The Mentalist Review: The Final Seven

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I knew "Red John's Rules" was going to be intriguing when it opened with an exhausted Patrick Jane burning all of the information on his Red John wall.  He'd obviously had a major breakthrough but before he'd share it with Lisbon, he needed sleep. That meant lying on the leather sofa in the middle of the CBI with his suit jacket thrown over his head for most of the day.  

For anyone else that might have seemed odd but when your wife and child have been brutally murdered in your own home, I suppose it would be easier to sleep in the middle of a bustling law enforcement office. 

The Mentalist Season Finale Scene

Jane's memory of LeeLee Barlow as a little girl was so simple and precious. I loved that he shared that moment with Lisbon, a moment he steadfastly believes he's never shared with anyone else. 

But then how did Red John know?

Mere coincidence? Unlikely. Could there be another connection to Eileen Barlow that Jane was overlooking and in doing so has unknowingly given Red John more power than he truly has?

Or could Red John truly have powers?  Is Red John a psychic?

Personally I think that's a bunch of bull.  Generally, I'm a skeptic like Jane. Most, if not all psychics are just very, very good at the con.  Nothing made me smile more than Jane calling out the psychic in Venice and how she immediately dropped the act when she knew she couldn't make a penny off the cop and the conman standing in front of her.

However, Lisbon's reaction to it all surprised me…

Lisbon: What if Red John really does have powers?
Jane: Please, and what if dolphins were actually aliens from another galaxy? That would be kind of cool. | permalink

Has Red John gotten her so spooked that she'd believe the serial killer was a psychic?  Although, she did look almost nervous when Shawn Barlow alluded that he could read her. Then Barlow came out with this The Mentalist quote

Shawn Barlow: Lying in bed, thinking of Patrick. You're a little in love with him, heh. But he's so secretive and controlling. | permalink

You could practically see Lisbon blush. There's certainly truth to Barlow's prediction but that doesn't make him psychic. Simply observant and good at doing research on his prey.

I did find it interesting that afterwards, Patrick felt the need to admit that he can be controlling and secretive and agreed to come clean with Lisbon about his list.  Unfortunately, the belief that Lisbon was "a little in love with him" was never broached. Most likely because it's a little too close to the truth for both of them just yet.

The side plot that gave us some much needed humor was Rigsby absolutely dying to share his newly consummated relationship with Van Pelt with his partner. Cho's deadpan responses could not have been any funnier. 

But that was just a moment, and it couldn't lift the darkness that Red John brought to The Mentalist season 5 finale which once again left us with more questions than answers.  The one thing it did give us was the definitive list of suspects:

The Final Seven Red John Suspects Are:

  1. Gale Bertram
  2. Brett Stiles
  3. Raymond Haffner
  4. Reede Smith
  5. Bob Kirkland
  6. Sheriff Thomas McAllister
  7. Brett Partridge

How could Red John have possibly known Jane would come up with that list going all the way back to when he killed Lorelei? I'd guess he's had eyes on Jane's Red John wall long before he sent Bob Kirkland's boys in to copy it all. 

Red John's hatred of Patrick Jane knows no bounds and it sounds like next season, no one will be safe. Perhaps even his family at the CBI, including Lisbon may end up on Red John's hit list. 

The killing has started and it won't end until Jane catches Red John or Red John catches Patrick Jane. Which do you think will happen first?


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CBI should have questioned Rosalind Harker, RJ's blind woman a bit more. She knows his face by touch. She could have described if the face is long or round, or bald etc and would have narrowed down the list, especially now it's down to 7 suspects. She should be more cooperative now, since RJ put the dead coroner in her house.


kirkland. they must have big plans for him. the writers created him and inserted him into red dawn so we know the man in the back of the limo, homeland security kirkland got fbi alexa to make a connection with cbi minelli. so we know that he's had patrick on his mind for ten years. so we can see that he's the big guy other big guys bow down to. he has a fleeting and strange sort of crush on teresa. his unbelievable acceptance that lorelei kidnapped patrick. then bob trawls for rj clues from teresa. asks jane if he has any new insights. steals all jane's handshake boards. speaks empathically and anxiously to a killer he's killing - wants to make sure he's not recognized. certainly, no other guy on the list is a f*cking strange. the writers worked hard on bob and made sure he got a long history with the show even though he only came on this year. i have high hopes for bob in season 6


Hey @bonaduz, missing you. In case you are able to drop in from time to time, there is discussion to be had on the report card page :) Not as busy as before but still nice to check in.


A spear tackle from Lisbon on a suspect in Red Hair and Silver Tape. Things like that don't happen anymore. Its so funny and cool looking at these old episodes again. Some scenes are very good. I'll post links to some later.


ha ha, funny episode @HA559.And ever since Jane has 'never' ever hypnotised anyone !!:)))))
Cho was different, a little bit more fit :)))


Hey all. Just watching some very old epsiodes, (the 2nd one of the first series) where that sheriff is also a suspect of the 7.
Its quite funny, Cho wears a spotted shirts, and when Lisbon finds out about Cho allowing Jane to hypnotise the girl to find answers, she grabs hold of Cho and sees don't let anything like that happen again.


ohh, long long time but still I can't wait for the spoilers!!!The time will fly as it usually does in the summer!until then, rewatching some of my fav episodes!!


My @mimi and @KM, any way you cut it, 4 months, 134, 141 days, that's a long wait. Nice to think about spoilers coming out beforehand but even they seem far, far away. Thankfully we don't do much TV in summer so I won't feel like I'm missing out quite as much. Doctor Who will have to fill the void for me. And re-watching favourite TM episodes of course :)


I'm thinking we have 134-141 days. We should know by early July at the latest if episode 1 premieres on 29, Sept. or 6, Oct. They will be back filming in July. And, then we will have spoilers to whet our appetites as the premiere date approaches.


hi Kate!
no nothing new popped out, I have to say I watched it mainly to see some Jisbon, not to analyse everything and it was damn good! lol
I hope these 4 months pass quickly. and hope they're all having a good holiday.

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jane: If I tell you why I won't tell you you'll get mad at me.
Lisbon: I'm already mad at you.

Jane: This is Red John.
Lisbon: How can you tell?
Jane: Because when it's him I can feel it.