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Does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it that was playing at the beginning where Elena and Stefan were busting bricks and doing pull-ups?I would really be grateful if someone did.


Vampires are immortal, the cure makes them mortal... My bet is it would make a ghost mortal as well. My money is on a ghost taking the cure and coming back to life. Probably Bonnie ugh.


1)Damon and Alaric's scene when they were getting rid of Silas' body. Of course every scene with them was doing strange things to my heart, but at that scene they felt so much like the hot, alcoholic duo we all love and miss that i couldn't help but tear up. Plus the..''get the girl'' line... This bromance will be one for the ages!!!!
2)Alaric!!! But Lexi's was a pretty emotional comeback too. The look on Stefan's face... I was hoping for Anna to appear too...well...maybe next episode.
4)Well,here's to hoping. I would tell them to try out Sophie from the Originals...i already like her better than Bonnie...but i'm saving her for Elijah.
5)Stefan 6)I want the cure for Rebekah but i see it having sth to do with the walking dead member who will stick around for fall (Lexi plz????)


Alaric's return was most entertaining for me. I do enjoy the Alaric/Damon bromance.
My least welcome was definitely the hunters. With the exception of Jeremy.
I don't really care either way about Bonnie. I didn't believe Elena really threw that dart so I go with Stefan. Come on, it was pretty hot the way he tackled her. I think that was actually my favorite scene of the episode.
It wouldn't surprise me if Damon took the cure. the actor is getting older now and if he starts to show his age a little bit, it's easier to explain if he's human.


1. Alaric/Damon
2. Alaric
3. Hunters
4. Yes


1. Elena and Jeremy having a chance to say goodbye the right way, and then Stefan's expression when he realized his best friend was there. Oh ,oh! Caroline's B-word too!
2. I can't really pick but I would say Lexi and then Jeremy. They surely have some unfinished business. Also great to see Alaric every time, it's just that I've accepted him dying. So sad we did not get to see Jenna.
3. Kol. I can't stand him. Sorry. So much noise for nothing - he is not even scary.
4. Probably not dead. What about the pictures of her graduating?
5. Definitely Stefan - not because he did anything impressive but because there's no competition.
6. Pretty sure it's Damon the one who gets it. Stefan wants it, he does not want it, and it will complicate things even more for the love triangle. I'm interested in watching him being human for awhile.


1. Alaric. Anything Alaric. He's so awesome he gave Damon his mojo back and made *him* awesome again. (But Steve, you came in close second. I would LOVE to see that.)
2. Alaric.
3. Honestly? Lexi.. I never got all the love she gets...
4. No one is ever really dead on this show.. she's dead now.. There's no telling how long this will last..
5. Oh Elena for sure. I loved that scene way too much.
6. One of the brothers... Probably Damon. Which will suck. Or rather, stop sucking. The second this stupid plot line came to be I started parting with my bad ass favorite vampire..


1. Fav scene?
-Yes Alaric-Damon interaction ruled the episode, but best scene by far Silas confronting Bonnie and shapeshifting his ass multiple ways. It was intense scary real VD style.
2.Best comeback!
Alaric for sure he head the most scenes so U can't argue there.
3.Worst Comeback
Jeremy he didn't had anything good, except Elena seeing him and the Bonnie hug.
4.RIP to Bonnie!
I don't know, I want her back and I don't. Witch fan since Charmed started 15 yeara ago. But come one they are misusing her. since S2 she is a bland maybe its better a new college witch comes and mixes things up.
Stefan for sure,tell me someone who doesn't want to have that body.
6.The cure goes to. . .
I don't know. Is it a cure at all? best guess Damon and I believe he could pull it of. Or maybe Bonnies mom so she can rescue her.

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