The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Secrets & Survival

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We are mere hours away from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale.

But The CW just released its 2013-2014 schedule and, along with it, an official press release that teased what's ahead in Mystic Falls... on SEASON 5!

Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and scroll down if you want to read through a couple clues regarding what's on tap following tonight's "Graduation."

Old Elena?

Come October, according to the network itself...

The series heads into its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, a newly cured vampire trying to survive as a human, and a shocking Salvatore secret.

So there we have it! Someone WILL take the cure. Seniors WILL graduate. And the past will seemingly come back to haunt Damon and Stefan. Hmmm... sound off with your theories now!

UPDATE, 5/19: In an interview with TV Guide, Julie Plec says Bonnie will still play a key role on Season 5; Elena will struggle with protecting her secret in college; Jeremy will have problems readjusting to life; Matt and Rebekah will still be together when we catch back up with them; and it won't be long until people learn Silas' true identity.

UPDATE, 5/29: In an interview with TV Line, meanwhile, Plec says Whitmore College will play a key Season 5 role, bringing new characters and love interests into the picture.

UPDATE, 6/18: At the ATX Television Festival, Julie Plec said Delena really will give it a go on Season 5 as a couple, while Jeremy will have a tough time explaining his revival. D'uh!

UPDATE, 6/27: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, October 10.

UPDATE, 6/28: The premiere will introduce at least three new characters.

UPDATE, 7/13: Olga Fonda has been cast as Nadia... and Kendrick Sampson as Jesse.

UPDATE, 7/17: The series is looking for an actress to play Tessa, a revenge-fueled ex-girlfriend of Stefan's,.

UPDATE, 8/1: The premiere will be titled "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

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I think people are blind if they think Delena should be together. It's Stefan all the way. Just watch the first 2 seasons and you know that Stefan and Elena should be together always. Come on writers sort this out. Stellana all the way, they have an epic LOVE.


First of all, team Delena, awesome! And next, whats the deal with silas? I hope caroline and Klaus will still be on.


I think stefan deserve elina more than enyone stefan is loving caring and always try to protect everyone.


When they were talking about someone having to survive as a human, they obviously meant Katherine. Elena forced her to take the cure when they were having that huge fight in the high school, remember? It sucks/awesome that even though Stefan was just dumped, they made the finale even sadder and more shocking when Silas shoved him into the safe. I'm also glad that Bonnie will still be in the story line, and I can't wait to see her face when she realizes Silas is still alive and she died for nothing.


ohoh.Are you guys kidding me, team delena is perfect.


TEAM DELENA!!!!pretty cute.stefan thinks 4 elena + he's boring.


i hate season 4 finale i hate damon he maybe good looking but stefan has the whe package he's kind and cute and loving and concerned and bad ass when he needs to be i love that about him damon keeps falling for every girl that stefan has like come on damon get a life he keeps going after stefan and trying to destroy his happpiness and pretends he is a good brother that is so messed up elena should have more sense and think who whould keep her happy and love her as always STEFAN it will always be stafan they are meant to be [lease put them together please


If you are in stefen's shoes how will you feel when Damon is dating Elena?, is too unfair of the writer to do this to stefen believe when i say this Damon love Elena far better than stefen...stefen is weak,overprotective and always want to make decisions for elena...what am expecting from season will be claus to take the cure, stefen and elena back together, claus and caroline, matt and rebecca and sillas to bring back rose for damon and jeremy and bonnie in love and so many more drama


I like Stefan and Elena together. I know that the writers are tryig to give Damon and Elena a chance because that's what some of the fans wanted. But Stefan saved his brother's life. He has done soo much! I'm a stelena fan. To be honest I think Elena and Stefan should get back together. Writers please dont make Caroline and Stefan fall in love. Or Katherine and Stefan in love! Also hopefully you bring back Bonnie and Stfan. Dont kill them off the show please!! I really hope that the writers will make ELena and Stefen back together! I mean they deserve to be together!! Im begging you writers!! PLEASE!


Iam a die fans of this vampire diary,i love watching this movie than any other movie.wen watching,it brings me joy,hapines and way of dressing and lot more,i love demon and his desition taking in the movie,he is stronger than his brother stefan he alway face danger thanhis brother stefan,i think he deserve elena morethan stefan.but let the writer follow the book story,i can't wait to watch the season 5.but the question is that,when is it commin out?

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