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This show is ridiculous! They already tried doing a bad Stephen last seaon and now there doing it again! And I immediately thought of Angel when he got locked in a coffin and put into the water at the end of season 3! Lets all be real here this show is a far cry from season 1 and now it's just been a downward spiral ever since. This season at best should be a final grade of a D and that's being generous.

Dan: I would murder Tyler so that she can be with Klaus... a real man.
And I'm sorry Dan to call klaus a real man who couldn't get over his insecurities for 1000 years and stand up to his father for all that time running like a coward from him is your definition of a real man! Please if this was any other show that used Tyler that right way his character growth would of been the best in the show. He's accomplished more growth in his your life then klaus could ever accomplish in. Another 1000 years.

Mat and Rebekah? Wait a second didn't Matt not want to be with Caroline because of what Rebekah is? A freaking vampire! Lol can we have some consistency here.

Bonnie dead? Lets be real it's just for now. She'll be alive and well next season. Who wants to make a bet on it? Lol


There are still people out there who ship SE, although I can't understand why. Elena chose to stay a vampire, so she could spend an eternity with Damon whereas when she dated Stefan in s2 she flat out admitted that she didn't want to be a vampire even if that's what Stefan wanted. Yes, Elena once said that it'll always be Stefan, but in s3 the "always" turned into "right now" because she couldn't think about always and at the beginning of s4 Elena said she'll be with Stefan forever if that's what she wants. Well, guess what she doesn't want it, she wants to be with Damon.
Even Lexi, the biggest SE shipper on TVD wants Stefan to move on and to find a new epic love. SE are over.


It was Elena who told Damon that she loves him and not Silas. Why would Silas give the cure to Stefan? Silas would have stolen the cure and he would have left the Salvatore mansion and not stayed there to talk to Damon. The only reason why Silas presented himself to Stefan as Elena was because she was on Stefan's mind when he drove away and Elena is a doppelganger, just like Stefan is Silas' doppelganger. Besides JP already confirmed that Elena and Damon will be a couple at the beginning of season 5.
Elena made her choice. Stelena will never ever get together again. There were so many hints in the ep that Stefan's next epic love (because apparently he has multiple epic loves lol) will be Caroline.


I think that was Silas as Elena choosing Damon. Silas needed Stefan to leave (which is what Stefan was planning to do if she chose Damon) so that he could step in as him. The fact that they showed Stefan eavesdropping confirms it further that Elena who chose DamOn is actually Silas.


I still ship STELENA


Dear Dan,

YES there are people who ship Stelena. Sorry I dont find Ian attractive or like a romantic relationship with damon and elena. I have always like Stefan and elena together. It seems more real, relationships arent all about "hot" sex. So please do remember that there are some stelena fans out there and dont be arrogant to think otherwise.


I m not shipping any couple,I really don't like elena and the salvatore brothers are both too good for her,BUT it's always been Stefan for her that's what i think


Katherine getting the cure was okay, but a
Salvatore getting it would have really
rocked the boat.


Stefan is Silas' doppleganger – ...yeah... ... ...I mean... What the hell just happened?

Grade – so... I had a lot of issues with this season. Mainly: if I hear any of them say the words "sire bond", "emotions", "heightened" or "humanity" ever again, I might throw up.

Fortunately this season also had a lot of great moments. "Memorial" was top notch. "Stand by me" had me cry like I've never cried during a totally fictional tv show before. Not to mention, the chemistry between Damon and Elena is basically giving me orgasms and I still have dreams about Klaus' Christmas Massacre.

Overall – I give it a B.


Graduation gift for Caroline - LOL @Dan. I'm with you! Klaroline FTW.

Elena's choice – ok, did anyone seriously believe it could go the other way? Last season it didn't make any sense for Elena to go back to Stefan, NOW it would just be ridiculous. And Julie Plec probably got enough death threats last year to know that crushing Delena fandom AGAIN would be a bad idea.

It pissed me off that all these saints (especially Saint Stefan) kept shitting on Damon all the damn time, but after a while it just made me more and more sure that he's gonna get a huge payoff after all this. Literally every episode someone said to his face that Elena will go back to Steffie and every time I was more sure that she'll stay with Damon. No offence to Stelena fans, but it just doesn't make sense for them to be together anymore.

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