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Brett Stiles is a red herring because of the Visualize connection to Red John. Brett Stiles almost certainly knows who Red John is but may not realise it.

I don't think it's Bertram, although that would be a nice tie in to the early seasons, as it would be for Partridge who was in the Pilot episode. I don't think it's Kirkland, it's too obvious he's a RJ disciple. The smart money all along has been on Brett Partridge, the Dexter Morgan-like forensics guy and he shares the same first name as Brett Stiles. Kirkland has been helping Partridge all along.

I don't think Haffner, Smith and McAllister have been in enough episodes for the most devoted Mentalist fans to believe they're a credible Red John because they weren't memorable enough as characters.


Estatica, dont beat yourself up, it's not like RJ'sId was obvious, I guess weall made wrong assumptions.

I'll have a drink with you! Cheers!


Ooooooh that was a chilling episode, I think I held my breathe for the whole Thing! I didn't know what to expect but damn it was fascinating, the way Irene(?) was all like "oops ya got me" these RJ followers are bonkers! Sean Barlow was interesting especially his little reading of Lisbon. Jane was unfazed by it, maybe he knows? At least Bruno Heller really did deliver on his "finale will change the game" now the hunt truly begins


I know it sounds too obvious, but Bret Stiles would be the only one matching all the criteria. He (probably) has powers, like hypnotizing people, reading their minds and (possibly) be a psychic. We know Red John has ties to Visualize (it's been mentioned in an episode this season). He's a master manipulator and charismatic. He could be someone with the potential to be lifelong friend with Jane (he already got Jane to help him before). And in previous seasons, he had informations about RJ, like where to find Kristina Frye (if I remember correctly).


After this episode, I realized how much I suck at throwing guesses when it comes to Red John. I had discarded all those suspects (except perhaps the Sheriff and Reed Smith, but never thought they were strong enough possibilities - and yes, I'm a dork and actually knew who they were). So nope, I have nothing relevant to say. Still a bit in shock that the season is over like that. Not sure what to feel or think. I think I need a drink!


cont- Macallister, Betram or Haffner.


It's sthg I have always believed about RJ, he does hypnotize people, there is no way so many people would die like this for him. they are brainwashed by him.

I loved the episode, it was just breathtaking. There are so many things to say I don't know where to begin.
So spooky at the end, how does RJ know about Patrcik's memory if he didn't tell anyone, it must be someone really close who knew him well and how he felt. OR someone who has powers indeed, not sure if they're going down that road.

The Scene with Shawn was spooky too, all these things he knew about Theresa. When he said out loud "you were lying in bed thinking of Patrick, I gasped, Jane didn't blink. He knows of course and she didn't deny it.

I don't think RJ is Kirkland either, maybe he also wants to take revengs so is going his own way after him for some reason. or he's an accomplice. don't know.
Idon't think it's Reede Smith either.

My hunch (not my logical mind) would go for either Macallister, Bertram or Haffner.


Now to wait for season 6..... Interesting things happening for sure, I am almost certain though that it's not Bob Kirkland, as he made this message at around Lorelei's death, before Bob's guys stole the information from PJ's attic. Got 2 theories:

1 - Red John somehow hypnotizes people like someone did to Rigsby in early mentalist episodes, making them believe he is some kind of a god so they do anything for him and die when caught, rather than revealing who he is.

2 - Perhaps Kirkland was with RJ once but not directly (as in, not knowing exactly who RJ is) and with that old guy that Kirkland killed, something happened that made him do a plastic surgery so nobody will recognize him and now he is trying to get info from PJ who is closest to finding out who RJ is so he can figure out who RJ is perhaps and take his own revenge on him. Perhaps also killing the old guy so he can be ahead of PJ as well and not let him follow because he wants to be the one to find him and kill him... Still lots of questions rising, so confusing...

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