The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Report Card: B-

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The beginning was awesome. The end was shocking. The middle... left a bit to be desired.

Before we think too long and hard about The Vampire Diaries Season 5, let's stop and reflect, TVD Fanatics. From Elena's adjustment to Stefan's plunge, it's time to analyze the ups and downs of The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

What worked? What failed? What overall grade do the 23 episodes deserve? Read through our Report Card below and then weigh in with your take...

Elena Gilbert at Graduation

Best Episode: "Memorial." A candidate for best episode of all-time, from the well-filmed action inside the church to the surprise appearance of Alaric at the end. One of the few installments to not end on a cliffhanger, this taut hour combined suspense and sentiment in a way only The Vampire Diaries can pull off.

Worst Episode: "Into the Wild." Way too much Professor Shame yammering and far too little accomplished for an episode that was meant to be a climax to The Cure storyline.

Best Performance: Nina Dobrev. She showed fear and confusion as a newly turned Elena; confidence and strength as the character accepted her new undead status; cold-hearted bitchiness after her humanity was switched off; and an outpouring of tears, anger and sadness once it came back on. An impressive, season-long whirlwind of emotion from the actress.

Worst Performance: The dude behind Silas. It's almost as if he was just impersonating other cast members every week!

Best Spinoff Idea: The Originals. We were skeptical at first, but consider us hooked. Though we still think our own 'Ric and the Dick brainchild has real potential too.

Unsung Hero: Matt Donovan. He came up big at the funeral. He helped train a hunter. He got Elena's humanity back. All while logging double shifts like a madman! Oh, and there's a 90 percent chance he will get in Rebekah's pants this summer. Score one for long-maligned Matty.

Biggest Shocker: The reveal of Stefan as Silas' doppleganger. A close runner-up: That time Bonnie smiled.

Most Beautiful Blonde: Caroline and Rebekah (tie). Come on, like we could choose?!?

Hopes for Season 5: That Damon and Elena stay together; that we never hear from or see a ghost in Mystic Falls ever again; that Katherine is killed; that the show can tell a slightly more consistent, all-encompassing narrative. The Cure arc was really all over the place, relying on leaps in logic and culminating in a side character being force fed the elixir. The Silas storyline, meanwhile, may have stunned viewers with its conclusion, but it failed to catch on as any kind of gripping arc for the duration of the season.

Overall Grade: B-

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give The Vampire Diaries Season 4?

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Best Episode - Memorial. I think it's my favorite all-time episode really. Or the back-door pilot. That was amazing as well.
Worst Episode - Into the Wild. I barely survived it, and there was never an episode I actually didn't finish watching aside from this one.
Best Performance - Can't make up my mind, either Nina or Joseph. They both did such an amazing job this year. I can't choose!!!
Unsung Hero - Sorry Matt, this one goes to Klaus and Damon. They are usually treated like crap, even though they're the only ones thinking clearly. They almost never get the credit they deserve for saving everyones asses. Almost never.. Damon got the girl :p
Shocker - Stefan Silas thing.. but only because it was the only thing I didn't predict. It's actually a rather boring plotline to me..
MBB - MATT!!!!!
Hopes - That Silas DOESNT fall for Elena and re-start this horrid triangle. Caroline signing out and going off to The Big Easy.


Best Episode : Graduation,The Walking Dead and Memorial (Tie) Worst Epiosde : i like them all but for me is The Prom one Best Performance : Nina far Worst Performance : Alexander guy Hro : Matt Biggest Shocker : Silas is Stfean , Bonnie's Dead Hopes for S5 : More Salvaore Bros storyline,A well written Delna relationship,fun college moments,proove that Jeremy's return was not just a Fan-service Overall : A...i loved the seasn.Whta can i say?


Why are you guys hellbent on getting Katherine killed shes the darn reason I watch the show!!


A B-! That's way to generous considering they copied the shocking ending from Angel! Lets start being real here. This show is a D at best.

Drea xoxo

f for making katerina and elijah unite, my best characters imo. rest of season blah until i had my alaric and damon scenes.....erm CW we would prefer this spin off btw so erm a salem/bennett witch in your own time make him alive again, pref vamp and get this show running


also I grew really sick of them mentioning the love triangle every episode. We get it elena, damon and stefan. You all have huge issues. Elena, we get it youre an indecisive idiot who cant make up her mind. Damon, we know how much you dont feel worthy of her love and like a little broken puppy and stefan we knoooowww you need to get over her. Notice how Bonnie and Elena were the only ones with a storyline? Really annoyed no one else had anything to do other than babysit Elena. So glad her annoying character arc is over and they wont do" save Elena " again.


@Miranda: considering they came up with the idea a yeear ago, I doubt it.


definitely agree with your grade. The season started out REALLY strong... and then it just went downhill from there. Too much drama with the love triangle and too much focus on romance. Not enough interesting( and uncomplex mythology)and the originalss were getting old. Also, Elena sucks now. They really need to fix her character and make her more independent. More focus on family/ friendship next season.


i give this season b ,because when i watched that season i sort of miss the simply of season 1-2 now become more complicated and there is so many of characters although i loved that season just for one reason(DAMON & ELENA)


I'd give it a C because I didn't like this season's storyline, it lacked coherence by sticking too hard to recurring events.

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