The CW Confirms Final, Six-Episode Season of Nikita

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In revealing its 2013-2014 schedule this morning, The CW also confirmed what has been suspected for the past few weeks:

Nikita will conclude its run with an especially abbreviated fourth season. It will not premiere until early 2014 and it will be comprised of six episodes.

Look for more information to come out later today at the network's Upfront presentation, but it has announced that Maggie Q and company will “wrap up" their final "mission” at midseason.

And let's give the network credit for such a move. It clearly recognizes passionate fan base and, despite dismal ratings, is giving the series a chance to pen a proper ending. Bravo!

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Sarah silva

Jarrod: Yes it is nice seeing someone else out there that is a 90210 fan! I would love to see a movie to tie up the loose ends!
Thank you for the heads up about Star Crossed! :)


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: Thank you! Someone who still cares! I'd so sign up for a kickstarter campaign JUST to get a TV movie to wrap up 90210! As for Star-Crossed, it (along with The 100) is being held to midseason with Nikita.

Sarah silva

Well if Nikita can get a 6 episode final season, why was 90210 not given the same courtesy? They could have aired both those back to back and then still had room to air Star Crossed, which was picked up but absent from the list!


I love Nikita and I'm glad it was renewed, but the only reason is was renewed was so that The CW could get it's package deal of shows ('The Tomorrow People' and 'The Hundred') from The WB. It has nothing to do with the loyal fanbase. IF The CW was really caring for shows and "wrap ups" of series, 90210 would have gotten a short season. I sound like a bitter fan, but I enjoyed 90210 and do enjoy Nikita, so my comment is all that bias.


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