


I am glad Lucy is gone I don't like her at all. Raj can do way better than her. After all he is married to Miss. India in real life!

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