The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 160

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Our apologies for taking longer than usual to award a winner for this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

But we're still recovering from that Season 4 finale!

Fortunately, reader "cashun" helped distract us via laughter, thanks to entry below. Can you imagine Katherine on Once Upon a Time, as this entry implies? Priceless!

Thanks so much to all who participated and please do so again. We'll be running new contestants all summer long!

K in Woods

Wait: this isn't Storybrooke....

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Elena: Im in the middle of the woods where i could be killin katherine right now man am i stupid


Elena: Im in the middle of the woods,all of my family is dead, the best brother in the world got killed by katherine, and im trapped between two brothers that love me......WOW, i have nothing to live for anymore


Do these trees make me look fat?


Nina: mmmm... Ian looked sexy on set today! Cant wait to get that boy alone...! Oh wait, Im still shooting.


Elena: wait i smell dead cat, katherine must be here


Katherine: I cant find my way home that means...... ill miss another episode of desperate house wives!!


Elena: Damon come back here!!! At least im away from katherine, wait is that dead cat i smell...... oh no! Shes here!!!!!!


Elena: I swear i can smell the deceiving, conceited, selfish scent of the vampire katherine and its burning my sense of smell


Elena: I wonder if i can find any deep fried golden retriever blood around here....


Elena: i swear i just saw a..... SQUIRREL!!!

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