The Mindy Project Review: The Amazing Race

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I had forgotten all about Morgan sending Danny's letter to his ex-wife, but it all came flooding back to me when guest star Chloe Sevigny appeared on screen.

When Danny fired Morgan, my shock matched that on the faces of Mindy and crew, but Morgan did cross the line. By the end of "Triathlon," though, it was Morgan who helped Danny cross the finish line, yet turned his old boss down when asked to come back to work. Yet another interesting twist.

Crossing the Finish Line

Sevigny's character tried to enlist Mindy's help to get Danny back, while Mindy's relationship with the episode's other guest star (Anders Holm) came close to falling apart.

We have yet to see religion play a big part in Mindy's life, but when Casey mentioned her possibly converting to Christianity she embraced her Hindu heritage. It doesn't define her, but the thought of abandoning her faith just did not sit well. Apparently that wasn't the only thing making her uneasy, as she vomited at the race, forcing Danny to step up, put on her shoes and try to best Morgan in the final leg. 

Betsy was cute as she tried to help Mindy explore a new religion and made Mindy's Sons of Anarchy reference possible. 

Mindy: It's like Sons of Anarchy in here, okay? And none of the young hot characters, just like, the old ones.

There were some subtle jokes like when Mindy thought Betsy said she didn't like New york City bagels because they were "jewy" instead of "chewy." I also loved her Shopping is My Cardio tee. I'm not sure if I admired or pitied Casey as he kissed Mindy on her vomit-scented mouth, but that was some affirmation of his feelings for her.

Danny, meanwhile, reached out to Christina and made plans to meet up. Any chemistry the two doctors were building as of late seemed to be shelved for the foreseeable future. 

Which couple do you think will last longer? 


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My guess is Mindy's romance will last longer, since Chloe Sevigny is a high-profile guest-star, so she probably won't stay long. I personnally would like Danny and Mindy together so the funny-awkward-curvy girl can finally get the guy. Getting tired of the good looking guy picking the beautiful girl with the perfect body. Also @katie I too was worried about the ratings, but they're still strong in the demo, averaging 1.5, so basically half of the audience is concentrated in the advertiser-friendly demographic.


Think you should prepare yourself Any Lynn...because eventually a Mindy and Danny romance will be addressed. Hello...the hand holding on the plane?!


What? To the user above, I definitely see the chemistry! It's kind of cringeworthy the # of guest starts she's had on the star, I can't ever be comfortable because I know they will all end up disappointing her/causing problems in some way. I wish Josh wasn't so crazy haha. Endgame for me is definitely Mindy/Danny even though it will probably takes ages. Since the ratings are so great, I feel like they should be moving it along...I know it's renewed for season 2, but it's go around 3 million viewers an episode even though it's hilarious!

Drea xoxo

ok we know what the ex wife looks like she can leave now. glad also they aren't going to put mindy n danny together yet, they both need to overcome their problems before they can.


I'm glad they're not angling towards putting Danny and Mindy together. I just don't see the chemistry. They have great FRIEND chemistry, but that's it. I enjoy her with Casey. He challenges her in many ways I think, helps her be a better person. I hope they don't leave Danny's ex on for too long, I'm not a fan of Chloe's and there's even less chemistry there than he has with Mindy. It was nice to see the midwife freak out at the end. And him helping Danny with his pain and tension. Those were pretty funny scenes!

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It's like Sons of Anarchy in here ok? And none of the young hot characters, just like, the old ones.


I cannot believe I considered converting to Christianity without thinking of the whole jewelry angle.