The CW Confirms Final, Six-Episode Season of Nikita

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In revealing its 2013-2014 schedule this morning, The CW also confirmed what has been suspected for the past few weeks:

Nikita will conclude its run with an especially abbreviated fourth season. It will not premiere until early 2014 and it will be comprised of six episodes.

Look for more information to come out later today at the network's Upfront presentation, but it has announced that Maggie Q and company will “wrap up" their final "mission” at midseason.

And let's give the network credit for such a move. It clearly recognizes passionate fan base and, despite dismal ratings, is giving the series a chance to pen a proper ending. Bravo!

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Loved this show, and i am going to miss it.


At least, we'll have closure, Best action show on TV...


I've read elsewhere that Nikita would be back in the late fall, and not anything about it coming back next year ??.I think TV Fanatic should double check their source.

Chris k

Noooooooooooo !!! Why only 6 episodes ? That's not fair ...

Sarah silva

jarrod: Thanks for the information! That was interesting to read.
I see your name on the reviews for lots of the shows I watch.
I like reading your posts, you always have interesting thoughts!


90210 got a rushed ending guys! Stupid CW But i'm happy Nikita gets a final 6 episode to make it end on a good note, I love this show! Women kicking ass on my screen is always nice to see


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: Well apparently the writers changed the ending, so Annie and Liam didn't even get engaged - Naomi originally got back with Max and so AnnaLynne remade the ending herself rekindling with Max, because that's what she wanted to happen. Though Annie and Liam were meant to get back together, they saved it till the end.
And as for Silver and Mark, their relationship never had closure to begin with, as Mark left to go to Canada to be with his kids. Silver was too busy in his last episode focusing on herself, while Mark was in jail. So I'm assuming they split (or the writers just forgot they were together) in the end.
As for Dixon, I think the writers were pushing him closer to Silver as the season was ending, so I think in the end they were finally going to be together, but the writers didn't officially get that opportunity.


I'm glad Nikita is getting one more final season but I just wish it had a little more than 6 episode like I don't know 10 episodes. I love this show.

Sarah silva

Jarrod: I know that was my rant after the end of the finale, I wanted to know what happens to Silver: does she survive, does she adopt, is she with Mark? I know the beat the Max and Naomi storyline to death but I would have liked them to end up together in the end. I also would like to have seen what happens with Dixon, does he actually become a big time record producer?


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: All the way from beginning to the end. Only problems I had with it ending was the lack of closure for Silver and Naomi. And you're welcome!


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