The CW Releases 2013-2014 Schedule, Pairs The Originals with Supernatural

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The CW has come out with its 2013-2014 schedule, pairing The Originals with Supernatural on Tuesday nights; shifting Beauty and the Beast to Mondays and giving new drama Reign the prime Thursday evening spot after The Vampire Diaries.

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The Originals Cast Photo

8/7c: Hart of Dixie
9/8c: Beauty and the Beast

8/7c: The Originals (NEW SHOW)
9/8c: Supernatural

8/7c: Arrow
9/8c: The Tomorrow People (NEW SHOW)

8/7c: The Vampire Diaries
9/8c: Reign (NEW SHOW)

8/7c: The Carrie Diaries
9/8c: America's Next Top Model

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Why can't HOD stay on Tues!?


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: I'd try and tune into The Originals, but I've never watched TVD (don't plan to start), so going on to the spin-off just doesn't seem logical.

Sarah silva

Jarrod: you may be right. I just think in terms of types of shows it would serve well to have it on the same night. However I have nothing on at the time the Originals is on so I will be watching it no matter what.


Mrs alex o'loughlin: It's probably a good idea to separate TVD and The Originals now, as TVD will eventually end and The Originals can go on for a while longer. It got it's backdoor pilot, which means now it's either time to sink or swim. Besides, Reign obviously done pretty poor, so they're giving it the TVD success and promotion to boost it. The Originals is something that could most likely hold an audience, especially with a show like Supernatural behind it. In addition to that, these two shows together can hold Tuesday night. Wednesday night is already looking solid, while Thursday is good enough with TVD. Monday's will do mediocre, while Friday's will are 50/50 at this point seeing as TCD could succeed with ANTM.

Sarah silva

Spindae: I totally agree with you about Star Crossed!

Sarah silva

Also where is Star Crossed?

Sarah silva

Bad move CW! Since The Originals is a spin off TVD, it should be on the same night! I think it will lose viewers having it on another night.


My only issue with this schedule is that when TCD and ANTM finishes up is where these other new shows (and Nikita) are going. I assume Nikita will move to TCD's spot and ANTM will be repeats. However, if The CW does well with all these new shows, I assume they'll extend by a back order of 9 or 10. So the the only question remaining is which shows are they expecting to fail in order to replace? I'm expecting Reign to fail, which if it does they'll put Star-Crossed with TVD or move TO behind TVD if that does well. I feel as though this entire schedule is a complete mess and they've just really screwed themselves here.


i don't understand why the cw doesn't air on weekends like most other networks. I get no Saturdays but there's no reason for it not to air on Sundays. They would have an opportunity to air the new shows that got picked up instead of waiting for another to fail or midseason.


Nikita is being held until mid-season for it's FINAL season.
I personally believe that The CW should have paired it (after) Arrow for 12 episodes and then replaced it at midseason. Honestly, they should have seen how it went for the first 6 episodes and if it continued to disappoint after Arrow then announce it as the final season. I think it could have been a good pairing seeing as their both action series lead by great casts and amazing writers. A fourth season with 12 episodes would have been enough for now and then they could have renewed it for a full fifth season OR another 12 episode season if it worked out.

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